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Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala Ensemble: The Talk of the Night

Style enthusiasts have reason to celebrate, as the 2024 Met Gala is officially upon us.

The 2024 celebration is scheduled to occur at New York’s Metropolitan Museum on Monday evening.

The event titled “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” invites attendees to embrace “The Garden of Time”-themed attire. As usual, the gala will support the Met’s Costume Institute financially.

One of the highlights of the annual gala is observing how participants continuously enhance their appearances each year, and Kim Kardashian stands out with her particularly noteworthy evolution in Met Gala red carpet styles.

In a recent Vogue video, Kardashian is observed as she experiments with her hair and makeup, and dons her attire several days before the gala. The clip showcases her managing the challenges of a remarkably narrow, waist-cinching corset. As the footage unfolds, we see her carefully inhaling with lips tightly sealed, and she is queried about her ability to breathe in such a restrictive garment.

“She responds confidently, ‘I’ve mastered it, and it’s a form of art.'”

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Kardashian has graced the Met Gala 11 times, noting offhandedly that she initially attended as someone’s guest, carefully leaving out her ex-husband Kanye West’s name. Each event has seen her showcase a different designer’s work. She revealed her targeted pursuit of John Galliano for a collaboration, explaining that she had been eagerly following his work for about four or five years, hoping he would agree to design a Met Gala outfit for her.

Kardashian’s persistence certainly bore fruit, capturing the spotlight with her frosty ensemble in line with the “Garden of Time” theme at the “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” showcase. She donned a corset refashioned from vintage silver brocade, leaving fashion lovers speculating about the impossibility of fitting her organs beneath it. The outfit was completed with an overskirt crafted from redone silver, pieces of mirrors, crystals, chains, and beyond, all culminating with a cardigan of thistle-toned cashmere. This was to summon the sensation of arising in a garden following what she described as “literally the best night of your life.”

“I was in a hurry, my dress was slipping due to one of those eventful nights, and I snatched my boyfriend’s sweater as I dashed to reach my destination,” she explained. “It truly reflects the typical me—needing to be back by 6 a.m. for carpool duties. Life unfolds in its own way; sometimes I’m still wearing last night’s makeup, and you just have to roll with it.”

 snatched my boyfriend’s sweater
snatched my boyfriend’s sweater

She never once removed her corset throughout the entire evening she spent with the person she had dreamed of as the most enchanting.

“She remarked with a smile, glancing at her reflection, ‘It accentuates my bust and cinches my waist beautifully.’ So, she decided to remove everything else.”

“I’m feeling so incredibly transformed, I can’t even begin to express to you the extent of this transformation,” she expressed to Galliano, while attentively adjusting Kardashian’s attire and practicing what she refers to as the ” form” of breathing.

At the 2024 Met Gala, Kim Kardashian turned heads with her stunning ensemble, but did her footwear catch your eye?

Met Gala, Kim Kardashian
Met Gala, Kim Kardashian

The celebrity and business mogul turned heads with her astonishingly slender midsection, achieved through severe corseting, during the premier event in fashion. Additionally, she seemed to defy convention by donning platform stilettos that lacked actual heels.

In a Vogue video captured two days before the Met Gala, Kardashian revealed the strikingly high platform shoes she intended to wear at the event.

Under her John Galliano-designed Maison Margiela gown, she wore towering shoes that lacked heels. Surprisingly, there was a practical explanation for this unconventional footwear design.

“She pointed out the practicality of her footwear, noting that high heels would catch in the metal skirt, complicating mobility. This was the primary challenge they faced while walking.”

“I’ll need to put these on,” she explained, “and wearing them means standing on your toes the entire time, maintaining balance while your calf muscles stay tense.”

Kardashian mentioned that although she’d be on her “tippy toes, it’s something ballerinas are accustomed to, and they practice it extensively.” She then noted that the fitting held just two days before the Met Gala would serve as her “sole rehearsal.”

A mother with four children remarked that the high heels were crucial for her ensemble, as they provided the necessary additional height.

“Sometimes, we just have to do what’s necessary,” she declared, impeccably dressed and poised as she stepped into her footwear. “There’s no sitting back for me; it’s all forward from here, balancing on my toes.”

Designed specifically for Kardashian, her outfit featured a gray cardigan—which sparked mixed reactions among her followers—and a silver corset crafted from a brocade fabric originally from the 18th century, intricately rewoven with jacquard silver threads, according to the designer.

The pièce de résistance was the “exfoliate” skirt, which was hand-wired and consisted of “silver metal formations of lace, flowers, leaves and sprigs interlinked with silver chain and floral motifs cut from mirror fragments, and bedecked with crystal pendants, pearls, and clasped jewelry.” The entire creation took over 1,000 hours to make.

This year’s couture design, themed “The Garden of Time,” drew its inspiration from the profound, mutual affection between Elizabeth Taylor and her cherished jewelry, according to a statement.

In the video with Vogue, Kardashian explained her ensemble as the embodiment of the most enchanting evening you could ever imagine, spent with the person who captivates you most, all set within the beauty of a garden.

Kardashian briefly mentioned why she chose to wear the cardigan, explaining, “It’s really cold in the woods, so I just threw on my boyfriend’s sweater, this cardigan,” before rushing off to her next commitment after waking up late.

She also mentioned that learning to breathe while tightly laced in a corset was practically an artistic skill.

“She revealed that their collaboration had been brewing for approximately four to five years,” she explained. “To put it gently, that period involved me persistently reaching out to him to see whether he would ever create a Met Gala outfit for me.”

Frequently asked questions

What met Gala 2024?

J.G. Ballard’s 1962 short story of the same name served as inspiration for the “Garden of Time” theme that the Met Gala 2024 adopted. This theme complemented the Costume Institute’s spring exhibition “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” creating a harmonious blend of art and fashion explorations.

Why is Kim Kardashian wearing a cardigan at the Met?

Kardashian explained to reporters on the red carpet that her choice of a cardigan was simply her take on the evening’s theme, “Garden of Time,” which dictated the attire. She casually mentioned that she had snatched her boyfriend’s sweater in a hurry and put it on before rushing off to work, as by “Page Six.”

Why was Kim Kardashian wearing a sweater at the Met Gala?

The star of “The Kardashians” recounted how she hastily dressed in her boyfriend’s sweater, grabbing it to appear hurried after experiencing “the wildest night” in a garden. She chuckled as she shared her story, stating that she simply threw on the sweater and rushed off to work.

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