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Sasquatch Sunset release date, trailer, cast, and everything we know

In the race to be recognized as the most bizarre new film of 2024, “Sasquatch Sunset” stands out. This family-oriented comedy, showcasing the talents of Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg, centers around an unusual premise: they portray a family of sasquatches making their home in the wild.

The creative minds behind this intriguing venture are David and Nathan Zellner, filmmakers with a penchant for exploring the unconventional in their work. Their recent involvement with three episodes of the 2023 dark comedy series “The Curse” serves as a testament to their distinctive style. However, “Sasquatch Sunset” promises to surpass their previous endeavors in originality.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of what’s known about the film so far, from its anticipated release details to initial impressions and additional insights.

When is ‘Sasquatch Sunset’ coming out?

“The film ‘Sasquatch Sunset’ is set to make its debut with a limited showing in the United States on April 12, before it widens to reach theaters across the country on April 19. Currently, there’s no official release date for the UK, but expectations are set for its arrival within the second quarter of the year, falling between April and June.”

Where Can You Watch ‘Sasquatch Sunset’?

“Sasquatch Sunset” is set to premiere exclusively in cinemas, initially on a limited basis before it expands to a wider audience. There is currently no information available regarding when this Bleecker Street production will be available for streaming. Given Bleecker Street’s ongoing agreement with Showtime, it’s anticipated that “Sasquatch Sunset” will probably make its way to Paramount+ featuring Showtime sometime in the later part of 2024. This film is expected to join a lineup of Bleecker Street’s recent offerings on the platform, such as “Mafia Mamma,” “Golda,” and “Jules.”

Sasquatch Sunset cast

Who stars in 'Sasquatch Sunset'?
Sasquatch Sunset release date, trailer, cast, and everything we know 2

Jesse Eisenberg, who plays the lead role in the quirky movie “Sasquatch Sunset,” transforms into a completely unrecognizable Sasquatch along with his fellow actors. Esteemed for his lead role in “The Social Network,” Eisenberg has lately ventured into the realm of indie films, finding modest acclaim in roles such as a martial arts enthusiast in the darkly humorous “The Art of Self-Defense” and a World War II hero in “Resistance.” Riley Keough, whose career skyrocketed following her performance in “Mad Max: Fury Road,” accompanies Eisenberg in the cast.

Keough has since broadened her repertoire with roles in “It Comes at Night,” “Logan Lucky,” and “Daisy Jones & the Six,” among others, and has shared the screen with Eisenberg in a subtle, uncredited cameo in the 2023 film “Manodrome.”

Adding youthful energy to the Sasquatch family is Christophe Zajac-Denek, who earned acclaim for his involvement in “Twin Peaks.” Nathan Zellner, who not only co-directs the film but also steps in front of the camera to portray another Sasquatch family member, brings his rich experience from collaborations with the online platform Rooster Teeth and as a producer on Eisenberg’s “The Art of Self-Defense” into play.

Who Is Making ‘Sasquatch Sunset’?

Nathan Zellner will take on multiple roles in the creation of Sasquatch Sunset, serving not only as the producer and writer but also stepping in front of the camera and sharing the directorial responsibilities with his real-life sibling, David Zellner. The brothers, who have previously collaborated on films such as Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter, and Damsel—the latter being the 2018 Western featuring Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska, and not to be confused with a forthcoming Netflix fantasy of the identical name starring Millie Bobby Brown—have once again joined forces.

During a Sundance Film Festival conversation with Perri Nemiroff from Collider, along with the movie’s ensemble and production team, it was revealed that the Zellners adopted an unconventional approach to directing by donning Sasquatch costumes, even during the scenes where Nathan was not appearing on camera.

The forthcoming feature, Sasquatch Sunset, will be enhanced with the musical talents of The Octopus Project, known for their track “Butterfly in the Sky,” while Mike Gioulakis, celebrated for his work on “It Follows,” handles the cinematography. The editing will fall to Daniel Tarr, recognized for “The Ritual,” along with the Zellner siblings themselves. Michael Powsner’s production design skills, which he previously displayed in “Cop Car,” will bring the movie’s visual and stylistic elements to life, and Steve Newburn, who is well-known for his work on “The Other Kingdom,” will be in charge of costume creation.

Sasquatch Sunset plot

Within the shadowy woods of North America, an exceptional sasquatch family—perhaps the remaining members of their mysterious species—undertakes a bizarre, grand, side-splitting, yet touching odyssey throughout the year. These majestic, furry beings struggle to persevere as they encounter a direct conflict with the constantly evolving environment surrounding them. David Zellner is the author of “Sasquatch Sunset,” which presents this story.

Where can I watch the Sasquatch Sunset trailer?

On February 13, 2024, Bleecker Street unveiled the debut trailer for “Sasquatch Sunset,” a few weeks following its premiere at Sundance 2024. This sneak peek kicks off with stunning landscapes of the American wilds, seemingly pristine and barely touched by human hands.

The peaceful soundtrack and atmosphere are quickly disrupted when the Red Band trailer shifts focus to a pair of Sasquatches engaging in… well, a deep dive into one of the wilderness’ profound mysteries. The remainder of the trailer follows the Sasquatch family, including their two offspring, as they navigate and discover various creatures and terrains that are unfamiliar to them.

Experience “Sasquatch Sunset” for yourself by watching the trailer provided below.

YouTube video
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