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IT Chapter 2: Release Date, Trailer and all Details that you want

Fans of the 2017 series are alert this week because release moment can come at any time. So the first look of Pennywise horror sequel is coming.

It could be released at any time any day now. The IT Chapter season 1 released on 8th September 2017 and first trailer came on 29th March. Why am I saying it could happen at any day at any time?

Two reasons are logical one is the strict timing pattern, and second is the author of IT chapter named Stephen king.

So it is confirmed that the It chapter 2 will release later this year. The trailer also can release at any time if I explained the second reason that is the Stephen King who inspired horror movie pet Sematary that released on 5th April in Cinema.

It will target the audience. As you know, the IT chapter one became the smash hit in 2017 and made with $35 million budget. However, it got impressive grossed that was $700 million worldwide.

So fans are a high expectation with season 2 that will release on September 2019.

Who Will be Stars in It Chapter 2?

Moreover, the official cast news has also revealed. And according to the official report, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain world be a part of the film. Jessica Chastain is the bloodiest sequence of horror movies.

here are the cast star list is given below
James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Skarsgard, Bill Hader, James Ransone, andy Bean.

When Will IT Chapter 2 Release?

IT Chapter 2 story will release on 5th September 2019 in Russia. It will be 27 years later. Pennywise will return to torment and grow up as members of the Loser Club.

Andy Muschietti is the director, and Gary Dauberman is the writer of the ITR Chapter 2.
Fans of It Chapter are waiting from all over the world.

So in the United States, it will release on 6th September 2019 by Warner Bros. Here you can watch the trailer of IT Chapter 2.

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