20 Upcoming Hollywood Action Movies 2020

Hollywood is a splendid industry that is throwing out to us a plethora of upcoming movies from smooth to hard, romantic to action, suspense to horror, space to earth and worth so many more concepts so one may enjoy the movie and satisfy the thrust for more adventure and entertainment. Hollywood is above the fantasies indeed. Upcoming movies have a long list.

2020 action movies

There is a new-fangled crop that is there from Hollywood for the viewers to enjoy more in the fresh year with a lot of many chunks and entertainment for the viewers. Here we may go through 2020 action movies that are at your doorstep to give you more delight than the expectations of your mindset.


  1. Eternals: It is an assemblage of a beautiful cast having Richard Madden and Gemma Chen. Both already justified their loci in the previous acting so they are quite potent. The storyline is working on the ancient civilizations and annals of history where transfusion is amalgamated with the immortal race.
  2. Godzilla vs Kong: The film is for sure a surprise for the viewers as they came to know that the director was quite focused before working out and thoroughly reviewed King Kong and Godzilla for another time.
  3. Bad Boys for Life: Now the two boys are coming up as Lowrey and Markus who are having the intentions to give thrill and action stances to the movie subsequently. From the platform of Marvel Movies, it is coming as a film with a pretty elevated budget.
  4. Fast and Furious 9: It’s returning for another time with more bangs. This time it is the ninth slice of the fast and furious sequel. Expectations are high that is why it is felt that the plot is kept hidden still. Justin Lin seems to be peculiar to hide the idea as it is still four months span for its release so better to stay it as an action stump which is still under construction.
  5. G.I. Joe- Ever Vigilant: Here the thriller plus action is narrated by giving the stance that cobras are terrorists and they may acquire a deadly new weapon to make it interesting. Story writers are two and they are narrating the idea in superior dialogues to give it a sequence and flow in all ways. It is somehow giving them chunks of science fiction in action’s bottle.
  6. Venom 2: It is coming to you with the chunks of fun and entertainment elevated in the form of comics to superior the energy of action from it. Andy Serkis as a Director visibly added the idea. He showed the potency of venom. It is the sequel of the preceding part so most of the things will be easy to get but still, the plot is not disclosed yet.
  7. Free Guy: The upcoming movie is a mixture of suspense, transfusions, adventure and a lot of action. It is only one of its kind way to put things together. A bank teller while doing a simple job, realizes that he is a real NPC hidden inside the world of video games.
  8. No Time To Die: No doubt, James Bond did a lot to give the world tremendous ideas for action movies at a stretch. This is why he is commonly popular among whole world action likes. Here in the upcoming movie, they are going to discover the real chunk of adventure to enjoy more the entertainment plus chunks of action. They are discovering the mysterious villain armed with disastrous new inventions.
  9. Wonder Woman 1984: It is a true action movie which is giving a chance to add more to the original sequel of the 2017 movie “Wonder Women”. Previously, the movie was a big hit that was enjoyed tremendously. This time plot is not opened yet but seems to be intending good deeds.
  10. Bloodshot: it is a kind of movie with action. It is a slain soldier story. It is an animated series track. It is pretty added with superpowers. Previously its sequel was awarded the best nominations. This time, hopes are again high.
  11. Mulan: Here, one may see the action hidden in the beauty of a woman. The woman is intending to shape herself into a strange kind of male warrior. This is what she wants to do for saving her father. It is a live-action movie.
  12. Top Gun: Maverick: It is a mixture of action movies and drama. In the movie, a person realizes that after long term in navy services, he starts to move as a pilot. For the courageous tests, he intends to do advancements in rank.
  13. Morbius: This action movie is about the struggle of a person who found to be having a rare bloodstream disease. So, the person intends to treat him by himself. But things went wrong and he fell into a vampirism enhancement in the end.
  14. Ghostbusters (afterlife): It is the action and comedy thriller of a woman who is shifting to a new town with her children. They lately develop the link with Ghostbusters and seek the secrets of grandfather’s legacy.
  15. Onward: It is a sort of drama and action. It is about suburban globe where fantasy is there. Two teenage elf brothers discover the quest for the magic world.
  16. Black Widow:  This is a special kind of movie to negotiate it as civil wars and infinity wars. It is among the 2020 action movies.
  17. Tenet: It is a beautiful epic action and creation which is revolving around espionage, evolution, time race and time travels in fiction worlds.
  18.  The King’s Man: A true action movie comprised of pretty nice thrillers of bad tyrants. He has to plot the wipeout of millions. Now, one person is going to race for it to take over.
  19. Dolittle: It is a cute action movie in which a physician realizes that he can speak to animals and other creatures. In this way, he starts effectively out on animals.
  20. Underwater: As indicated by name that action is below the water. It is a crew who is going to work for safety from the earthquake. They are reaching the seabed to maintain a lab for the idea.

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