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‘The Fall Guy movie, what we know about the trailer, release date, plot, cast

The actor Ryan Gosling was overjoyed to learn that The Fall Guy, his next film, had received a positive review.

The action comedy, which stars Gosling and Emily Blunt, has yet to be released. Famous director Steven Spielberg, nevertheless, saw it in advance and couldn’t help but give it high marks.

David Leitch, who previously directed Deadpool 2, will be directing The Fall Guy. The film is based on the 1980s television series of the same name. It follows Ryan, a Hollywood stuntman, as he works for Emily, a filmmaker. Emily also happens to be Ryan’s ex.

He’s returning to his guy flex for another round of The Fall Guy, where he’ll portray a stuntman caught up in the disappearance of the celebrity he’s pretending to be. Perhaps he will wear another silky stuntman bomber jacket.

The fact that David Leitch, a former stuntman who recently released Bullet Train, is directing it helps it stand out in a ping-ponging career that has seen him dabble in a few more overt action movies in recent years. There isn’t much information available about the film’s tone yet, but we’re hoping for some good old-fashioned Gosling shtick. Barbie has left us with a yearning, and we need a fix.

Here’s what we know about The Fall Guy: cast, release date, plot, and trailer.

The Fall Guy plot

The Fall Guy is based on the 1980s television series of the same name, which follows a Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a bounty hunter, utilising his abilities to transition from stuntman to lawman under the cover of darkness.

In this film adaptation, Gosling portrays Colt Seavers, an out-of-work stuntman who is invited to his ex’s directorial debut to stand in for the douchebag star. When that A-lister goes missing, Colt must descend into the reeds of Hollywood’s underbelly to locate him, utilising his stuntman abilities to rescue the day – and the film. The gist remains the same but has been Hollywoodized.

The Fall Guy Cast

While Gosling does play a key role, the top-billing roster isn’t complete without him. David Leitch, a former Hollywood stuntman who is now directing the movie (he was Brad Pitt’s stuntman, in case you didn’t know), seems to be a perfect fit for it.

Speaking about his background, the film’s producer Kelly McCormick stated, “David comes from stunts, and we’re portraying a narrative about a stuntman who comes into his own after having to investigate a murder. It’s quite exceptional in the sense that we get to do,” he said. “And it just seems like we’re paying honour to the stunt community and, more broadly, cinema and those of us who produce films. And it’s a love letter to the business.”

But back in front of the camera, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will portray the diva who Gosling must break bones for and ultimately rescue. It’s a return for Johnson and Leitch, who last collaborated on Bullet Train, and if the tone of this film is similar, there will be lots of fun riffing.

In addition, Emily Blunt has signed on to portray Gosling’s ex-employer, the director of the film, who is falling apart due to the film’s walkabout. There’s also Stephanie Hsu, who just received an Oscar nomination for Everything Everywhere All At Once, Winston Duke from Black Panther, and Ted Lasso’s towering Amazon Hannah Waddingham.

The Fall Guy trailer

YouTube video

Unfortunately, production has ended, and, according to reports, the video has been viewed in semi-exclusive previews. So at the very least, we know it is genuine and exists. There’s no Hollywood trickery here.

The Fall Guy release date

The Fall Guy is scheduled to be published on May 3, 2024, so there are still a few months to go. While we wait, we should see The Nice Guys, which is one of Ryan Gosling are other male roles.

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