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Next Upcoming Original Movies Coming On Netflix

Netflix is a platform that has been taking over the world by storm. new Netflix original movies provide quality entertainment to the viewers. Netflix doesn’t only offer movies and TV shows from around the world.  It also has Netflix originals to entertain the fans. Every month Netflix premiers many exciting new projects.  upcoming movies on Netflix in April will offer a lot of new and exciting movies. We are going to preview the April movies releasing on Netflix. you can choose from the April movies on Netflix.

Money Heist / La Casa De Papel (Part 4)

Netflix has been releasing many original movies and they have been a great success. Money Heist a Spanish movie has returned to Netflix with its 4th installment. The ending of part 3 was explosive and people were waiting desperately for the next part to come out.

Hits of Netflix

Money Heist is considered to be one of the biggest Upcoming Netflix Original Movies. It has managed to get staggering numbers. Despite the language barrier, the Spanish movie has won the hearts of millions of people.

In this part as well we will be witnessing the team trying hard to survive.  The inspector managed to fool them and outplayed the professor in the last part. To inaugurate the fourth part a documentary was released beforehand, where a lot of interesting backstage moments were featured.

best Netflix original movies

If you are an avid watcher of upcoming releases on Netflix.  It has been a basic platform for your entertainment. you must have heard of Earth and Blood. Earth and Blood is a French movie. The French original movie was announced to be launched when Netflix planned to expand in France.

Actors Role

The French movie has a spectacular star cast and some mega-talented stars from France are a part of the movie. The cast of the movie includes Sami Bouajila, Eriq Ebouaney, and Samy Seghir. whereas actors play significant roles in the movie.  The team and makers are trying to keep things under wraps.

‘All the Bright Places’ Drama Reviews

big movies coming to Netflix

Sergio is an Upcoming Netflix original Movie. It is based on the true story of the Canal Hotel Bombing. It was aimed to take the life of UN representatives. The bombing also took the lives of Brazilian diplomat Sergio.

The bombing took place when the US invaded Iraq and Sergio was out on a mission to find peace and harmony of people around him.


Narcos is the Upcoming Netflix original Movies movie that features Wagner Moura. which is also is majorly known for his performance in Pablo Escobar in the Netflix popular movie Narcos. The movie’s plot is heart-wrenching and also portrays the real-life incident as well.

Afterlife season 2

Afterlife season 2 will be releasing on Netflix on April 24th, 2020. And all the fans of Ricky Gervais are aware of the fact that and he always chooses new sitcoms, which make many people laugh.

story of tony

As far as Afterlife season 2 and its plot is concerned. And it is going to continue with the story of tony. The season is going to have six new episodes where he and also his wife will take on new responsibilities in life.


You must also be aware that Chris Hemsworth is known for playing a fantastic role in God of Thunder. And the good news is that he is going to make a comeback with an exciting thriller named Extraction. It is scheduled to release at the end of April that is 24th. It is one of the most awaited upcoming movies on Netflix.

Netflix New Releases

The Victim’s game is a new Upcoming Netflix original Movie from the land of Taiwan. And it also boasts of a talented and fashionable star cast as well. Joseph Chang in a beautiful character. And it is also the story revolves around a forensic investigator whereas it happens to find out this his daughter is a deadly serial killer.

The Victim’s game is a new movie from the land of Taiwan. And it also boasts of a talented and fashionable star cast as well. You can see Joseph Chang in a beautiful character. And it is also the story revolves around a forensic investigator whereas it happens to find out this his daughter is a deadly serial killer.

2020 April upcoming movies on Netflix

If you want to know more about 2020 April upcoming movies on Netflix. And there are also many good options to choose from. The Victims game is going to release on 30th April, so there’s not much time left. The movies are popular among people in Asia.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC-2045

Ghost in the Shell is an upcoming Netflix original movie exciting animation movie. And it has also become a prominent franchise by now. The original series aired back in the 1990s, and we can’t forget the fantastic portrayal of Scarlet Johnson. The first trailer didn’t make everyone happy, but many still await the release anxiously.

Animation movies

Nowadays, animation movies are getting popular among all age groups, but children are more into it. The ghost in the shell is one of many movie names that we know will be releasing in April.

Hi-Score Girl (Season 2)

The movie’s names, which are going to release in April 2020, are plenty. As well as a good movie with a unique concept. And also Try out the one if you are hungry for variety and uniqueness.

Brand New Animal

We have already discussed the 2020 April upcoming movies on Netflix. Here we have heard often is that Brand new Animal will also be coming out in April. However, no official confirmation has been out as yet.

Movies Released On Netflix In March 2020

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