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Marlene Dietrich Net Worth, Bio – Age, Kids, Husband, Awards, Movies

Marlene Dietrich is a German actress, singer, musician, novelist, and autobiographical writer. Marlene Dietrich has been featured in a variety of media, including television shows, films, radio programs, and more. Here’s all you need to know about Marlene Dietrich’s net worth in 2024, including her marital status, height, age, and more.

Marlene Dietrich’s biography

Real Name:Marie Magdalene Dietrich
Father:Louis Erich Otto Dietrich
Mother:Wilhelmina Elisabeth Josephine Dietrich
Spouse:Rudolf Sieber
Date of Birth:27-Dec-01
Place of Birth:Berlin, Germany
Height:5 ft. 6 in (168 cm)
Weight:53 kg
Profession:Actress, Singer, Entertainer
Nationality:German, American
Net Worth:$30 miilion

Who is Marlene Dietrich?

Marlene Dietrich was born on December 27, 1901. Her birthplace was Schöneberg in Berlin, Germany. Marie Magdalene Dietrich was her birth name. She attended Auguste-Viktoria Girls’ School and then graduated from Victoria-Luise-Schule. She studied both English and French.

Marlene was the daughter of Wilhelmina Elisabeth Josephine and Louis Erich Otto Dietrich. Her father was a police officer, while her mother was a businesswoman.

Following her father’s death, her mother married someone else and lived happily there. She has one sister, Elisabeth. She loved singing and playing the violin when she was little.

In her teens, she attended violin lessons and became interested in poetry and theatre. She eventually gave up her dream of becoming a concert violinist due to a wrist injury and went to acting instead. Her nationality is German, and she follows Christianity.

She studied and completed her schooling at Auguste-Viktoria Girls’ School and graduated from Victoria-Luise-Schule. She studied English and French.

What was Marlene Dietrich’s height and weight?

Marlene Dietrich, the iconic German-American actress and singer, stood at a height of 5 feet 4½ inches (164 cm) and maintained a slender build with a weight of approximately 53 kilograms (117 lbs).

When did Marlene Dietrich die?

The legendary actress had been bedridden for 13 years owing to a damaged hip. Although Dietrich’s injuries were not life-threatening, he refused to be brought to the hospital or given medical attention. She died on May 6, 1992, when her kidneys started to fail as a result of her prone posture and alcohol abuse. Renal failure and alcohol abuse were the main causes of Marlene Dietrich’s death.

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered to pay their respects. Following her death, her coffin was wrapped in American and French flags and transported to Schöneberg, where she was born and reared. Dietrich was buried near her mother.

Several books and documentaries have been published and produced in memory of one of the greatest film performers of all time. However, the most valued is the 1982 film Marlene, which was released during the actress’s lifetime and is regarded as her finest performance. This section serves as a representation of an audio interview Dietrich conducts with the movie’s director. Dietrich refused to appear on television in the same capacity that she did in her later years, thus the soundtrack is included in a video history of her early years.

How did Marlene Dietrich start her career?

How did Marlene Dietrich start her career?
Dietrich performed as a chorus girl in Guido Thielscher’s “Girl-Kabarett.”

She began her career as an orchestra violinist, which lasted barely four weeks. Dietrich performed as a chorus girl in Guido Thielscher’s “Girl-Kabarett.” She was also cast in a tiny part in the film “The Little Nepolean.”.

She also appeared with her spouse in “Tragodie der Liebe.”. She appeared on stage in Vienna and Berlin, as well as in films. Marlene made her acting debut in 1929 with the film “Die Frau, Nach der Man Sich Sehnt.”.

Her most renowned film is “The Blue Angel,” in which she plays the seductive cabaret dancer Lola-Lola. She departed for the United States on April 2, 1930, and signed a contract with Paramount Pictures.

On November 14, her debut American picture, ” Morocco,” was released. Up until 1935, Josef von Sternberg directed six “Paramount Pictures'” films in which she appeared.

She appeared in 1936’s financially successful film “Desire.” David O. directed her first colour film, “The Garden of Allah,” Alexander Korda’s performance of “Knight Without Armour” featured her in 1937.

She appeared in the western comedy “Destry Rides Again” in 1939. For the following two years, she worked on a variety of projects. Marlene, an anti-Nazi, sang for Allied soldiers while touring the United States during World War II.

From 1950 until 1970, she was a popular cabaret dancer in major cities. Her career almost ended on September 29, 1975, when she damaged her thigh while falling off the stage in Sydney, Australia.

Her last film, “Just a Gigolo,” in which she starred and sang the title song, was released in 1979.

How many awards did Marlene Dietrich have?

Marlene Dietrich’s brilliant career was defined not only by her legendary performances in cinema but also by the praise and awards she garnered throughout her life. From her early Academy Award nomination for her fascinating performance in “Morocco” to her receiving of the coveted Special David Award for “Judgement at Nuremberg,” Dietrich has continuously shown her exceptional skill and flexibility.

Her services to German film were recognised with the German Film Award’s Honorary Award in 1980, which commemorated her long-standing impact on the industry. Dietrich’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and 2003 induction into the Online Film & Television Association’s Film Hall of Fame are evidence that her influence extended far beyond formal awards. Beyond the glitter and glamour, Dietrich’s legacy lives on as a source of inspiration, with her timeless performances captivating and influencing audiences all over the globe, solidifying her place as a real cinematic legend.

Marlene Dietrich’s Brand Endorsements

She has not divulged the names of the companies with whom she has cooperated or endorsed. She kept everything a secret. Perhaps she has not promoted any brands till now.

What is Marlene Dietrich’s net worth?

Marlene Dietrich Net Worth
Marlene Dietrich Net Worth, Bio - Age, Kids, Husband, Awards, Movies 4

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dietrich’s net worth was around $30 million at the time of her death. Her fortune stemmed from her status as one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. She has also appeared in blockbuster films such as Shanghai Express and Desire. Her performance in Witness for the Prosecution helped her gain popularity.

Between the 1950s and 1970s, Dietrich continued to make money as a show performer. In 1960, she was inducted into the Motion Picture Walk of Fame. In 1999, the American Film Institute named Dietrich the seventh greatest female star in history.

Marlene Dietrich Net Worth Growth Year by Year

Marlene Dietrich’s Net Worth in 1988 was $20 Million
Marlene Dietrich’s Net Worth in 1989 was $25 Million
Marlene Dietrich’s Net Worth in 1990 was $27 Million
Marlene Dietrich’s Net Worth in 1992 was $30 Million

Who is Marlene Dietrich’s husband?

Who is Marlene Dietrich's husband?
she connected with F. Suzanne Baulé,

Dietrich had relationships with other actors, including Gary Cooper, John Gilbert, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., James Stewart, and Jean Gabin.

In Paris, she connected with F. Suzanne Baulé, a cabaret hostess. She had an affair with Yul Brynner and John F. Kennedy.

She married Rudolf Sieber, the assistant director, in 1923. They had a daughter, Maria, and were married until Sieber died in 1976. Dietrich died of renal failure in 1992, when he was 90 years old.


Who was Marlene Dietrich?

Marlene Dietrich, born Marie Magdalene Dietrich on December 27, 1901, was a German and American actress and singer.

When did Marlene Dietrich die?

Marlene Dietrich passed away on May 6, 1992, in Paris, France, due to kidney failure.

What Is Marlene Dietrich’s Net Worth?

Marlene Dietrich’s net worth at the time of her death in 1992 was estimated to be around $30 million.

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