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30 Saddest Movies on Netflix I romantic but tragic love story on Netflix

The saddest and most romantic movies on Netflix: As known that emotional films can have a complex effect on One’s brain. Tragedy can put things into perspective. Tragic and sad movies put someone in the condition that the scene that occurred in a movie is close to his / her life story that had to happen in the past. He/She relates the movie with his / her life. Most of the sad stories are about the love (Romance) story. Study says when someone experiences painful or stressful situation it will help the body’s sense of pain and the pain release from the eyes in a shape of tears. Sheikh Spearwell known for his saddest and tragic stories as his masterpiece of Drama “Romeo Juliet”. A romantic but tragic love story. Everyone needs a really good cry sometimes to relieve the pain or inside sadness and heartache.Here 30 saddest movies mentioned that is shown on Netflix. You may watch movies on soap2day.

1-About time

About Time

About time is the story of a young law student named Tim.

At the age of 21, Tim reveals from his father that the men of his family have the secret ability to travel back in time. who remains his past never looks to the future. he shuts his eyes in a dark room and starts imagining that he is in the past. But A romantic Tim chooses to live his life as a gift for his love. It’s a sweet movie but to some extent it makes you cry.

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2-Tell me Who I Am

Tell me Who I Am

A film produced by a British filmmaker Ed Perkins. who tells about the boundaries between reality and memory. Emotions and sentiments that allow someone to survive. The story is about Alex and Marcus two identical twins’ brothers which debuted on Netflix on Oct. Alex meets an accident that causes him to lose his memory.

They have different memories from childhood. Alex lost his identity and curious about to know himself. Marcus apologizes for the incident that happened with them in the past did not tell his brother when they  at the age of 32. he told the secret of his mother that she sexually abused them. Brothers tell their story in a documentary which was about Trauma silence and memory. It’s a sad story that will make you sad and may cause you to cry.

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3- Blue Jay

Blue Jay

This romantic movie is a love story. A story of two love birds from there high school. they accidentally meet again it was all changed in their lives. but they decide to spend time together and they remind their old beautiful memories and came to a coffee shop named ‘’blue jay’’. After that, both came to Jim’s mother’s house which was under renovation. they were in their old memories and Amanda told him that she is the stepmother of two kids. they were pretended like the old couple now. Amanda told him she is a patient and an anti-depressant. But they both had to get back to their worlds they with the tears. this story is heart touching and will make you cry too. The story is coming on Netflix in December.

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4- Some Freaks

Some Freaks

This movie is a story about over-weighted girl Jill and a one-eyed boy, Matt after a short separation they reunite again. they were classmates. Matt was doing the job in a restaurant as a dishwasher and save his money for his artificial eye. jill on the requested of a good-looking Patrick went to a party. where Patrick’s brother asked him to have fun with jill and have sex with him but Patrick had an erected problem and Jill came back without having sex with him. The story is about gays, intimacy between two men with the imperfections of their ways. They thought all the girls are the same they insulted the sexual orientation. The story is really sad it’s all about the anger and selfishness, that leaves you in vacant minded.

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5- Mystic River

Mystic River

The movie is very interesting and one would not miss it for a while. The film added on for the last time Netflix in January 2019. There were three friends Jimmy, Sean, and Dave. who were on their way suddenly one of them Dave was kidnaped by 2 men. The man sexually abused him for 4 days. after 25 years when they grew up and became men. jimmy and Dave were a neighbor. jimmy’s daughter likes a boy named Brendan but her father didn’t like him much.

she planned with the boy to escape from home. At one-night Katie murdered and the same night Dave injured his hand his wife helps him to clean the blood from clothes. Dave’s wife told the story off that night to jimmy. When he follows and investigate from Dave, he admits in anger yes, he did so than in rage Jimmy killed him and throw his dead body adjacent Majestic River. The movie is good and interesting but sad and mysterious but full of suspense.

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6-Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

An American romantic film about a married couple, which was added on Netflix in July 2019. Ryan Gosling as Dean Pereira and Michelle Williams as Cynthia “Cindy” Heller playing their roles. Dean was working in a company and Cindy was a Doctor of medicine and lives with her parents. her boyfriend bobby deceived her then after their breakup she met with Dean in her grandmom nursing home while he was delivering furniture. They exchange numbers and start dating.

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One day she told Dean she is pregnant and wants an abortion but decides to not go for the procedure, Dean proposed her and they got married. Dean painted the houses and Cindy was a nurse at the clinic. they live with their daughter and a dog. when they were on a romantic visit at once she met with her ex-boyfriend. she changed her behavior with her husband and being rude to him and asked for space and left the house.

Dr. Feinberg, called her to join her job at his clinic and tell her to stay away from family. she buys an apartment and demands a divorce. Dean doesn’t want it for their daughter’s future but she refused to stay with him and told him to leave the house. The movie ends when Dean walks away from them and daughter was crying and wants to let him stop it was an open-end story with crying. which leaves the effect on the hearts of the viewers.

7-My Girl

My Girl

The story is about 11 years old girl Vada. she thinks unduly worried about having a serious illness. she was obsessed with death because she thinks her mother gave birth to her, after two days she died. Her father Harry giving services widowed funeral. Vada was feeling the changes in herself. Vada’s best friend, Thomas J. dies with beehive, he was allergic to everything. She was in love with her English teacher, Mr. Bixler.

After Thomas ‘s death, she amends herself towards her father, who told her she was not the reason for her mother’s death. It was a heartwarming story that is a perfect mixture of emotions. At the end of the story, Vada writes a poem for her friend Thomas J. and makes her a new friend. The movie released on Netflix in 1991.

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carol poster

It is a story of a woman who fights for her right to be happy and tells others what will make her happy. So,It is a love and life story. It is a different subject that consists of two women of different backgrounds who were unexpected love for each other. Therese is a clerk in a store where she meets with an alluring lady Carol and gets in love with her. Carol breaks up her marriage and her husband questioned as a mother how she takes care of her daughter as her involvement in her best friend Therese. At the end of the story both the women were smiling at each other and the movie end. carol was on Netflix on 3 October 2019.

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9-The Notebook

The Notebook

The film started from an old man reading a story of an old lady in a nursing home. Its US version released in March.

The story starts with young lovers named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun. Allie belongs to a wealthy family background while Noah was a worker. when she was only 17, she brings him an ancient beautiful house and tells him that is her dream house. her parents stop her to meet Noah as both belong to different social classes. Noah left the town and Allie got engaged with an army officer. Noah writes 365 letters and she does not know about anyone. One day Allie sees her photo in a newspaper with her dream house. she eagerly wanted to meet her but as she was engaged with someone else, she was confused to choose Noah and soldier.

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10- Abducted in Plain Sight

Abducted in Plain Sight

It is a true documentary film by an American director Skye Borgman. in the early 1970s, the incident had happened but in 2019 a documentary film was made on it. Skye Borgman got outstanding filmmaker Award and this film got many Awards like Bravery Award, Mayor’s Award best documentary Award.

It is a very depressing and disturbing movie that makes you cry. The film presents the cautionary story that the parents must be conscious of their children to get a relationship with strangers even it would be neighbors or relatives. The film released in 2017on Netflix. It is an old story but based on a true story.

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11-The Place Beyond the Pines

he Place Beyond the Pines

An American crime tragedy drama film directed by Derek Cianfrance on Luke (Ryan Gosling) was a stunt motorcycle driver who takes to a life of bank-robbing in an attempt to support his son. It is little Scariest and Smartest Horror Movie on Netflix Right Now. Netflix adds a well-reviewed movie blue valentine and now the same cast is in this movie will make it famous again on Netflix. The story is about a stunt motorcycle driver who was a bank robber as well had a girlfriend who deceived him and involved in someone else but had a son Jason. He wants to spend money on his girlfriend and Jason.

He started part-time working as an auto mechanic with Robin Van.Then  He puts the money in Romina’s house that he gets from the bank robbery. After 15 years Kofi who was Jason’s mother’s boyfriend told Jason that Luke is his real father. Jason came to his father’s friend Robin who told him about the robberies they made together. Avery was an Attorney General who killed Luke and. His son A.J was a friend of Jason but they don’t know the history of their fathers. Robin told Jason the man who killed his father was his friend’s A. J’s father he fights with him. At the end of the movie, Jason purchased a bike and started his new life instead of old memories. The film on US Netflix released on October 3, 2017.

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12-Short Term 12

936full short term 12 poster

American drama film based on a true story written and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. The film stars Brie Larson as Grace Howard played her role as a young supervisor of a group home for troubled teenagers. The short term was a shelter home where the children who faced the worst kinds of home situations and scared of their own life. Grace lives with his boyfriend and she got pregnant with his child.

She want to get an abortion but he propose her and she agreed. Jayden who suffers from self-harm disorder came to the short term day her father came to her to take her with him at home Grace followed them she where got to know that Jayden  sexually abused by her father. she  shocked and take Jayden with her to the Shot term12. The story was perfectly written on human life the good, bad sometimes messy and uncomfortable. some scenes are sentimental and heart will become sad while watching this movie. It is since available on Netflix from 14 April 2014.

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13- Moonlight


American drama film was written and directed by Barry Jenkins coming to Netflix in May. The movie consists of three stages in the life of the main character of his youth, adolescence and early adult life. a young African-American boy Chiron facing the physical and emotional abuse while he was growing. When he was a child was neglected by his mother who was more concerned about her physical needs. A central theme of the film is bulling.The film is on an overlapping conversation about the black man’s masculinity.

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14-irreplaceable you

irreplaceable you

Irreplaceable you is a story that was released by Netflix on February 16, 2018.

The story is about engaged childhood friends and the frustrating thing is about the film is that Abbie diagnosed with cancer she wants to live her life. she wants a new fellow for Sam.An unforgettable depressing movie that will make u cry with a bucket of tears. at the end of the film she dies, that will make you depress and heartache.



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15- 6 Years

6 Years

An American drama directed and written by Hannah Fidell in 2015 and available on Netflix on September 8, 2015. The film is about Melanie and Dan who were in a relationship for six years, which ends with the love triangle. In very early scenes couple starts hurtful fighting. The film is pretty good and seemed realistic without fantasy. It presents the real love story that makes viewers unhappy and sad.

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16- The Spectacular Now

The Spectacular Now

It is an American romantic drama film directed by an American director and actor James Ponsoldt. A charismatic and self-centered man involves in a smart nice girl. He loves parties and drinking all the time, but she tells him that life is not about partying and drinking. Despite all the differences she wants him in her life and tells him she loves him. he does not want to quit the things he was badly involved she left the city and gives him space. he fired by his boss from his job while working he drunk all the time. the story will let the viewers turned into a little bit of depression while they were separated. At the end of the story, he turns back to her to take her with him. The story is on Netflix

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17-The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is based on a Novel an American writer Alice Sebold. The film is available now on Netflix that released on Netflix on 1st January 2018. This is a story of a teen girl Susie Salmon who was brutally raped and murdered and watches her family from heaven how her family goes through the grief and pain for her death. The story is about love, loss, death unity, grief, and Morality.

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18-One Day

One Day

One Day is a movie that Available On‎ ‎16 Sep 2014 on Netflix and premiered on Netflix on January 6, 2017. The story is about to fellows Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley who met after completed their graduation.  The film story describes the experiences of hardships of life, heartaches, and happiness.

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19-Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds

The seven-pound film added to Netflix on 04/15/2018. This  American drama film directed by Gabriele Muccino who  Italian filmmaker, the main character  Will Smith who famous American actor and rapper played his role as ‘Till ‘who was texting while he was driving the car and caused 7 people killed. Hence,He considers him he is guilty for this he decides to donate his organs for seven people who are not worthy.

He feels his love for Emilly and commits suicide and donates his heart to Emilly. It is a depressing movie but the story is pretty good.

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A lion is now available on Netflix. Lion  Australian biographical drama film directed by Garth Davis who  Australia’s famous filmmaker television and commercial director.

A lion is a story of 5 years old Indian boy named Saroo who was separated from his family and adopted by an Australian couple. Saroo belongs to a rural family his brother Guddu works in Central station and take his brother with him to the station while he was insisting Guddu tells him to stop there until he comes back.

Saroo sleeps and when he wakes up, he finds him in Calcutta. A man take him to Police Station and from where he sent to the Orphanage, from where he adopted by an ana Australian family. He decides to find his family. He returns India after 25 years and starts searching to find his family. The story of the film is based on a true story. It’s a mixture of sadness and happiness that will make someone throws to the hardships of life and Then gets out with the belief in Miracles.

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21- The Kindergarten Teacher

The Kindergarten Teacher

This American drama film directed by Sara Colangelo that released on 12 October 2018, by Netflix. The story about a Kindergarten psycho teacher whoobsessed with talent that she gets one of her students. The story is a depressing mixture of transgression and provocation. It  sad story that shows an honest and ill-minded person who is mentally ill.

This is an artistic film; Lisa’s encouragement of Jimmy turns her appropriate behavior into obsessive. She seduces him with her poetry. There is a variety of emotion some are sad and some are genuinely dramatic that Lisa played very well. The intense scenes hold the attention of the viewer. Maggie Gyllenhaal’s superb acting highly appreciate by the viewers.

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22- My Sister’s Keeper

My sisters keeper poster

An American drama film directed by Nick Cassavetes who is an actor, director, and writer. The film is available on Netflix. The story is about Sara’s two-year-old daughter Kate doctors diagnose with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia, a kind of cancer of white cells. This news was shocking for her parents. Sara her mother taking her immediately to the Doctor. Where she started her treatment with chemotherapy. The doctor mentioned the chance that might be in her another child. Her other daughter Anna goes through several procedures because she was the only perfect match for saving her sister’s life. The whole family  disturb and Sara and her husband behaved like they  strangers in their ways.

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lawyer Campbell

The story begins when a thirteen years old child Anna goes to a lawyer Campbell and tells him that she wants to sue their parents because they are liberating her daughter Kate, who is going through the end stage of Kidney failure. The mother gets angry about the decision of her child Anna, but the father gets to understand that she is unhappy. Anna goes to the custody of the Judge named Julia.

Campbell and Julia initially were in a relationship but breaks it without telling her. In court, Anna explains that Kate stops her to donate her kidney because she is going to die soon. she also admits her love for her sister but she further tells that she does not want it. Anna and Campbell got a major car accident while they were going to the Hospital. As a result, she got serious Brain injury her lawyer Campbells tells her mother to donate her kidney to Kate.

At the end of the movie Kate narrates an Epilogue, she felt the deep grief of Anna’s death that her family was going through. She blames herself for Anna’s death. The story of the film is heart touching and depressing.

23- The Lighthouse of the Orcas

The Lighthouse of the Orcas

The Lighthouse of the Orcas Spanish Filmmaker and screenwriter directed by Gerardo Olivares. This is an Argentinean drama film that is available on Netflix right now.

The film is about boundless limits of love for his Autistic son Tristán. Lola, a Spanish mother with travel from Spain to Argentina to help her son to connect with his emotions. She heard about Beto a nature lover man who lives in Peninsula Valdes’ National Park as a Ranger, was

a therapist. He refused her in the begging but agrees to help his son hoping that isolation may cause by the autism overcome, for this purpose sailing by the cost that will prevent touching them with swimming. As the days passed on, Tristán started to express his emotions. The story is full of hopes and wonders the end is not tragic at all.

24-To the Bone

To the Bone

The bone  ann America drama film written and directed by an American television, film writer and producer Marti Noxon. The story is about 20-year-old girl Lily Collins as Ellen who was suffering from a disease anorexia nervosa. She goes through various recovery programs. It was a journey of self-discovery. her mother takes her Ellen to Dr. Beckham for treatment a place at Threshold. who was giving treatment to his patients with the unconventional methods?At the end of the movie, she does not get better. she died of heart failure the end was unhappy. The film is right now available on Netflix.

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25- Brain on Fire

Brain on Fire

This a biographical drama film directed and written by Irish filmmaker Gerard Barrett. released on Netflix on June 22, 2018. One day Doctors tells Susannah Cahalan’s parents her daughter  suffer from a neurological disorder  simple word its called memory loss, hypersensitivity voices make her annoyed, it is mental illness. This true story of A Journalist Chloë Grace Moretz played her role as Susannah. Her doctor prescribed her a treatment which was slow in start but after that, she recovered soon. After seven months of her treatment, she comes back to her work and writes a letter to her boyfriend Richard about her recovery. she begins to start a story about herself ‘Brain on Fire’. Her acting is pretty good with different moods.

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26- Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love

This is an American biographical romantic drama film; Julia Roberts played her role as Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth had everything in her life a modern woman dreaming a family, a husband her own house with a successful career. But she  confuse with her marriage and got a divorce. but she realize that she come from her comfort zone, and experience real life. She left for a journey around the world to discover herself. From her journey, she learns about the real peace of life. This film is available on Netflix on Oct 30, 2019.

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27- Roma


Roma  semi-autobiographical epic drama film written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón. The story is about a housekeeper of a middle-class family. The family consists of Sofía, her husband, Antonio, her mother Teresa, their four children, and a maid, Adela. Cleo was a maid of Sofia and Antonio to take care of their children. The situation creates when Cleo finds that she is pregnant.

Actually, Roma is a story that explores the loneliness of a woman particularly. The story is about the lives of two women a devoted Maid Cleo and her employer Sofia. Cleo wants to tell Fermin she’s having his baby but he denies badly and stops to tell anyone. It is all about misunderstanding. The story is good one day they were on the beach the two children were in water Cleo without knowing how to swim she rescues Sofia’s children.

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It is an American story of an activist and politician Harvey Milk. Harvey was first openly gay. Sean Penn played his role as Milk. While he  settled in the Castro District, he opened his Camera shop for the growth of gay society. He ran with his campaign manager Scott Smith. The members of his team started consulting and activist groups for the Gay Community.Milk is available on Netflix right now.

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29- Sunday’s Illness

Sundays Illness

According Sunday’s Illness  a Spanish film Drama directed by a Spanish filmmaker director and screenwriter Ramón Salazar. The story  about the mother and the daughter who abandoned her daughter when she  only.Therefore  A daughter returns with a request to her mother to spend 10 days with her. Anabel decides to spend time with her without knowing her daughter’s hidden intention that she  going to face. She made an important decision for her life. hence,She tells her mother’s ear that she travels to Paris and met her father he said he will help her but she refused. Both mother and daughter haunted by the Past. The film seemed sometimes emotional and sometimes Scary.

Sunday Illness is available on Netflix right now.

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30- P.S. I Love You

2021 Upcoming New Movies on netflix

This  American romantic tragic drama film directed by Richard LaGravenese an American writer and screenwriter. The story is about a married couple Holly and Gerry who was in deep love with each other. Husband Gerry dies with a brain tumor.  After his death, she  isolated from her family and friends. On her 30th Birthday, she received a Tape recorder from Gerry in that he tells her to celebrate her birthday. After some days she received more letters from Gerry mysteriously. He sends her a song ‘P.S.  He want to get out of grief and encourage her to plan a new life. The movie is about grief and loss. The film was sad, and some scenes in the film are sentimental.P.S. I Still Love You officially released on 12 February 2020

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