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Imaginary Blumhouse horror movie, release date, plot, cast, trailer 2024

The forthcoming Imaginary Blumhouse horror movie. DeWanda Wise from Jurassic Park Dominion plays Jessica, who moves back into her childhood home with her family only to discover that her youngest stepdaughter Alice (Pyper Braun) has developed an eerie attachment to a stuffed bear named Chauncey she finds in the basement. Initially innocent, Alice and Chauncey’s games quickly take a dark turn. When Jessica intervenes in response to Alice’s increasingly concerning behavior, she discovers that Chauncey is not the furry animal that she initially perceived him to be.

Wise made the statement. “These two images are truly emblematic of what our movie is all about: the startling power of our imaginations and how the intangible memories from childhood shape the way we move through life. We often cite a desire to return to a level of childhood innocence, but being a kid can be scary! Monsters are hiding in the shadows, and there is a lot of room for uncertainty and vulnerability. For the child in all of us, Imaginary is a terrifying thriller.

Unlike other movies that were put on hold for months, this one finished production before the writers’ and actors’ strikes, so it will hit cinemas on schedule. Blumhouse horror movie was reportedly bought by Lionsgate for international distribution in February 2023, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Director and co-writer Jeff Wadlow, Greg Erb, and Jason Oremland contributed to the screenplay. Main photography was conducted in New Orleans from May to late June 2023, with an approximate budget of $13 million. Under the Blumhouse Productions and Tower of Babble banners, Lionsgate has set the release date of the imaginary horror movie as March 8, 2024.

What happens in the movie Imaginary Friend?

What happens in the movie imaginary friend

The ghost of Lilly, an imaginary friend Emma made up as a shield from the brutality of her abusive father—who murdered her mother and then committed suicide—follows her around like a shadow. Emma is a gifted artist. Under the terms of the trust, she will get a substantial inheritance only if she stays married.

Even though she is married to her physician husband Brad, she may spend her life in a mental hospital with her childhood imaginary buddy driving her insane so that she may continue to benefit from the trust funds without being a wife. He gets some aid from his lover, Molly, who doubles as his assistant. Everyone perceives Brad as a devoted spouse; however, he deceives Dr. Kent, Emma’s physician, into believing that Emma inflicts self-harm to expedite her institutionalization. He also has Emma take more and more pills.

Eventually, Lilly comes as an adult lady and demonstrates a sympathetic attitude toward Emma, and even though Emma attempts to make her vanish, she’s unsuccessful. She begins confiding in Lilly and finds that her presence is what makes her feel better. Brad believes Emma still sees Lilly, even if she denies it, so he meets with the medical staff to have Emma hospitalized as quickly as possible and signs a new power from an attorney to continue having access to Emma’s trust.

Imaginary Blumhouse horror movie

One night, Emma has made supper and informs Brad she murdered Lilly, much to his shock. He interrogates her and asks her how the murder happened. Brad begins becoming nervous using Emma’s medicine, attempting to contact a lady named Brittany, who was one of his patients two years ago and with whom he had an affair. He calls Brittany but she never answers her phone. He seeks her at her house but the landowner tells her there is no one with that name living there. Even her file is not in his office.

In the end, it comes out that Lilly was working with Emma, posing as Brittany to make it appear like Brad, not Emma, is the one who needs professional care. Their strategy is effective and Brad is the one who is hospitalized. Lilly and Emma strengthen their bond, agreeing to remain friends forever.

Imaginary Blumhouse horror movie trailer 2024

Imaginary Blumhouse Horror Movie Cast and Crew

DeWanda Wise is the director of Imaginary Blumhouse horror movie which also stars “The Walking Dead” actor Tom Payne and Broadway veteran Betty Buckley.

Imaginary Blumhouse Horror Movie Cast and Crew
  • Lacey Chabert as Emma Turner
  • Paul Sorvino as Jonathan
  • Amanda Schull as Brittany
  • Ethan Embry as Brad Turner
  • Jacob Young as Dr. Kent
  • Ted McGinley as Officer Cameron
  • Angeline-Rose Troy as Molly
  • Deena Dill as Veronica
  • Mila Brener as Young Brittany
  • Marc McClure as Dr. McQueen
  • Sam Page as Robert
  • Heather Tom as Grace
  • Kayla Madison as Young Emma
  • Matt Knudsen as Karl
  • Larry Poindexter as Duane
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