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Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth, parents, height, weight, and more

At the time of her passing, Elizabeth Taylor, a British-American actress, had amassed a fortune of $1 billion. Renowned as a trendsetting humanitarian and among the most celebrated figures of Hollywood during the 1950s and 1960s, she initially gained fame as a child star in the early 1940s. Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth is $1 billion

Taylor continued to enjoy a prosperous and acclaimed career on the silver screen into the 1960s and sustained her status as a notable persona up until her demise in 2011.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Biography

Real Name:Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor
Profession:Producer, Writer, Actress
Age:79 years
Date of Birth:February 27, 1932
Birthplace:Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, UK.
Nationality:American, British
Height:5 ft. 4 inches
Weight:123 pound
Father:Francis Lenn Taylor
Mother: Sara Sothern
Net Worth:$1 Billion

How was Elizabeth Taylor’s childhood?

Born in London in 1932 to an American couple entrenched in the social elite—Francis Lenn Taylor, an art dealer, and Sara Sothern, a former stage actress—Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor moved to Los Angeles in 1903 amidst fears of a European war.

There, she studied at Hawthorne School. Residing in California, Taylor’s striking violet eyes and lush, dark eyelashes caught the eye of many, leading industry contacts to urge her to try out for movie roles. By early 1941, she had auditioned for both MGM and Universal Pictures, ultimately securing contracts with each.

Taylor’s film career commenced in 1942 with a brief role in “There’s One Born Every Minute,” which led to Universal terminating her contract. However, she quickly found another role in MGM’s “Lassie Come Home” later that year, earning a three-month trial contract that evolved into a standard seven-year agreement by early 1943.

Her stardom was solidified at age twelve with her role in the hit horse-racing drama “National Velvet,” released during the Christmas season of 1944. The film’s massive success catapulted Taylor to stardom, with her status in Hollywood at fifteen drawing comparisons to seasoned actresses like Lana Turner and Ava Gardner.

Throughout her teenage years, Taylor starred in several prominent films, including “Life with Father” in 1947, the 1948 high school musical “A Date with Judy,” and the romantic comedy “Julia Misbehaves.” Her final teenage role came in the 1949 adaptation of “Little Women.”

How did Elizabeth Taylor get so famous?

How did Elizabeth Taylor get so famous?  Elizabeth Taylor's net worth
Elizabeth Taylor's net worth, parents, height, weight, and more 3

Taylor transitioned to more adult characters, portraying the spouse of a man accused of espionage for the Soviets in the 1949 film “Conspirator” and taking on the role of a woman about to be married in the 1950 release “Father of the Bride.”

Yet, her most lauded role came with the 1951 hit movie “A Place in the Sun,” where she starred as an affluent socialite opposite Montgomery Clift and Shelley Winters, a role that contributed to the film winning six Academy Awards.

She continued her string of hits with MGM through the early ’50s, appearing in “Love is Better Than Ever” in 1952 and both “Ivanhoe” and “The Last Time I Saw Paris” in 1954, the latter featuring a romantic storyline with Van Johnson. The zenith of Taylor’s acclaim was in the latter half of the 1950s through the early 1960s.

It was during this period that she shared the screen with James Dean and Rock Hudson in the grand 1956 western “Giant.” In 1957, she teamed up again with Montgomery Clift in the Civil War drama “Raintree Country” for MGM, portraying a troubled Southern belle, which garnered her initial Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards.

Following that, she received three more nominations in quick succession: in 1958 for “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” in 1959 for “Suddenly, Last Summer” with Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift, and in 1960 for “Butterfield 8,” where she played a sophisticated sex worker and won her first Oscar thanks to the movie’s enormous box office success.

After her tenure with MGM concluded, Taylor starred as Cleopatra in the massively budgeted film by 20th Century Fox, which became 1963’s biggest film. Starring opposite her future husband Richard Burton amid a widely publicized extramarital affair, Taylor broke new ground as the first actress to earn $1 million for a role.

Taylor and Burton continued to work together on screen throughout the 1960s, and their highly praised performance in the 1966 adaptation of Edward Albee’s play “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” in which they portrayed a divisive married couple. Taylor’s role in this film earned her a second Oscar, reinforcing her status as a critically acclaimed actress. As newer stars like Jane Fonda emerged and Hollywood glamour evolved, Taylor’s stardom began to wane in the late ‘60s.

She still featured in various films during the ’70s, though none matched her earlier success. In the early ’80s, Taylor challenged herself with the lead role in Broadway’s “The Little Foxes,” and thereafter appeared mostly in television films like “Malice in Wonderland,”

“There Must Be a Pony,” and “Sweet Bird of Youth” throughout that decade. Following intermittently active years during the ’90s and early 2000s, during which she predominantly dedicated herself to HIV/AIDS activism, Taylor retired to focus fully on her philanthropic endeavors.

Who was Elizabeth Taylor’s husband?

Throughout her life, Elizabeth Taylor’s romantic endeavors garnered extensive media coverage, featuring tumultuous affairs and her eight marriages. She first married Conrad Hilton Jr., the Hilton hotel heir, at the age of eighteen. The marriage dissolved within eight months due to Hilton’s abusive and alcoholic behavior.

Taylor’s next husband was Michael Wilding, an actor she married in 1952. The couple had two sons before their divorce in 1957. Later that year, she married producer Mike Todd and had a daughter. Tragically, Todd died in a plane crash in 1958.

Following his death, Taylor started a controversial affair with Eddie Fisher, who was already married, leading to a public scandal. They married in 1959. While filming “Cleopatra” in 1962, Taylor began an affair with Richard Burton, who would become a significant partner both on and off-screen.

They married in 1964 after Taylor divorced Fisher, but parted ways ten years later. The couple remarried in 1975, only to divorce again the following year. Subsequently, Taylor married John Warner, a Republican politician, and actively participated in his campaign. However, feeling isolated and unhappy in Washington, she divorced Warner in 1982.

She later dated actor Anthony Geary and was briefly engaged to Victor Luna, a lawyer, and Dennis Stein, a businessman. Her last marriage was to construction worker Larry Fortensky from 1991 to 1996. Beyond the drama of her personal life, Taylor was a pioneering celebrity activist, particularly in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

She was crucial in raising over $270 million for the cause, testified in favor of the Ryan White Care Act before Congress, and founded several organizations devoted to funding research, raising money, and offering assistance to those suffering from the disease.

Additionally, Taylor was a dedicated supporter of Jewish and Zionist causes following her conversion to Judaism in 1959. She participated in fundraising for the Jewish National Fund and served on the board of trustees at the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

What is the height and weight of Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor, a well-known British-American actress, was known for her magnetic charm and striking physical features, which contributed significantly to her alluring aura. Despite her modest stature of only 5 feet 3 inches (162 cm), she radiated a poise and dignity that seemed to defy her size.

Her slender build was maintained at a consistent weight of around 123 pounds (55 kg), highlighting her ageless allure. Taylor’s mesmerizing looks, along with her exceptional talent and personal charisma, cemented her legacy as a quintessential figure in Hollywood, both onscreen and off.

How much is Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth?

How much is Elizabeth Taylor's net worth?  Elizabeth Taylor's net worth
Elizabeth Taylor's net worth, parents, height, weight, and more 4

Elizabeth Taylor, a British-American actress, had amassed a fortune of $1 billion by the time she passed away. Her substantial financial success was not merely due to chance; rather, it stemmed from a series of wise career choices and astute financial investments.

Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth grows Year by Year

Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth in 2011 was $1 billion

Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth in 2010 was $800 million

Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth in 2009 was $600 million

Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth in 2008 was $500 million

Elizabeth Taylor’s net worth in 2007 was $450 million

What caused Elizabeth Taylor’s death?

Throughout her lifetime, Taylor faced a myriad of health challenges, including severe bone breaks and life-threatening episodes of pneumonia. A habitual smoker, she struggled with addiction to alcohol and pain medications and eventually required the use of a wheelchair due to back issues. In 2011, a mere six weeks following her admission to the hospital for congestive heart failure, Taylor died at the age of 79.

Despite these personal battles, Taylor’s impact remains significant, especially as an admired figure in the LGBTQ community for her active support. Her accolades include her Academy Awards and the Presidential Citizens Medal, which was awarded to her for her charitable efforts.

Additionally, she received the AFI Life Achievement Award, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and honorary recognition from the Screen Actors Guild. She was appointed Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. In 1999, the American Film Institute recognized her as the seventh greatest female screen legend in film history.


Who is Elizabeth Taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor, born on February 27, 1932, in London, England, was a remarkable British and American actress.

Where is Elizabeth Taylor from?

Taylor was born in London to well-known American parents and relocated to Los Angeles with her family in 1939 when she was just 7.

What caused Elizabeth Taylor’s death?

Following a prolonged period of poor health, Taylor passed away at 79 due to congestive heart failure in 2011.

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