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Netflix Announces the Return of “Black Mirror” for Season 7 in 2025

Los Angeles, March 14, 2024—technology enthusiasts and dystopian fiction fans! The critically acclaimed series “Black Mirror” is set to make a triumphant comeback on Netflix with its seventh season.

Netflix has announced the return of Charlie Brooker’s speculative fiction series, Black Mirror, for a seventh season. Scheduled for release in 2025, the upcoming season will feature six episodes.

A Familiar Face Returns: The USS Callister Sequel

The buzz around Season 7 centers on one particular episode: a sequel to the beloved Season 4 opener, “USS Callister.” The brilliant but troubled programmer Robert Daly (played by Jesse Plemons) was our introduction to this Star Trek-inspired sci-fi adventure. Daly, co-founder of a popular online video game, felt unappreciated at his gaming company. Create a simulated reality within the game, where he assumes the role of a Captain Kirk-like figure aboard a starship.

But this is “Black Mirror,” where nothing is as it seems. As the crew members grew weary of Daly’s every command, they hatched a plan to dismantle the digital tyrant.  Although the crew of the USS Callister faces new difficulties in Season 7, under Toby Haynes’s direction, we learn that Robert Daly is no longer alive. Their problems are far from over, and the boundaries between reality and simulation blur once more.

Themes and Parallels

“Black Mirror” has always been a mirror reflecting our tech-obsessed society. Season 6, which streamed in June 2023, explored themes of identity, surveillance, and the consequences of our digital lives. The episode “Joan is Awful” stood out as a biting commentary on our overreliance on new technologies. It’s no wonder that critics hailed it as one of the best of the season.

“Joan is Awful” cleverly paralleled the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix. Imagine waking up one day to discover that your life has become a drama series without your consent. The episode deftly explored the blurred lines between reality and entertainment, a topic that resonates with viewers in our streaming-dominated era.

What to expect from Black Mirror Season 7?

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the continuation of USS Callister will be featured in six new episodes in the seventh season. The inaugural episode of the fourth season, USS Callister, may not have been the pinnacle of Black Mirror’s achievements, yet it has garnered significant admiration, evident from its impressive 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The forthcoming continuation suggests the absence of Jessie Plemons’ portrayal of the introverted coder, Robert Daly, indicative of his character’s demise. “Robert Daly is dead, yet the predicaments for the USS Callister crew are just starting to unfold,” according to Netflix. The narrative centers around their spacecraft, which doubles as a venue for a vast online game, employing actual human DNA to replicate players within the game’s universe. Although specifics will remain undisclosed to avoid spoiling, given this is Black Mirror, anticipations for a smooth storyline shouldn’t be held.

Netflix currently opts for a suspenseful approach. Through a post on X/Twitter, it cryptically announced, “Six new stories, but one might seem quite familiar. Black Mirror is slated for a 2025 return.”

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