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The best list of Canadian TV shows on Netflix in the USA

Are you in search of the best Canadian TV shows on Netflix? Or you streaming websites but couldn’t find appropriate suggestions. Well, here I am I’ll tell you the 15 best Canadian TV shows on Netflix with the complete details of the genres of these Canadian shows so you would be able to choose one according to your aptitude.

There is absolutely a heap of data available on Netflix but, I am going to provide you with a refined list of the Canadian TV shows available on Netflix. So let’s begin the list.

Anna with an E:

Anna with an E is one of the best Canadian TV shows. The Canadian drama is based on a classic book.  The story revolves around a young girl who had an abusive childhood and now she Is looking for love and acceptance in the world. The storyline of the drama is amazing. Once you start watching this drama you cannot give up without watching the whole series. The drama will appeal to you if you are looking for the growth and struggle story of a teen.


Call Me Fitz:

Call Me Fitz is an absolute masterpiece of Black comedy. If you are looking for the Best Canadian black comedy TV show then call me Fitz is the best choice for you. There are currently four seasons of the drama. The story revolves around a bank-corrupt salesman who was living a consequence-free life until the arrival of another salesman do-gooder who claims to be Fitz`s inner conscience.

Corner Gas:

Corner gas is one of the most refreshing comedy seasons.  If you want to enjoy your free time by watching a Canadian TV show with real comedy content then go for Corner Gas. The drama is about the Dog River a fictional town, storyline focuses specifically on a coffee shop owner and a gas station owner.


Kim`s convenience:

Kim`s convenience is also a comedy TV show. The story revolves around the Korean Canadian family and their convenience store. The exceptional thing that makes Kim`s convenience one of the best Canadian Drama is the storyline with different distinct characters and each character with their own interesting background details. Along with the comedy the drama has also talked about the dysfunctioning of relationships, love, friendships, and other relations.



This is a Canadian historical drama. The drama has presented many historical events of the North America Fur trade also the drama has discussed some of the discussed parts of Canadian history. The drama will intrigue you if you have the aptitude for watching historical action and mystery dramas,  also there are many intriguing twists and turns in the Frontier which will appeal to you.

Workin` Moms:

As the title of the drama showing the TV show is about several ladies undergoing the challenges of being working women. The thing that makes Workin` Moms one of the best Canadian TV show is that this is among the few good dramas that are not patronizing working women in society. The day to day different activities of different moms have describes very subtly in the drama with a touch of real comedy. The drama is enticing to a wide audience because of its interesting storyline.


Schitt`s Creek:

Schitt`s creek is more than a Canadian TV show, it is arguably the best sitcom of the last decade. The show is about an elite Rose family who lost all their wealth in a financial scandal. The tragedy makes them leave their pampered and elite life unwillingly and they shifted to a creepy motel which the family bought once as a joke. The drama has described how an unforeseen tragedy made all four members of the rose family better beings. It has also shown how the rose family made Schitt`s Creek a nicer place to live. The drama has the best satire element in it. The drama is the best choice for all and also one can absorb quite good things from the drama.



Between is a science fiction drama. The story of the drama revolves around a teenage girl and her life in a snobby small town. The story becomes more interesting when a deadly disease begins to kill the teenage people of the town. The drama is quite intriguing especially in this time of quarantine its story also revolves around a pandemic. Between is one of the best Canadian TV show on Netflix and you should definitely go for this drama if you like cliffhangers, mystery, and science fiction.



Heartland is one of the best family Canadian TV show on Netflix. It is one of the few dramas which maintain the keen interest of the viewers from the very first episode. The drama shows the various happening of the family Bartlet family living in a fictional town. Heartland has also shown the family undergoing several challenges of betrayal, marriage, children, friendship, and love. The drama has also explored the supernatural abilities of the main character. The drama is perfect for you if you are looking for a light, lesson teaching family show.


Waynonna Earp:

This is a comic book-based television series.  The story of the drama revolves around Waynonna Earp who brings an intriguing twist to the usual story of the zombies. Whoever has an interest in science fiction will definitely enjoy this drama as a treat.


Trailer Perk Boys:

Trailer perk Boys is the best Comedy show presented in the mockumentary style. This TV show is a masterpiece of entertainment. The story of the drama revolves around the three residents of the Trailer Perk Boys who undertake petty crimes to make more money. Trailer perk boys never succeeded in their ambition of grand and elaborate crime from which they can get money. Many of their failed missions have added the mockumentary touch in the drama. The series is consists of 12 seasons and all of them are worth watching.


Twitch City:

The best thing about Twitch city is the surreal humor of the drama. The specific plot odd camera and the grayish look made this drama resemble the Hackers movie. It is also one of the best choices for you if you want to watch a comedy series.


Young Drunk Punk:

The story of the drama revolves around Ian and Shinky who are two protagonists of young drunk and punk who are not shy to adopt their views on music. Young Drunk and Punk is the best TV show showing sitcom. The drama has appealed to a wide range of audiences and still, it is on to make more. If you are looking for a sitcom TV show then go for Young Drunk Punk.


Second Jen:

Second Jen is a Canadian TV shows on Netflix that revolves around two best friends and their life after they move into their apartment to show that they can make things for themselves. This is the best story of women that are braving the world together after coming from the Shelter home. This drama will definitely appeal to you if you are looking for an energetic TV show showing the struggle.



Letterkenny is one of the best classic dramas in Canada. The story revolves around the community of farmers. This Canadian hangout comedy that combines the eccentricities of wacky wordplay along with wry and Schitt`s Creek will make you laugh.


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