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Wait’s Over, Know About the Plot of Lodge 49 Season 2

Lodge 49, the Humorist Drama Set to Back on Screens with the Release of its Season 2 on 12 August 2019!

Lodge 49, the American Dramedy revolves around the dispirited and crestfallen life of Dud, the lead of the series.

The series centers the focus on Dud’s efforts in taking his life back on track after his father’s death and losing everything he had.

Does it sound gloomy? Here the twist lies, Lodge 49 presented Dud’s dramatic life struggle and efforts all in such a humorist way that fans’ couldn’t find a way out of it, except praising it as much as they could.

However, Lodge 49 season 1 left the fans confused regarding many things. What about the gold residue that Blaise found, and most importantly, the reflection of Dud’s father which he saw while surfing?

Lodge 49 Season 2 will surely unfold these puzzled sequences, and fans will explore much about the underlying secrets of Lodge 49 including Dud’s life.

In Season 2, fans will witness that the Ancient and Benevolent Order of the Lynx, which is very dear to Dud, will get a new leader, creating an array of tension in his life. As, unfortunately, the leader will be an inappropriate one to rule.

Despite the fact that Ernie, Liz, and Dud himself have lost their hopes, Dud will find himself the only one to get back Lodge to its primal splendor and spark.

So, wait for the release to know what Lodge 49 Season 2 set to bring.

Lodge 49 Season 2 will release on 12 August 2019.


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