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You Season – 2: Release on Netflix Based on Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes but When?

Netflix’s “You season – 2″ , the psychological thriller is getting back which is currently underproduction. May by the end of the year Netflix will drop, You Season – 2. So, the Lifetime’s psychological thriller series is now moving on to the streaming giant, Netflix. Here we go with another hit. Let’s warmly welcome ” YOU” to be a part of Netflix’s vast and remarkable library.

Certainly, You is a masterpiece which has earned a huge fanbase, worldwide. Now, the series has been renewed for a second run to be aired on Netflixis under its production phase.

You Season 2 is set to follow the storyline of Hidden Bodies which is a sequel to the anonymous novel of Kepnes. Let me remind you, You Season 1 is based on the anonymous novel written by Kepnes. So, now, the second run is based on the follow-up novel.

YOU SEASON 2: Hidden Bodies

Certainly, the title of the novel, Hidden Bodies symbolizes the story of the series’s season 2 well. As you know, You follows the story of a psychopath named Joe who on getting obsessed with a girl and trying to get her by hook or by crook end-up killing her alongside many other murders. Consequently, You Season 2 will follow Joe’s life after the murders he committed in the first season. Hidden Bodies the title of the novel on which the symbolizes the story line that the dead bodies which Joe has left behind and buried away hidden will not be hidden anymore.

Yes, the hidden dead bodies which Joe has left and moved on to a trip to Los Angeles will follow him there as he’s all set to find another obsession named Love Quine.
Well, the twist here lies that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Love not supposedly kill her.


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