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Amazing Things that you should Know about the “Orange Is the New Black” season 7

Netflix series  “Orange Is the New Black” six seasons has already premiered. Now the seventh and the last season of the series is on the way and the second episode released today on Netflix.  The finale is highly anticipated, and fans were waiting for a long time.

The season seven will feature the journey of Piper Chapman. She convicted the crime ten years ago that as drug trafficking crime.

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The protagonist has a privileged background and a very skewed perspective. Therefore it’s all about what life is and how it goes.

Well, she goes to jail, where she meets with her fellow inmates. She widens and tends to experience life through people’s eyes.

In the previous seasons, we saw that the inmates of Litchfield go through many obstacles in prison. Moreover, we also saw the abusive situations, violence, emotional circumstances, police riots, etc.

The fifth installment was focused on police riot, but again show came in the natural state in season 6.

Expecting from “Orange Is the New Black” season 7:

So we expect that the showrunners will focus on connecting the dots. Moreover, season seven will complete the character’s arcs. In the upcoming event the people and forces involved in the series.

Fans seem to satisfy with the show. Let’s see what happens in the next episodes and where the finale ends.

The Larger Story of the “Orange Is the New Black” season 7:

But the larger story of the season is its swerve into the world of immigration, deportation proceedings, and ICE detention centers. It’s tough to dive into the details without spoiling which characters get caught in ICE facilities and what happens to them by the end. But the story doesn’t feel like the show has suddenly turned to immigration as a way to exploit the drama of current events. It feels inevitable and awful. It’s a sign of both the season’s thoughtfulness and of the desperate crisis happening in the real world that this largely new premise for the show can feel like such an obvious, unsurprising development.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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