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Young Justice: Outsiders The Aquaman Revealed As Gay!

The young justice show has definitely made up amazingly. The action is great & the plot is very intricate & multi-faceted, so you don’t get bored. My favorite character arc thus far is Cyborg’s because it’s so relatable & driven by emotion.

It shows that you can seemingly have life in your favor, but one incident can take it all away. And you are left with coping with your loss.  It was cool how they tied Victor, who has bonded with the apocalyptic father box, and Violet.

The embodiment of a mother box, fates together which can set up a love triangle scenario for future storylines. However, the only gripe with the show is how Superboy hasn’t developed any other Kryptonian abilities. Moreover, he constantly gets his tail to him in just about every episode.

They could’ve written a reason to put him through the treatment thereby awakening his Kryptonian genes.  I also get irritated with the campiness of Geo-Force & Halo.  It gets to be too much at times & disrupts the flow of the thing.  Otherwise, YJO is the best thing going on and was the selling point of getting my DC streaming service.

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Now Kaldur may be a superhero already, ever attentive and mature on the far side you’ll be able to suppose. He has helmed the responsibilities given to him naturally of his position all right. Neither did his romantic feelings for Tula get within the method of his duties. For those of you who don’t recognize, Tula may be a student at the Conservatory of necromancy in Atlantis.

In the latest Young Justice Season Three, Episode 20, “Quiet Conversations” Kaldur is approaching by Wayne. There’s a quick kiss shared between the 2, and therefore the young men square measure shown holding hands. All of us, who are thorough with the Aquaman series recognize that in 2010 within the Aquaman comic books, the second Aqualad came out of the closet in short once his introduction.

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