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Jeremy Renner’s facial injuries from a snowplow accident have been removed from a promotional poster for ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’

The facial wounds that appeared on main actor Jeremy Renner’s face in promotional materials for the second season of “Mayor of Kingstown” have been wiped out by Paramount+.

Renner plays the role of Mike McLusky, the eponymous mayor, in the drama that was cocreated by Taylor Sheridan, who also worked on “Yellowstone.” Renner was initially shown on the advertising poster for the next season with a beaten and battered face.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first publication to disclose that Paramount Pictures has decided to disseminate a more toned-down version of the artwork that depicts Jeremy Renner’s visage as seeming to be in far better health.

The wounds that covered his character’s nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead have been removed from a picture that is virtually similar to the original but depicts him dressed in a suit and standing in a jail yard that has been trashed.

As the cocreator of the crime drama, Hugh Dillon, said to the source, the decision to erase the apparent injuries seems to have been made out of respect for the actor considering the recent accident he was involved in: “It’s in the best interest of the network. Jeremy is really sensitive to everyone “.

According to Variety, the original version of the artwork was published in December, before Renner was involved in the snowplow accident that put him in a severe state and required him to have two operations.

While attempting to clear a driveway close to his house in Nevada on New Year’s Day, the actor was crushed by his own snowplow, which resulted in his suffering from traumatic chest damage and requiring emergency medical transport to a hospital.

A few days later, Renner provided an update on his status on Instagram, including a photo of himself lying in a hospital bed as part of the message.

Alongside the post, he added, “Thank you everybody for your warm sentiments.”I can’t type right now since I’m in such a state. However, I am sending all of you my love.”

The actor, who has been nominated for an Oscar twice, provided fans with an update on his health on Tuesday, revealing that he had returned home from a two-week stay in the hospital in time to watch the season two premiere of “Mayor of Kingstown,” which was broadcast on Sunday. The actor has been nominated for an Oscar twice.

He commented in response to a tweet that was released by the official account of the television programme that airs on Paramount+, “Outside my brain fog in recovery, I was really delighted to watch episode 2.01 with my family at home.”

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