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Top 20 Stephen King’s movies on Netflix

You can now watch Top 20 Stephen King’s movies on Netflix. His genres start from horror, fantasy novels, and science-fiction. Stephen King, The master writer of horror movies. Not only are his 61 books but also 200 short movies credited to be the best amongst many also his movies are reviewed to be in top rankings. Whether it be about vampires, pyromaniac ghosts, rabid dogs.  Here’s a list which is going to spend their time in interesting goosebumps.

1. Gerald’s Game

Gerald’s Game is a psychological horror film directed and edited by Mike Flanagan. The Film stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood are starred as a married couple who are enjoying their vacation in an isolated area. His husband has handcuffed her and she’s left to be alone in a house without any clue of where would the keys be. This movie is going to shake your mind and soul both by dramatically twists and sudden frightening scenes

2. In the Tall Grass

This incredibly bleak movie directed by Vincenzo Natali is going to punish the cast for their good intentions. All of this starts when a couple goes out to look out for a boy crying in the fields where they become a time-bound universe governed by evil grass. This movie so going to make you learn a lesson not to stop by a field while travelling even if you hear fainting cries of someone calling for help. Yet there’s a way out of the field but the only way is to submit yourself to the fields.

3. The Witch

The witch, a retro drama tells about an old fashioned folktale instead of a fairy tale. The witch is under a feminist plot and was written movie focuses on a colonial American family as their lives affect them because of a curse. It is a collaborative drama of a faithless and fearful family at the urge of destruction. And the most important thing it focuses on is the patriarchal system of our society that leads towards the only devastation.

4. Carrie

Carrie is one of the scariest movie of the time it was released, penned by the most praised icon Stephen king. It is about a 16-year-old white girl. You can know about the story yourself by watching this top trending Stephen King’s movie on Netflix but do you know where Stephen got the inspiration for this storyline. It is based on a true story! Yes, you heard that right. The girl from Stephen’s grade school. A shy girl outcasted by her peers but at the same time sheltered by her religious mother. A telekinetic terror is waiting for you on its way.

5. A good marriage

The stalking and the serial killer sounds like a good combo? Definitely, it is a serial killer which stalks the family of the heroine. A good marriage is a part of Stephen’s most recent work where a woman exhumes a sinister secret that makes her marriage into danger. When the stars Joan Allen, Anthony LaPaglia are on a business trip. And in the garage is where the story begins where she gets to know her husband isn’t the same she has been thinking about throughout.

6. 1992

The story revolves around the proud farmer and his 14-year-old son. James, the farmer has killed her wife to gain her authorized land in her will. But when you do badly there’s karma waiting for you at your back. The supernatural occurrences start to begin shortly after his inhumane act and start troubling him and his farm.

7. IT

IT is one of Stephen King’s movies on Netflix that has been a hit on the box office making over $750 million worldwide. The reason for this was its quick and melodious blend between horror and comedy. The story starts with the vanishing of kids out of town carrying along with the heinous, terrifying invisible clown.

8. Misery

here’s another psychological horror content movie along with a hint of dramatic thriller carrying dark themes of the night where torture and gross are the tactics used for the audiences to be kept engaged. It is a graphically torturing movie that is to be 100% grounded for adults.

9. Christine

This cult classic movie addresses the content of a geeky student whose attitude and arrogance brings destruction into himself. Annie restores an old car and names her as Christine. But is unaware of the hidden horror and terrific intentions hidden in her. And in case anybody tries to come towards her or her owner, there would be no way out.

10. Dolores Claiborne

The plot lies in a small town where Dolores works as a housekeeper for the rich and at the same time heartless Vera Donovan. Donovan is dead and Dolores is accused of murdering her master. Donovan’s daughter steps into the story and takes the responsibility of finding out the truth but on the journey faces horrific truths about her childhood and the murder both at the same time.

11. Hearts in Atlantis

The story revolves around an 11-year boy named Bobby who lost his father and has a busy mother who doesn’t have time to show love and affection to his son. That is why Bobby’s life is only towards sully. The story weaves a bizarre spell after a kiss.

12. The Mangler

Tobe Hooper is the director of this horror movie. The story starts from the laundry room when Grateley’s niece cuts herself on a lever. Where the owners are made to believe that the laundry machine is haunted by a blood-thirsty ghost.

13. The Green Mile

If you haven’t seen the green mile yet then it has to go on your priority from the best of Stephen King’s movies on Netflix. The story goes along with a murder and rape case of 2 girls. Where John Cuffey is sentenced to jail where the superintendent finds out he has exceptional superpowers to heal. What else John Cuffey can do it’s your mission to find that out now on Netflix.

14. Black Summer

The days of a zombie apocalypse and a lost little girl is definitely going to bring you time to time goosebumps. Her mother Anna’s journey towards finding her daughter has embarked on terrifying outcomes. Thus she must behave like a strong woman to jump over ghostly hurdles.

15. Cell

It all starts after the desire of finding a lost estranged wife and his son but the tables turn when a phone signal changes their paths along with their personalities to a serial killer from decent citizens.

16. Sometimes they come back

In suspense only after reading the title of the movie? There’s more to see yet when a boy finds out his childhood has been haunted and is still following him just after a spooky tragedy in his childhood.

17. The mist

The mist is a beautiful blend of drama and terror. This story is about a real-life tragedy where Stephen King once lived. Where unleashing of thirsty bloody creatures was mandatory to spice up the horror in it. All of the citizens gather into a supermarket to save their lives in interesting manners.

18. The Shining

Is scary and horrifying but at the same time shows its individuality for its different type of storyline than other horror movies. Jack is a writer who moves into a new place with his family. His son has psychic forewarnings. Jack keeps writing, but the visions his son sees are getting more terrible because of which jack discovers the darkest secret of the place they’re living in and is ready to unleash them.

19. Under the dome is also from Stephen King’s Movies on Netflix.

The title shows life under the dome where randomly living people’s and the world is separated. And now It’s their duty to find different living methods until the government would rescue them. The hurdles they’ve to face is why the movie has been so successful.

20. Dark

When two children disappear from a small town, thus the wicked past of the double lives and broken relationships are visible. The anonymous drama series presents a sophisticated puzzle filled with twists that comprise a web of enquiring characters.