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Best Easter Movies on Netflix 12 movies to Watch

People are always looking for the best Easter movies on Netflix.  Here are some of the best Easter movies mentioned that one can enjoy.

You must have heard that Easter deserves better. This sublime occasion has been switched for some reasons and is considered less valuable than the other deserving days. There is a genuine absence of Easter movies on TV shows that contrasts with peer occasions. It’s not as large of an arrangement as Christmas, Easter is better. It is the main day of the year in the Christian calendar. Easter has top-level bites like Peeps, Cadbury chocolate eggs, and jam beans. An Egg Hunt is an Easter game.

You can entertain yourself with the best Easter movies on Netflix. Fortunately, we looked all over and tracked down the Easter motion pictures you can’t miss. If you are in the mood for a funny cartoon or a more serious, religious picture, all of the best Easter movies are just a click away.

Best Easter movies on Netflix

Here is a list of the best Easter movies on Netflix for everyone

  1. Hop

The Hop is authoritatively the Polar Express of Easter. It follows the beneficiary toward the Easter Bunny title. He wants to be a drummer like every try-out performer. He goes to Los Angeles, where he crashes into the love seat of jobless Fred. This is an animated movie that you can enjoy with your family. This cartoon movie is the best source to get you in Easter spirit.

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  1. “Come Sunday” is the Best Easter Movie on Netflix?

Come Sunday is a unique Netflix movie with an important message. It is based on the actual events of a fervent priest who forces individuals by challenging those who have not been “saved” to not burn in Hell. This assessment marked him as an apostate and ostracized by his own church. This American life story is based on the rise and fall of Bishop Pearson.

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  1. Over the Moon

Among the best Easter movies available on Netflix are Over the Moon won’t just give you your Easter Bunny fix.

“Over the Moon” is a phrase that means someone is pleased about something. The story teaches us how to overcome sorrow and grief. The movie celebrates Chinese culture. The story is actually sad and heartbreaking. The end of the story is really very depressing.

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  1. Joseph “King of Dreams” is The best Easter movie on Netflix?

“King of Dreams” is an American animated biblical drama film. Joseph was regarded as a miracle child. Joseph has ten brothers who hate him. They sell him to a merchant who takes him to Egypt. where he is made a servant of that Egyptian man who throws him in prison.

He shows his God-gifted quality in interpreting the dream for the other prisoners. One of the Pharaohs saw a dream. Pharaoh asked about Joseph’s dream. He guided the solution to save the Egyptians.

He made his place in the palace. The end of the movie is sentimental. He saw in his dream that his brothers came to him asking for forgiveness. It happened to him, and he forgave all his brothers.

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  1. Sunny Bunnies is the Best Easter Movie on Netflix?

This story is about five different bunnies. They are all best friends. They always find an adventure in a sunny park. It is the best-animated movie for children. Big Bo is the biggest and strongest of all the sunny bunnies. Iris is quick-witted and always seems to be with her bow. Hopper is the youngest member of the Sunny Bunnies team. He is unstoppable and responsible for many adventures. Shiny loves to have fun all the time. She is fussy and always follows her sister in everything she does. Turbo is a self-centered leader of sunny bunnies. He controls mischievous situations, trying to keep everyone calm. This animated movie is interesting and amusing.

  1. “Calico Critters” most Best Easter Movie on Netflix

It is a mysterious night story about a tree house.  It is about a Hopscotch Rabbit family who jumps into the daily adventures of their sweet town.

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  1. Monty Python’s Life of Brian

Brian is a young Jewish man who turns out to have been born around the same time as Jesus. He joins the political resistance movement. He becomes a prophet with his own concepts. This is an Easter film, delivering the claims of disrespect.

The Life of Brian by Monty Python is a truly satirical comedy about religion. There are a lot of laughs about the False Prophet.

The end was satisfying. It was banned in Norway.

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  1. The Young Messiah

The Young Messiah looks at Jesus’s youth and how he came to understand what his future meant. It is the story of a 7-year-old Jesus living in Egypt with his mother, Mary. His inspiration was Jesus in his childhood. He thinks he is the Son of God sent by him and will be a savior for all humanity. The movie ends with Jesus on a field, opening his arm to address his father in the sky.

It is truly a Biblical drama to watch on Easter.

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  1. “The Gospel of Mark” is The best Easter movie on Netflix

The Gospel of Mark is a story about the death of Jesus. It tells us Jesus is truly a Messiah. He has strong beliefs about the day of salvation and divinity. He heals the paralytic. The Gospel of Mark tells us that Jesus is apart from humans.

In all, the film’s gospel emphasized Jesus’ humanity. Jesus never claimed his greatness over other people.

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  1. The Gospel of Matthew

The theme of the Gospel of Matthew is the king of Israel. Jesus is the son of God. Jews have their own beliefs. They know how to be a king and have their own kingdom. Matthew gave a different perspective on the story of Jesus, his life, and the day of resurrection. He shows the character of Jesus as a teacher who spreads his teachings. He considers Jesus the son of Abraham. This is one of the best Easter movies on Netflix.

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  1. Winnie the Pooh Springtime with Roo

Pooh and his friend discover that the rabbit has no interest in the egg hunt. Baby Roo was excited to explore the new adventures with friends, and the rabbit seemed to be uninterested. Everybody enthusiastically gets ready for Easter and the abundance of spring. The Rabbit makes everybody hold back to stop them inside.

They will go outside after finishing their spring cleaning.

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  1. The Chronicles of Narnia (The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe):

Aslan, King of Beasts, is the nominal lion in the film.  The writer has made no mystery of the way that he has intended to address Christ. The title of the movie, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, indicates the different themes of the story. The Lion and Witch show the theme of good and evil, and the wardrobe indicates the path to the Bible. Narnia is not an allegory. Lewis does not deny the symbolism that he saw in the movie. It is a traditional story that will amuse you on Easter.

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The above details the best Easter movies on Netflix. They would help you out by entertaining you at your home and not going out during the pandemic situation. This list suggests entertaining movies for all ages, including adults and kids. Watch them and enjoy yourself. Happy Easter!

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