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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Going Through a Divorce

He seems to alternate between putting it on and taking it off, however. He wore it in a photo of him with his brothers from Labor Day that was released just yesterday. Naturally, some fans misinterpreted it to indicate everything is OK, even though we all know it isn’t. No matter whether he wears a wedding ring or not, according to our reliable sources, their marriage is in trouble and will eventually end up in family court.

sources were added. Joe is about to file divorce papers to dissolve his marriage to Sophie after having his employees get in touch with and confer with at least two divorce attorneys in the L.A. region. According to our sources, the pair has had “serious problems” for at least six months.

There don’t seem to be any obvious indications of problems at first glance. Together, Joe and Sophie have gone to events. However, Joe hasn’t been spotted wearing his ring in recent weeks.

Additionally, their Miami house was just sold. They just recently purchased the property, and they sold it for a respectable profit.

Joe and Sophie have both been quite busy professionally; JJ more so. He just went on a tour with his siblings and will continue to play through the winter. Sophie has recently worked on TV shows and movie series, although she hasn’t been nearly as busy as she was when she was a “GoT” cast member.

They are both still young, by the way. Sophie is just 27 and Joe is only 34.

We contacted Joe and Sophie’s representatives. Still no response as of yet.

Does Sophie Turner have 2 daughters?

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Going Through a Divorce 2

Their two young children have reportedly been in Joe’s care for the last three months, “pretty much all of the time,” even while his band has been on the road. As the band tours the country, we learn that Joe is presently the parent of both children.

In 2016, Joe and Sophie started dating. A year later, they became engaged. They were married in Vegas style in 2019 and have been raising a family ever since. They had their first child in 2020 and another in 2022. In four years, a lot has occurred for them.

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