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Where to watch Speak No Evil streaming, cast, release date

James Watkins wrote and will direct the American psychological horror-thriller movie Speak No Evil. The 2022 Danish film Speak No Evil was remade with the same name. Following its 2022 release, the original Danish film—which was based on a true story—quickly became the subject of discussion on the internet.

Seeking conversations and reviews of the film if you haven’t watched the original version yet is strongly discouraged since they will probably include a lot of spoilers. James Watkins is the writer and director of the planned remake, which is scheduled for release in August 2024. The production is already underway.

Is Speak No Evil based on a true story?

According to the director, the story is based on a true event. While on vacation, he and his girlfriend ran across an “offbeat” Dutch couple, who extended an invitation to join them in Rotterdam. The director refused the invitation since the scenario seemed strange. In the movie, a couple who are foolish and choose to accept the offer despite whatever reservations they may have had play out.

What is the release date of Speak No Evil 2024?

Speak No Evil’s release date is expected to be August 9, 2024. Depending on the outcome of the present SAG-AFTRA strike and contract talks, this release date may vary significantly. It’s unclear from the filming locations in England whether this film will take place in Europe or the United States, but regardless of where it takes place, it will be an intriguing cultural analysis of the two movies and the interactions between the characters in the context of the respective countries.

Where to stream Speak No Evil: Trailer

Speak No Evil is accessible for viewing on Shudder or Prime Video. The terrifying film is available for purchase or rental on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.
You can watch Speak No Evil official trailer below.

Where was Speak No Evil filmed?

Principal shooting began in May 2023 and was scheduled to conclude in July 2023 in Gloucester, England, and Croatia. However, owing to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, five days before the scheduled filming date, production was halted. English manufacturing restarted in mid-November 2023.

What is the ending of Speak No Evil?

Speak No Evil is a psychological horror film, yet for most of its running length, it plays more like a dark, dramatic cringe comedy. Speak No Evil adopts a different strategy from indie horror films like Terrifier, which leverage their separation from the mainstream to portray tales that would be too graphic and explicit for mainstream moviegoers. Speak No Evil’s carefully constructed story revolves around a bloodless comedy of manners, which starts when the outspoken Patrick meets the timid, weak-willed Bjorn while on vacation. Patrick extends an invitation for Bjorn to visit his house in the remote Dutch countryside because Bjorn is so enamored with him.

Along on the trip are Bjorn’s spouse Louise and daughter Agnes, who quickly run afoul of Patrick’s odd, quiet son Abel and his too-cozy wife Karin. Throughout the majority of Speak No Evil, the Danish family uneasily ignores persistent violations, microaggressions, and unspoken boundary crossings; they all culminate in the film’s startlingly depressing and unexpected surprise conclusion. Speak No Evil makes it progressively evident that there is a severe problem inside the family throughout the Shudder horror movie. It’s evident from their repeated actions that Patrick and Karin don’t give a damn whether their visitors are uncomfortable.

As Patrick verbally assaults Agnes and Abel after the children screw up a dancing performance, manhandles his son Abel at a playground, and observes Louise take a shower, these impolite actions gradually turn into blatant abuse. When Louise finds her kid sleeping in the same room with Patrick and a naked Karin, she eventually persuades Bjorn to leave with Agnes. However, their departure doesn’t go as planned. The Speak No Evil ending opens with Bjorn’s vehicle breaking down and him having to search the woods for help—a typical horror movie cliche. Agnes and Louise are being held captive by Patrick and Karin as he returns to his car.

Who is the cast of the Speak No Evil horror movie?

Blumhouse Productions’ James Watkins wrote and directed the movie. It is a reimagining of the Danish movie of the same name from 2022. According to reports in April 2023, James McAvoy and Mackenzie Davis are on the cast of the Speak No Evil horror movie. Scoot McNairy and Alix West Lefler joined the cast in May 2023.

Is Speak No Evil worth watching?

The film is well-crafted and well-written. Bjorn and Louise’s behaviors convey the observation about society’s perpetual fear of being high maintenance, confronting conflict, and generating a disturbance. The first 70 minutes of the video illustrate the Danish couple’s increasing stress and aggravation, while the final 20 minutes are surprising and very unpleasant. Speak No Evil is a film worth seeing.

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