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The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows – You Must Watch

Watching travel shows on Netflix allows us to dream and explore. There is an outstanding number of shows that remind us that there is a world out there waiting. Netflix has some impressive content to keep our travel feed fresh. From food to travel and nature. The best Netflix travel shows help us explore the world from our living rooms.

You can experience new cultures, destinations, and foods without taking off the comfort of your chair or sofa. Attending travel shows will educate us about other countries and people. While bringing us to places we may have never assumed to visit before. Watching the best Netflix travel shows can prove how easy it is to get around the globe. 

Watching the best Netflix travel shows can also be inspirational or educational. With valuable advice to prepare for a trip abroad. As well as beneficial information on a variety of topics involving health and safety. How to pack: what to take and do’s and don’ts. 

Travel shows are fun to watch. As the producers go a long length away to prepare it is interesting. For the people who are interested in the destination featured. So please, sit back and enjoy the incredible landscape films listed below. 

Down To Earth

If you are looking for a new Netflix travel show then Down To Earth is just an amazing option to hook on. Zac Efron travels around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien. Just to highlight the different sustainable ways of living. By glinting light on treatments to problems rather than the problems themselves, this docu-series has an overall positive message. And Efron’s bro-like presence is the only thing that makes it more enjoyable. 

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The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows - You Must Watch 9

The Chef Show

The two ended up sticking over the cooking process. Throughout the series, the devil-may-care duo travels all over the country cooking with stars and popular chefs. They also showcase a variety of flavorful recipes. Taking you step by step through the method along the way. The Chef Show is also one of our leading picks for the best cooking shows on Netflix right away. 

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The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows - You Must Watch 10

Street Food

This Netflix series from the creators of Chef’s Table will always explore a different region each season. They start off on the streets of much of Asia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and more. Only to see the carts, stalls, and markets that folks visit on the go. In the middle of the night or even throughout the day. Dissimilar to other food shows, Street Food finishes each episode highlighting the personal connection between the food and the people who make it. Immerse yourself into the show and sounds, then pretend that you can smell all the smells.

The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows - You Must Watch 11

Tales By Light

All of the most powerful documentary movies, in-depth magazine features, and blended nonfiction work have someone to thank. The person behind the camera. Photographers are often left out of attention because they are too busy searching for the next shot. Tales By Light starts as a short series starts from. Canon and expanded into a partnership with National Geographic. Introduces you to one amazing photographer in each episode. And takes you along on his or her next journey. To capture deluxe wildlife, different communities, and heartfelt themes. 

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Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Dad

Would you prefer to travel through foreign countries with your dad? Comedian Jack Whitehall grabbed his dad, Michael, into unlikely adventures that forced them both to get out of their comfort zone. The difference they have in their tastes builds interesting (mostly funny) disagreements. For example, one of them wants to stay in a hostel while the other wants to live in a five-star hotel. What do you think? Who will win at this point?

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The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows - You Must Watch 13

Our Planet 

While you can’t as expected visit a portion of the spots included in Our Planet, Netflix’s response to the BBC’s Emmy-winning narrative series Planet Earth, you’ll get familiar with a great deal about the spot we consider home and its various biological systems while never leaving your sofa.

Described by Sir David Attenborough, the series goes from the wilderness and prairies to the tundra and seas. Every scene features the world’s regular excellence through the bringing together of the focal point of environmental change and how it’s compromising something beyond human existence on Earth.

This noteworthy documentary utilizes sensational visuals, but on the other hand, it’s instructive, and ideally, you’ll leave it having gained a superior comprehension of what’s in question when we talk about mankind’s impact on vegetation, the set of all animals, and the marine world. 

The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows - You Must Watch 14

Someone Feed Phil 

You’d be unable to track down a superior or more clever travel narrative series about food and culture than Somebody Feed Phil, which is a replacement of sorts to I’ll Have What Phil’s Having,” which circulated on PBS. In the show Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal goes all throughout the planet, tasting and encountering the nearby indulgences of different urban areas and nations. You’ll get familiar with a great deal about various societies, and you’ll chuckle a ton en route, in light of the fact that Rosenthal’s appeal and funny bone are implanted in each snapshot of what may likewise be quite possibly the most encouraging shows on Netflix. 

The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows - You Must Watch 15

Supernatural Andes 

The two periods of the docuseries Magical Andes have flown under the radar on Netflix, and that is a disgrace, in light of the fact that the show’s stunning cinematography uncovers the genuine grandness of this wonderful region.

Extending from Venezuela in the north to Chile and Argentina in the south, the Andes are the longest mainland mountain range on earth, and this series uncovers not exactly how the scenes and environments change from one country to another, however, it likewise gives a unique concentration to individuals who call the Andes home, similar to the beekeepers in Colombia endeavoring to reasonably protect the greenery of the locale.

In the event that you’ve for a long time truly need to go to South America and see the Andes, this series is a very close look you’re not liable to discover elsewhere. 

The 8 Best Netflix Travel Shows - You Must Watch 16

The Best Netflix Travel Shows: What’s More? 

One of the advantages of the staggering amount of TV that is presently readily available is the capacity to venture to every part of the globe and find out about various societies from the solace of our own homes. It’s clearly not an ideal arrangement—from multiple points of view, it’s an exceptionally helpless substitute for gathering a pack, jumping on a plane, and encountering the genuine article directly—yet during the pandemic, when global travel has been close to unthinkable, it’s extraordinarily assisted with fulfilling our hunger for something new. 

Best Netflix Travel Shows: A Jazz-Up (Final Thoughts)

The majority of the shows being referred to are narrative series—or docuseries—which offer viewers a novel travel insight by featuring the points of view of the two locals and guests to outside nations. Netflix has a plenitude for these kinds of projects. Some are explicitly about venturing to the far corners of the planet and encountering various societies, while others basically make us need to travel due to the rich landscape in plain view, the mouth-watering food that is featured, and the charming accounts of individuals who are highlighted. Regardless of what you’re searching for, however, these are the eight best travel shows on Netflix.


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