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Stranger Things Season 4: Here’s All Latest Updates of Netflix’s series

Stranger Things is one of the biggest Netflix series that debuted in July 2016. The third installment of this science fiction hit recently. So fans are expecting more from Netflix. Therefore, they are asking, will there be season 4 or not? So let’s talk about all recent updates.
As you know, Duffer Brothers created this science fiction horror American series set in the 80’s era in Hawkins, Indiana. The series focuses on a group of teenagers and their supernatural friend, Eleven. Every season of stranger things brings more intense situations.

Season three ended emotionally due to the deaths of Billy and Hoppers. Meanwhile, Byers left Hawkins along with Eleven. We have no news where they are going; however, we sure that they will be back in season four. Well, the group reunites and saves the day.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Duffer brothers said: “Season 4 is going to open up a little bit.” That means many special things are coming in season 4.

We expect more trips to Russia. Moreover, Duffer stated “We want early discussions with the writer and want to make sure we are in the right direction.”

In the upcoming installment, Eleven will lose her powers, which will be a significant focus point. In the third, we saw that she was unable to lift her teddy bear from the top shelf. Therefore, in Stranger Things season 4, Eleven will try to regain her psychokinetic abilities.

The monster was infecting Eleven in the previous season. Therefore, the mind-flayer can control things like billy and Will.

Fans want to know about all the cliffhangers that the third season has left. As in the post-credit scene, the Russians has captured a faceless figure called “The American.”

I’m, and Billy is presumed dead at the end of season three, which means they could be “The Americans.” According to fans’ suggestions, it’s likely to be billy as he encountered a clone of himself in the world. According to Reddit, “it’s Dr. Brenner Aka Paka from season one who confirmed alive in season two.

It seems that we have to wait a long for Stranger Things season 4. If production starts then, we can expect that it will come on screen in late 2020.

Well, we hope for a lot of new and exciting things. So stay tuned because we will keep you up to date on all the latest Netflix news.


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