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Killing Eve Season 3, Let’s Figure Out Is Eve Alive or Dead!

Killing Eve Season 3 is currently underproduction, and will soon hit hard your screens, possibly by the year 2020!

Certainly, Killing Eve is one of the best spy thrillers and gaining much applaud from its viewers, and critics as well.  The spy thriller revolves around a spy and her target, a psychopath assassin. Anyhow, the story isn’t this simple as while playing spy-assassin hide-and-seek, both of the ladies developed a strong obsession towards each other. So, here the twist lies!

Let me remind you, by the end of season 1, we witnessed that Eve stabbed Villanelle, the assassin when finally she found out her. But Villanelle fleed somehow and survive the attack. Consequently, in Killing Eve Season 2, we saw both of the ladies teaming-up and working to find out the real culprit. Anyhow, meanwhile, Villanelle shot Eve.

So, by the end of Killing Eve, we saw Villanelle shooting Eve who’s presumably now dead. This was really heart-wrenching as we can’t lose one of the series’ leads. Eve can’t die! We even couldn’t imagine of Villanelle shooting her to death. Anyhow, this happened and then the screen goes blank.

Till now, the fans are wondering is Eve really dead? Or there’s some sort of twist?

So, don’t panic fans as Eve is perfectly fine and alive. Eve will surely be back in Killing Eve Season 3. Recently, a post appeared on Instagram by Killing Eve News’ page in which they posted some pictures of out Eve working on the set of Killing Eve Season 3.

So, it’s clear that the titular character of Killing Eve will not exit the series, and will be back in season 3.

It seems like the shooting and death drama was pre-planned by Eve and Villanelle, and they must be fooling others to reach the truth.

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