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Netflix to Bring Back “Top Boy”, Let’s Catch All the Details

Almost after 8 years, Netflix adopted the crime-drama, Top Boy, and set to it once again dazzle the fans. Top Boy will release worldwide on 13 September 2019 only on Netflix.

Top Boy is a crime drama series which first aired on Channel 4. But after the completion of its two seasons Channel 4 drop-off the series. That was an immense shock for the cast, and the fans.

Anyhow, now the crime-drama, Top Boy is all set to be back on screens. And all this happened to be possible by the efforts of a well-renowned Canadian rapper Drake who partnered with Netflix to bring back Top Boy.

Certainly, Drake is the die-hard fan of the series and succeded in reviving the series. Moreover, the star of Top Boy, Ashley Walter was also the one who didn’t want to left Top Boy and keep continue working on the top-notch crime drama. Although at that time the things weren’t in his favor, now with the courtesy and die-hard efforts of Drake, Top Boy is all set to sparkle our screens entitled Series 1 Top Boy.

So, as the name depicts it will follow a new beginning and set of conflicts in the crime-world. And our bang-bang Ashley Walter as Dushane and Kane Robinson as Sully will be back for Series 1 Top Boy.


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