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‘Hellfire’: Stephen Lang and Dolph Lundgren Action Thriller Wraps Production

In the new movie, Lang will portray a vagrant who is tasked with protecting a tiny village from a local mafia leader.

‘Hellfire’: Stephen Lang and Dolph Lundgren action thriller wrap production, according to an exclusive source from Deadline, the production of the upcoming action thriller film Hellfire, directed by Isaac Florentine and starring Stephen Lang (Avatar) and Dolph Lundgren (Creed II), has come to a successful conclusion. Hellfire will be released in theatres on October 26.

Deadline also reports that Hellfire will center on a mysterious drifter, played by Lang, who attempts to help a small town as they suffer under the grips of a notorious crime boss. While little information is known about the upcoming film, Deadline claims that this drifter will be the protagonist of Hellfire. There are currently no specifics available on the part that Lundgren will play in the movie.

In addition to Lang and Lundgren, the film will also feature performances from Chris Mullinax, Scottie Thompson (12 Monkeys), and Johnny Bosch (Ark Exitus) (Vanquish). Alongside Maurice Compte, who was most recently seen in Narcos, Levon Panek (Dexter: New Blood), and Natalie Canerday (October Sky), amongst many more actors and actresses.

Michael Sirow (Fortress) also stars in the next film as one of the main characters. Hellfire is a film that lovers of the action-thriller genre should keep an eye out for when it is released at some point in the not-too-distant future. Because it features an impressively huge and talented cast, as well as a story that has the potential to be both compelling and action-packed.

Old Man movie film by Lucky McKee Stephen Lang 2022
'Hellfire': Stephen Lang and Dolph Lundgren Action Thriller Wraps Production 2

Richard Lowry is the one responsible for writing the script for the movie. While Sasha Yelaun, Robert Paschall Jr., Daniel Lief, and Johnny Remo are the producers of the film along with Yelaun. In addition to Ronnie D. Lee, Sterling Griffin, Adam Sigal, Barry Rosen, and Frederic Demey, upcoming project executive producers include Rob Simmons, Ante Novakovic, and Jeff Miller. In addition to Grant Palmer and Krystyna Swieka, executive producing duties are shared by Cecil Chambers, Seth Sklar, Keli Price, and Jenny Shakeshaft.

In addition to his work on Hellfire, Lang is scheduled to play the malevolent Colonel Quaritch in the film Avatar: The Way of Water, which will be released this year. The upcoming horror movie, Old Man, which will be directed by Lucky McKee, will also include the actor in a starring role.

In addition, he will be starring opposite James Madio and Ruby Wolf in the upcoming sports drama film titled “Pep.” Lundgren, who is most known for his performance as Ivan Drago in the Rocky film series, is also scheduled to play Gunner Jensen in the upcoming installment of The Expendables.

Additionally, he is scheduled to reprise his role as King Nereus in the next film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is scheduled to hit theatres on December 25, 2023. In addition, Lundgren is going to direct and star in the upcoming action picture Wanted Man, which will also star Kelsey Grammer. The film is scheduled to be released in that same year.

The fact that Hellfire is still in development means that there is no formal release date planned for the movie just yet. Below is an excerpt from an interview conducted by Collider with Lang in which he discusses his emotional response to the script for Avatar 5:

YouTube video
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