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Fast and Furious 9: Late Paul Walker’s Brother, Cody Walker to Play Brian’s Character?

Meanwhile Fast and Furious 9 is currently under production, and we are eagerly waiting for its release, a roar of sensational rumor has dazzled all of us. Is Cody Walker going to play Brian as a replacement of his late brother, Paul Walker?

Still, we are trying to overcome the heart-wrenching loss that we suffered from the sudden and tragic death of Fast star, Paul Walker. Certainly, we are still mourning over his death and looking for a miracle that can undo that tragic incident. Anyhow, we all know this isn’t possible.

But who knows, if Paul can’t come back then Brian can be back for sure! But how this gonna happen? Well, I still remember, when for the first I heard the gut-wrenching news of Paul’s death, I came across some rumors suggesting that from now, Paul’s brother Cody will take his place in the film.

Well, as the time passes the rumors seem to buried down. But now, again people are rumoring about Brian’s return marked by Paul’s brother’s entry in the Fast world.

Clues Which Hints Towards Brian’s Return 

Recently, we witnessed that Paul Walker’s brother, Cody Walker kept visiting the shooting set of Fast and Furious 9. Moreover, Vin Diesel posted some pictures with Cody Walker with some expressions of grief and love in the memory of Paul Walker.

So, on the basis of such activities which we recently came to witness, people are wondering about Brian’s return in Fast and Furious 9.

Well, we have another clue which hints towards the possibility of Brian’s entry in Fast 9, that Brian’s wife Mia is in the officially confirmed cast of the film. So, if Mia’s going to be back then Brian will also. Am I Right Fast fans?

Let’s see will Cody fill the empty place left by Paul, or all of the rumors will remain rumors.


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