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10 Best Adam Sandler Movies Ranked

While Adam Sandler has faced intermittent criticism throughout his film career, an undeniable narrative emerges from box office statistics, portraying Adam Sandler movies as highly commendable. His numerous dedicated fans, spanning decades and laughing along with the SNL veteran’s humor, far outnumber the detractors.

Sandler proceeded to establish not just a highly successful production empire for himself and his comedic companions but also intricately nuanced performances in movies helmed by prominent directors. Do you know how many movies does Adam Sandler have? Renowned American actor, comedian, director, and producer Adam Sandler boasts an extensive filmography, characterized by a notable list of the best Adam Sandler movies. With a prolific career, he has graced the screen in no fewer than 77 films.

Discover the top 10 Adam Sandler movies with our exclusive ranking, offering insights into the comedian’s most iconic performances and must-watch films.

List of the Best Adam Sandler Movies Ranked

1. You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah (2023)

This coming-of-age comedy, “You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah” skillfully navigates beyond mere nostalgia, injecting a contemporary twist into the narrative by extracting humor from the complexities of adolescent anxiety.

The film not only delivers laughs but also propels rising star Sunny Sandler into the spotlight, pointing towards a promising future in the entertainment industry.

In the unfolding saga of Stacy and Lydia, inseparable best friends with a shared dream of unforgettable bat mitzvahs, a series of comedic mishaps takes center stage. The narrative takes an unexpected turn as the interference of a popular boy and the intricate dynamics of middle school drama cast a shadow over both their cherished friendship and the auspicious occasion of their impending rite of passage.

It is a new Adam Sandler movie that people enjoyed. This new Adam Sandler movie is sure to capture attention and provide a satisfying viewing experience.

2. Hustle (2022)


In the cinematic realm of “Hustle,” Adam Sandler eschews flashy maneuvers, relying instead on his relatable everyman appeal. The absence of elaborate moves becomes inconsequential as Sandler’s inherent charm transforms this straightforward cinematic endeavor into an enjoyable spectacle akin to a seamless layup in the world of entertainment.

In the narrative of Stanley Sugerman, portrayed by Adam Sandler, an unwavering passion for basketball collides with aspirations beyond his current role as a road-weary scout for the Philadelphia 76ers.

As Sugerman travels the world in search of undiscovered talent, his journey takes him to Spain, where he meets Bo Cruz, played by NBA player Juancho Hernangómez, a remarkable streetball player with a troubled past.

The connection between Stanley and Bo extends beyond the court, uniting them as both ardent sports enthusiasts and devoted family men striving to prove their mettle in basketball and life at large. Supported by Stanley’s wife, Teresa, portrayed by Queen Latifah, the narrative unfolds with the question: Can these underdogs triumph against the odds?

“Hustle” stands out as one of the notable Adam Sandler movies, offering an engaging viewing experience that is likely to resonate with audiences.

3. You Don’t Mess With the Zohan (2008)

This cinematic endeavor, which features sporadic bursts of humor, is sure to please ardent Adam Sandler fans. However, as time progresses, the somewhat leaky premise begins to lose its novelty. Renowned Israeli commando Zohan (portrayed by Adam Sandler) wearies of the ceaseless conflicts in his homeland, prompting him to orchestrate his demise. Subsequently, he embarks on a journey to New York with the aspiration of realizing his deepest desire: a career as a hairstylist.

Zohan’s charismatic proficiency in the art of cutting and styling hair earns him popularity among the women of Manhattan. Yet, when adversarial figures from his past identify him, Zohan must draw upon his military expertise to safeguard his newfound vocation with scissors. It is a Adam Sandler and Chris Rock movie that you will definitely enjoy.

4. Hubie Halloween (2020)

For those impervious to the charismatic appeal of its lead, the cinematic offering may lack allure. Nevertheless, this Adam Sandler horror movie manages to deliver a sufficiently pleasant experience for enthusiasts of Adam Sandler’s comedic endeavors. Set against the backdrop of Salem, Massachusetts, on October 31st, the narrative unfolds around an idiosyncratic and dedicated community volunteer.

Despite enduring the derisive antics and harshest pranks of fellow citizens, this good-natured individual becomes entangled in an authentic investigation into a bona fide murder. Indulge in the cinematic brilliance of one of the most remarkable Adam Sandler movies.

5. Uncut Gems (2019)

Uncut Gems

“Uncut Gems” serves as a testament to the Safdie brothers’ mastery in crafting tension-laden cinema, reaffirming their position as adept creators of anxiety-inducing narratives. The film also underscores Adam Sandler’s continued prowess as a compelling dramatic actor, showcasing his talent when paired with the appropriate material.

A jeweler embarks on a daring venture with the potential for a life-altering windfall. Engaging in a precarious high-wire act, he grapples with the delicate equilibrium of managing business interests and familial obligations and navigating adversaries on multiple fronts in the relentless pursuit of the ultimate victory.

This film stands among the top Adam Sandler movies on Netflix, offering audiences a notable viewing option.

6. Leo (2023)

The Adam Sandler lizard movie, titled “Leo,” features the story of a lizard confined to the same Florida school for an extended period. Embarking on a narrative of self-exploration and environmental consciousness is “Leo,” a film that shadows the adventures of a 74-year-old lizard. Adam Sandler’s unwavering dedication to this project led him to forgo voicing Dracula in an alternate film.

“Leo” delves into themes of introspection and empathy within its distinctive storyline. The plot unfolds against the backdrop of Leo’s encounters during the final year of elementary school, presented through the perspective of a classroom companion—a class pet.

7. Reign Over Me (2007)


In this poignant narrative, characterized by themes of friendship and loss, Adam Sandler delivers a compelling portrayal of a man shattered by grief. Alongside him, Don Cheadle offers a noteworthy performance as an old friend who becomes a lifeline for the protagonist. The film unfolds as a touching exploration of human connections and the impact of loss, with both actors contributing solid performances to the storyline.

In the aftermath of losing his family in the tragic events of September 11, Charlie Fineman, portrayed by Adam Sandler, grapples with enduring grief. A chance encounter reunites him with his former college roommate, Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle), leading to the revival of their friendship.

Against the backdrop of Alan’s own challenges balancing family and professional duties, the rekindled connection between the two men becomes a source of mutual strength during a pivotal juncture in their lives.

Recognized as a cinematic masterpiece, this film demands attention and should not be overlooked—a testament to the brilliance of Adam Sandler movies.

8. Funny People (2009)

In “Funny People,” Judd Apatow showcases a blend of essential humor and substantial emotional depth, marking a notable evolution in his filmmaking. The result is deemed his most mature film to date.

Upon discovering a terminal illness, comedian George Simmons, portrayed by Adam Sandler, takes notice of struggling performer Ira, played by Seth Rogen, and makes a life-altering decision to become his mentor. This mentorship evolves into a profound friendship as George imparts the nuances of stand-up comedy to Ira, while Ira aids George in shaping his legacy.

When Leslie Mann’s character, who plays an old flame, reappears, the story takes a poignant turn. This twist offers George an opportunity to reassess his life, contemplating the true priorities that hold significance to him.

As the name speaks for itself, it is one of the best funny Adam Sandler movies.

9. Happy Gilmore (1996)

For enthusiasts of Adam Sandler’s comedic style, this lighthearted and somewhat immature portrayal of professional golf offers ample enjoyment. Conversely, those less inclined toward Sandler’s particular brand of humor may perceive the film as lacking in comedic resonance and ultimately forgettable.

Adam Sandler’s titular character harbors aspirations of a professional hockey career but unexpectedly discovers an aptitude for an entirely different discipline: golf. Happy enters a golf tournament to raise enough money to pay for his grandmother’s impending loss of her home.

Armed with formidable driving skills and a brash demeanor, Happy emerges as an unconventional golf sensation, drawing disapproval from the traditionally composed golf professionals. For enthusiasts of golf, this film should not be underestimated—an exclusive entry among Adam Sandler movies.

10. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018)


True to the expectations of its fan base, the film delivers precisely as anticipated—an additional 97 minutes of engaging, briskly-paced humor and vibrant animation.

The beloved monster family embarks on a luxurious cruise, with Dracula seeking respite from his hotel duties for a summer vacation. The journey promises enjoyable activities such as monster volleyball, exotic excursions, and leisurely pursuits under the moon. However, the idyllic vacation takes a perilous turn when Mavis discovers Drac’s infatuation with the enigmatic ship captain, Ericka, whose concealed and potentially perilous secret poses a threat to them all.

Similar to its predecessors, the third sequel retains its awe-inspiring qualities, showcasing continued excellence in cinematic storytelling.

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