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The Cast of Yellowstone: Everything to Know

Here’s all you need to know about the cast of Yellowstone actors, from their acting resumes to their real-life relationships.

Almost 12 million people watched the premiere of Yellowstone Season 5 in November 2022. Why? Taylor Sheridan is raising the bar with each new episode of the Dutton family drama.

Beyond the cowboys, gunfights, and strong language, Yellowstone’s appeal lies in its multifaceted individuals.

It’s ridiculous that I have to deal with these folks in my job. Sheridan described his Yellowstone ensemble, which includes Hollywood heavyweight Kevin Costner, as “fantastically insane” on CBS’s Sunday Morning.

Paramount finally confirmed the series’ cancellation after five seasons in May 2023, ending months of uncertainty.

Two of the Yellowstone actors started dating behind the scenes. On April 12, 2023, Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison announced their romance over Instagram.

Everything you need to know about the actors in the contemporary western TV series Yellowstone, including their bios and anecdotes from the casting process.

Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton

Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton

Luke Grimes, 38, is a name you may remember as Ryan Lafferty, the illegitimate son on Brothers & Sisters. In the Fifty Shades film series, he played Christian Grey’s elder brother.

He became famous for his role as Kayce Dutton, John Dutton’s favorite son, in the film Yellowstone. While Grimes didn’t know Costner directly before he joined the cast, he did meet the actor briefly when he was 17 years old.

He told Jimmy Kimmel, “[Kevin Costner] was my first-ever celebrity sighting.” When I first arrived in Los Angeles, I was strolling down Sunset when I saw him get out of a vehicle. My mother had a momentary breakdown. She completely lost it. I saw Kevin Costner’s star power for the first time.

While shooting in Yellowstone, Montana became a second home for Grimes. Together with his wife, Bianca Rodrigues, he has relocated there permanently.

Grimes can devote more time to his job as a country singer since his commute is so short. His first song, “No Horse to Ride,” appeared in the fifth season of Yellowstone, and he wants to perform at Stagecoach in April 2023.

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton

Kelly Reilly, 45, is so convincing as the no-nonsense Beth Dutton that you could think she was born in the American West.

They refer to me as “Beth.” They approach me either to high-five me or to pick a fight. The English actress said to Entertainment Tonight, “It’s really interesting how people believe that you are your character.”

Reilly confesses that she did not have faith in her abilities to portray the vulgar and highly hilarious persona that Taylor Sheridan did.

This persona is a total monster. That I was Beth was news to me. It was a bit of a hunt to track her down. She told the media, “I’m not sure what [Taylor Sheridan] saw.” “Beth is Taylor’s creation, and all I ever wanted to do was show him that I could do it and make her real for him.”

Reilly had previously portrayed a very different kind of character in the film Heaven is for Real than she did in Yellowstone, that of a loving, God-fearing mother. Pride & Prejudice, Sherlock Holmes, and Flight are just a few of her other acting credits.

Reilly weds Kyle Baugher, a successful businessman. They tied the knot in 2012.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton

Kevin Costner as John Dutton

Even before he played John Dutton, 67-year-old Kevin Costner was a well-known actor. Throughout his 40-year acting career, this two-time Academy Award and Golden Globe winner has starred in such films as Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves, The Bodyguard, Hidden Figures, and The Highwaymen.

Costner assumed the role of John Dutton in 2017. But there was a time, a long time before filming began when the actor had second thoughts about accepting the role.

“When I was approached with this, it was going to be a 10-episode movie,” he said on Popcorn with Peter Travers. The show’s future was suddenly set to span several seasons. There, I was faced with a crucial choice. If I had stated, “Now I’m not doing it,” it may not have begun. I felt the emotional burden of trying to keep the show together.

After five seasons, Costner’s performance as the Dutton family patriarch, a man battling for his property and his heritage, has exceeded all expectations.

“I love working in this genre,” he said of his chosen profession. When I do a Western, I have the sense that I’m dancing to music. The dialogue and the variety of personalities are what keep me interested, not the gunplay.

According to a Deadline report from February 2023, the next fifth season would be Costner’s final. According to the source, the “crux of the issue” was the actor’s effort to balance the filming timetables for Yellowstone and his next Western feature, Horizon.

Costner said that his life is centered on his wife, Christine Baumgartner, and their seven children. When he’s not riding horses across Montana, he spends his time with his family.

If I’m not at the studio working on a film, you may find me living with my wife and kids somewhere on the road, either taking them somewhere or waiting for them to finish a party. He said, “I’m just twiddling my thumbs.”

He has a son named Liam with his ex-partner Bridget Rooney and three daughters named Annie, Lily, and Joe with his ex-wife Cindy Silva. With three children together (Cayden Wyatt, Logan Hayes, and Grace Avery), Baumgartner filed for divorce from Costner on May 1, 2023. The couple wed in September 2004. She said there were “irreconcilable differences.”

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton

Wes Bentley, at 44 years old, has been in a number of blockbuster films. His breakout performance as Detective John Lowe in American Horror Story: Hotel is often credited with introducing him to a wider television audience.

Bentley made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in December 2022 to discuss Yellowstone villain Jamie Dutton.

He said, “In Montana, I’ll go shopping at the grocery store, and then from across the store, some man will yell out, Hey, Jamie Dutton, I hate you.”

Bentley said that his religious pastor’s granddad does not support the program.

“I forgot to tell him the first episode was nude,” he said. “Therefore, he no longer wishes to be involved with it.”

The actor has two children, Charles and Brooklyn, with his wife, Jacqui Swedberg. From 2001 to 2009, he was married to Jennifer Quanz.

Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton

Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton

Kelsey Asbille, 31 years old, as Yellowstone’s Monica Dutton, puts attention on the plight of Native Americans in the West.

During an appearance on CBS Mornings with her on-screen husband, Luke Grimes, she praised Taylor Sheridan, saying, “I think what Taylor Sheridan does so beautifully is he puts two groups of people in conversation with each other to talk about issues, especially Native issues, that matter.”

Asbille and Sheridan first collaborated on the 2017 film Wind River.

When I asked him about Yellowstone, he called me. I’d go with him if he asked me to, she said to THR. His stories are among the best told in the United States. I enjoy sharing his tales immensely.

Asbille, in contrast to Grimes, has not yet made a permanent move to Montana. Together with her actor boyfriend, William Moseley, she presently resides in Brooklyn. They started dating in 2012 after meeting each other in the movie Run.

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler

While Rip’s popularity is undeniable, Cole Hauser 47, has been a Hollywood staple for much longer. With the cowboy hat and beard off, he looks like Billy from Good Will Hunting and Carter Verone from 2 Fast, 2 Furious.

Taylor Sheridan’s original vision for the role of Rip Wheeler included Hauser.

I, too, was thinking about Taylor Sheridan. I have observed him for quite some time now. He praised the author, saying, “He’s a phenomenal writer.”

He then dismissed the notion that his ex-actress wife, Cynthia Daniel, thinks of him as one of America’s sexiest cowboys on television.

“She doesn’t see any of that,” he replied jokingly. One of those wonderful ladies, for sure. She’s been with me for so long that she understands every aspect of my job.

Ryland, 18, Colt Daniel, 14, and Steely Rose, 10, are Hauser and Daniel’s children.

Taylor Sheridan as Travis

Taylor Sheridan as Travis

The 52-year-old Taylor Sheridan began his acting career in Hollywood about 30 years ago. The popular TV programs Walker, Texas Ranger, Veronica Mars, and Sons of Anarchy all featured him in guest roles. He attempted scriptwriting out of desperation for a leading role but failed.

Hollywood, if given the chance, will tell you precisely what you should be doing. He claimed, “The best I was ever going to be was 10th on the call sheet,” in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. “I started off by saying, ‘Mayor of Kingston. Following completion, I found myself thinking, “Man, I wish I had done this 15 years ago.”

Since Sheridan has always called the West his home, he is uniquely qualified to write about its culture and customs. He owns a ranch and is an expert horseman who can rope with the best of them.

“I bought all the horses for the show and then taught the actors how to ride them,” he boasted to Lee Cowan.

The actor John Dutton hired to help him get the horses that would later win the rodeo was unable to perform the part of horse merchant Travis, so Sheridan stepped into the role himself.

Even though Sheridan is famous for creating the “Taylorverse,” his life is centered on his family: wife Nicole Muirbrook and son Gus. The pair tied the knot in 2013.

Hassie Harrison as Laramie

Hassie Harrison as Laramie

Hassie Harrison, 33, is a ranch worker on the Dutton property and a barrel racer who starts a relationship with Walker in Yellowstone’s third season. Appropriately, she and Ryan Bingham, who portrays Walker on the show, have been dating since April of 2023.

Harrison has appeared in several TV shows and movies outside of the Yellowstone canon. These include The Iron Orchard, The Astronaut Wives Club, and Hart of Dixie.

Ryan Bingham as Walker

Ryan Bingham as Walker

Ryan Bingham, 42, is a Grammy-winning musician who had no acting experience before landing a role on Yellowstone. He portrays a convicted criminal who is given a second shot at life by taking a job as a ranch hand for the Dutton family. Bingham has been a part of the program since the first season, although he wasn’t a regular cast member until the fourth.

He’s in a relationship with his co-star, Hassie Harrison, and has a thriving career as a singer-songwriter when he’s not on set. Together with his ex-wife, Anna Axster, to whom he was married for 12 years until 2021, he has three children.

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