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Which Couples from ‘Love Is Blind’ Season 4 are Still Together?

I’m still amazed that I discovered him on a television show.

You’ve done some serious sleuthing on Instagram. You’ve been all over the Reddit forums. Tiny prayers have been said for them to have happily ever afters that are more like Lauren and Cameron’s and less like, well, you get the idea.

However, it’s still unclear which of the Season 4 Love Is Blind couples are still together. What has life and love been like for individuals who didn’t get married or even make it to the altar since the pods shut down?

It’s time to check in with the Season 4 pod crew after we’ve watched their individual storylines develop (and fall apart) since the finale and reunion. Some people have found married life to be just perfect, while others have found it to be, well, the (too) real thing. Is there any chance of a second chance for the newly single people? Perhaps only the Bennifers should try to rekindle relationships with former flames.

Find out how things turned out for the couples and individuals featured on Love Is Blind: After the Altar by reading their stories below.

Tiffany and Brett’s love has only grown “deeper and deeper.”

Tiffany and Brett’s love has only grown “deeper and deeper.”
Tiffany and Brett’s love has only grown “deeper and deeper.”

The beginning of Tiffany and Brett’s happy ever after was her move into his Portland apartment, which, she says, now has space for both of their shoe collections. Their “relationship has only gotten stronger” since we last saw them at the altar, despite the fact that married life is not without its challenges.

“I love that my love for him has just grown deeper and deeper,” Tiffany says to Tulum. Every morning as I open my eyes, I am filled with gratitude. Oh my god, I can’t believe I really discovered him on a TV program.

Brett has been “surprised at just how well our lives have continued to just join,” especially as Tiffany has worked to cultivate her own circle of friends while maintaining ties to Brett’s “core group.” When they aren’t honeymooning or visiting Brett’s family in North Carolina, the newlyweds enjoy a “very normal” existence, including at least one date night per week. The pair has discovered a “way of resolving them” via open dialogue about their differences and “making sure that we’re working to be better people for each other.”

After everything is said and done, Brett adds, “We’ve been doing as great as we could have ever hoped to have been doing at this point in time.” I’m happy, says a contented man. I am overjoyed.

Were they to fast forward a few years, Brett would want to see the couple’s “homeownership” before beginning a family. “We both really want to enjoy this time together and not introduce kids to it too early,” he adds. “So that’s in the future, at some point.”

Having recently relocated from Seattle to Portland, where Brett is employed, Tiffany is still adjusting to the “slower-paced” lifestyle. Brett, however, is extremely appreciative of Tiffany’s sacrifice, which has only deepened his love for her. Tiffany, for her part, feels the same way, especially when Brett performs his spot-on impressions of their fellow pod squad members.

Kwame and Chelsea are working through their marriage’s “growing pains.”

Kwame and Chelsea are working through their marriage's “growing pains.”
Kwame and Chelsea are working through their marriage’s “growing pains.”

Their first step as husband and wife was to move into a new apartment in Seattle after Kwame decided to leave Portland, and although they admit that married life has “not been easy,” they are committed to “finding happiness in the little things.”

They’ve had “a lot of growth and lots of growing pains” as they’ve adjusted to sharing a home, jobs, and social circles. A marriage has taken place. Chelsea reassures Tudum, “We are real people.” As one of my coworkers put it, “We have jobs, we have stressors, and the speed with which this process is unfolding is intense.”

The couple is developing a relationship with Kwame’s mother, who did not initially approve of their marriage, at a relatively sluggish rate. Now that the experiment is over, Kwame and his mom are “getting to a better place every day” and making significant progress, such as paying Chelsea their first visit.

Before she could say, “OK, now let me accept this whole new person into my family,” he says his mother had to be comfortable with his choice. Given that their unconventional love story is “unknown to that generation,” Chelsea has learned to “have a lot of grace for Kwame’s mother and for her journey.” Chelsea considers Kwame’s sister a “best friend” and a “buffer to this experience with his mom.” She describes Kwame’s sister as a “gift to our family.”

Chelsea and Kwame are excited to “put together all of these pieces” into their future, which they describe as a “massive puzzle.” The experience has changed Chelsea forever, she claims. “We’ve both matured so much, and we’re so pleased with where we are and the life we’ve built together.”

The couple has been married for a year, and during that time they have learned to appreciate both the joys and the trials of this once-in-a-lifetime bond. I think I may have been a little naive when I got married. Chelsea states, “I was so optimistic. ” in Love Is Blind: After the Altar. The couple has been together through thick and thin, with the support of their friends Zack and Bliss, who live less than 10 minutes away. “I don’t say it’s necessarily harder, but it’s deeper, and it’s more moving to me,” she says.

They have made great strides in blending their families, but Kwame’s relocation from Portland to Seattle is still a challenge. Due to Chelsea’s work and schedule, Kwame has had to put his passion for travel and adventure on hold for the time being. It’s disappointing to me that we haven’t arrived at that point yet, but I know it’s coming, as Chelsea puts it. Kwame enthusiastically adds, “I’m excited and ready to start experiencing more with Chelsea,” echoing the sentiment.

Bliss and Zack are planning their European honeymoon

Lee Ann Womack’s words ring true for Zack and Bliss, who are still “so much more in love with Bliss than I ever was when we got married.” They tied the knot after Zack’s brief engagement to Irina, and now they’re settling into married life.

According to Bliss, everything that happened during their unconventional courtship was just how it should have been. “He’s such a good man,” Tudum says. “He tried to follow through on his word, and even though it was a mistake, he was going to try to go at it with respect and care.”

After spending time at each other’s houses, the two have settled into Zack’s Seattle apartment with the intention of eventually moving in together. Bliss describes cohabitation with Zack as remarkably “easy,” especially given that he cooks for her every night. They also have the support of new couple friends like Kwame and Chelsea, with whom they frequently engage in social activities.

Zack’s severe allergies made it impossible for them to continue living together with Bliss’ pets, so she made the difficult decision to rehome her goldendoodle puppy and Siberian cat with her family. “The fact she was willing to make that sacrifice for me just tells you everything you need to know about her heart,” Zack says. “She was willing to give that up so we could be together.”

They have similar plans for the future, such as taking their long-delayed European vacation, purchasing a house, and perhaps creating a baby together.

Zack says in Love Is Blind: After the Altar, “It’s kind of a cool feeling being the Goytowskis. That’s my favorite part. I’m not alone anymore. My story is us.” Since their reunion, Zack and Bliss have written a new chapter together, and they’re happier than ever. Their “fur babies” have returned from their trip, and Zack plans to serenade Bliss for “one to two-hour sessions.”

Are Jackie and Marshall still together from Love Is Blind season 4?

Are Jackie and Marshall still together from Love Is Blind season 4?
Are Jackie and Marshall still together from Love Is Blind season 4?

According to public court records from King County, Washington, where Seattle is located and where filming for Love Is Blind season 4 took place, Jackelina Bonds and Marshall Glaze were not one of the three couples who got married in the season 4 finale.

In episode 10 of Love Is Blind season 4, Jackie and Marshall called it quits after Jackie told him about a date she had with Josh Demas, another Love Is Blind season 4 contestant whom she had rejected prior to becoming engaged to Marshall.

Jackie and Marshall got engaged in The Pods on season 4 of Love Is Blind. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly published in March 2023, Jackie revealed the true reason she broke down on a date with Marshall during their vacation in Mexico: “My father, he’s sick.” Jackie’s father has cancer, and she has to care for him when she returns home every weekend.

“My life is not for someone who can’t be up to par in supporting me,” Jackie said, “and just making sure that you understand my life and knowing that this is always going to be a part of me.” “That was an emotional moment for me because I didn’t feel like, at that moment, Marshall was up to par and ready for all the reality that I have back home.”

Are Jackie and Josh still together from Love Is Blind season 4?

Are Jackie and Josh still together from Love Is Blind season 4?
Are Jackie and Josh still together from Love Is Blind season 4?

After Jackie broke up with Marshall in episode 10 and went on a date with Josh, where they kissed, fans of Love Is Blind season 4 were left wondering if Jackie and Josh were still together. Jackelina Bonds and Josh Demas met in The Pods, but Jackie and Josh never got engaged because she ended up getting engaged to another guy, Marshall.

Jackie and Josh confirmed they were still together during the Love Is Blind Season 4 “After the Altar” special, which saw them move in together. TikTok user @snowflake1971 also confirmed Jackie and Josh were still together with a video of them at a Seattle Mariners game in March 2023. “Look who I saw last night,” the user captioned the video, which showed Jackie and Josh walking to their seats.

In April 2023, an anonymous Instagram account believed to be Jackie’s friend also allegedly leaked a group text between Jackie and her friends at the time she broke up with Marshall to be with Josh. “He gives me vibes. YALL and I kind of hinted at that in my interview, and all hell broke loose. So I had to, like, switch it up,” Jackie allegedly wrote in Marshall’s group text. “But he fosho gives me vibes ’cause he used to work on the bed, and I told him I was coo off that, and he was like yeah.

So now, this time, I told him to be more aggressive with me. He’s hard fosho but sometimes he can be SWEET.” One friend allegedly texted back, “TWERK ON THE BED? LMFAOOOOO. JACKIE. Good for you, also, for communicating how bad of a turn-off that shit is with.”

Jackie allegedly texted back, Yes, he will twerk on the bed, and I was like, yeah, no, that’s not going to fly big homie, and then he will talk like ‘yasss’ and im like?????? THATS THE DAMN TRUTH. ION WANNA HEAR YALL AT MY WEDDING YELLIN BOUT HOW HE GOT SUGAR IN HIS TANK EITHER PLASSS. we

In an April 2023 interview with Today, Jackie confirmed she and Josh were still together and talked about their first meeting. “The first time I ever saw Josh, it was very surreal because I’d never seen him before, and walking into Chelsea’s party, I only heard his voice,” she said. “He’s good-looking. He’s smelling good, but I’m not hearing any of the words like he’s talking to me.”

“Me and Josh are still going strong,” Jackie told Entertainment Tonight after the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion. “We are getting a place together. He hangs out with my family all the time.” Jackie also confirmed the relationship in an Instagram post at the time, writing, “A year of standing side by side with my other half. Our journey to find each other was not easy, but it was worth it.”

After the season 4 reunion of Love Is Blind, Jackie also issued an apology to Marshall for her behavior during their season. “I would like to start this off by saying I sincerely apologize and take accountability for my actions and words in my relationship with Marshall,” she wrote on Instagram.

She went on to say, “To some, it may seem as if it was a quick transition,” adding, “I also would like to thank Marshall for taking responsibility for the derogatory comment that was made off camera.”

I would also like to apologize and take responsibility for my disparaging remarks as well in those leaked messages,” Jackie wrote, adding, “It was tasteless and disrespectful to speak about anyone that way. It was never a battle between Marshall and me. I just wanted to clear the timeline of the events that took place as they looked.”

Marshall and I have personally apologized to each other, taken accountability for our actions, and moved on. I would also like to apologize and take accountability to the public for my actions, and I am grateful that Vanessa Lachey allowed me to speak my mind and take accountability for them.

All I can do is learn and grow from this experience.” I have seen the latest episodes that have premiered on Love Is Blind, and I must speak the truth. Marshall and I were broken up before I saw Josh at the coffee shop,” Jackie said in an Instagram post after the season 4 finale. “I am wearing different clothes, my hair is styled differently, and at the end of the video I say, “I DO.”

Are Micah and Paul still together from Love Is Blind season 4?

According to public court records from King County, Washington, where Seattle is located and where filming for Love Is Blind season 4 took place, Micah Lussier and Paul Peden were not one of three couples who got married in the season 4 finale.

TikTok user @kathryn.7.7 claimed in a video posted in March 2023 that she met Micah and Paul while they were filming the Love Is Blind season 4 “After the Altar” special, where they were seen kissing, which seemed to imply that they were dating but not married.

The user then shared a photo of Micah and Paul in the pool. “Here’s a picture of that day. That’s Micah and Paul. The date says May 28, 2022, at 5:19 p.m. They were just in the pool, all over each other, and when she introduced herself, she did mention to my friend pretty much right away, that they weren’t really together but were forced to be because it was the after part of a show.

I asked her what show it was, and she said she really wasn’t supposed to say anything but told us it was a reality show on Netflix. She would be on one of the upcoming seasons, and it was a show where you meet someone and the intention is to fall in love without seeing the other person. Obviously, we know what that is. Love Is Blind.” In another video, the user claimed that both Micah and Paul told her that she and Paul weren’t officially dating but “had” to be together because of Love Is Blind.

“She was just a girl basically saying that she didn’t know other people at the pool and she was bored and really not feeling it with the guy she was with, so as I would ask anybody who said that to me, I just asked her, ‘So why are you here with him?’ and that’s what prompted her to tell us the rest that I already stated in the last video about the reality show,” she said.

The user continued, “Those of you pointing out, why would they be making out one minute and saying they don’t want to be together the next minute, I’m equally confused as you, I was that day as well,” she said. “I even said that to my friend, who I was with. Clearly, there’s something weird here because they are making out and all over each other one minute, and the next minute they are saying they don’t want to be together.”

Paul told E! News after the Love Is Blind season 4 reunion that he and Micah dated briefly after their wedding but split up again due to Micah’s split time between Seattle, Washington, and Scottsdale, Arizona. “I still retained that hope. Going into it, I was like, ‘Maybe we’re not there now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get there in the future,'” he said.

“We took some time to process everything that happened, and then we resumed dating,” Micah told E! News. “In the end, it felt like the foundation wasn’t steady enough to continue,” Micah told E! News, adding that she didn’t leave Seattle until she felt she and Paul were over.

Paul responded, “We’ve always had this thing where we want to support one another regardless of what is happening,” when asked if he still loved Micah by E! News. Micah agreed, saying, “Paul will always have a special place in my heart.”

Micah explained her reasoning for wanting Paul to answer first at the altar in an interview with People following the Love Is Blind season 4 finale. “I think as a viewer, it might seem like I was afraid of saying yes and him saying no. It was actually quite the opposite,” she said.

She said, “A huge fear of mine was that I was going to say yes and he would say yes just because he felt he had to, or he didn’t want to embarrass me, or ‘Okay, well, maybe if she thinks so, maybe I do too.” But Micah added, “The reality is you have to know, and you have to know in your heart, to make that commitment to someone. And he did know, and it was to say no.”

Micah also addressed Shelby’s criticism of Paul and why the two shouldn’t have gotten married: “The thing with Shelby is she does not take anything lightly. I think she’s a really blunt person, but I also think she is my person. She is my sister, she is my best friend. I think everything that she did came strictly out of love. She did not want me to get hurt.”

She said, “If she didn’t think Paul was the right person, she was going to say something. But I did have to take everything that she said, of course, with a grain of salt because she didn’t know our whole story.”

Micah and Paul got engaged after meeting in Love Is Blind season 4’s The Pods, and Micah addressed rumors of a love triangle involving herself, Paul, and another contestant from that season, Kwame, in an interview with People in March 2023. “I personally know that when I chose Paul in the pods, I did not waver on that. I never had an interest in Kwame going forward,” she said.

Another contestant from season 4 of Love Is Blind, and Micah’s best friend from The Pods, Irina, spoke to Today in March 2023 about the drama that ensued after she told Micah and Paul about her feelings for Paul after meeting him in person after breaking up with another contestant from season 4 of Love Is Blind, Zach, with whom she had gotten engaged in The Pods.

Irina also confirmed to Today that she and Micah are still best friends despite their drama over Paul. “Micah was my best friend, and she still is,” Irina said. Micah added, “Sometimes friendships need these hurdles in order to grow, and I think that she and I both grew a lot on the show. Sometimes all you need is a friend to grow with, and that’s hopefully something we can do in the future.”

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