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Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Battel Royale and Deathmatch Mode are together

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is totally based on the concept of Battle Royale. According to rumors, the next one is also having the same route but with a single-player game. Currently, call of Duty: Modern Warfare is implementing a Battle Royale in the game.

Battle Royale Mode

Well, the call pf duty will provide both features single-player as well as the multiplayer campaign as a Battle Royale mode. Battle Royale mode is actually a 200 man that is a vast number. So this thing has cleared that call of duty wants to back in the game of shooting wars.

Well, fans are asking is it possible or not. Yes, absolutely possible Call of duty could follow the same battlefield route. After the fifth edition, a different battle Royale game was introduced by the franchise.

We did not get any glimpse of call of modern duty warfare at E3. However, according to reports, the game had a secret screen for the gameplay.

Moreover, some leaks are saying the first mission will be in night mode that takes you down to the memory lanes of the early modern warfare. It is expecting that the gameplay will be revealed at the Gamescom event.

The Gameplay reveals at the Standalone conference is not a good idea. Therefore will reveal at the Gamescom.

DeathMatch Mode

Call of Duty is trying to remove the disappointment of the last year. Therefore, this year deathmatch mode could be implemented that would be a great bonus for them. Meanwhile, zombie mode has omitted form the game.

Deathmatch mode is great fun to play as well as consume less time and concentration of the user. It is also best because some just pay games for time pass and many are because they don’t want to lose their rank. That’s why gamers prefer deathmatch mode.

More Rumors

Well, a suitable title is still a mystery. So let’s see what call of duty will do with it. There will be new or remain with the idea of expansion of the last series. It is a big decision and long to go for the title of the next year.

But fans are waiting for Call of duty modern warfare. Rumors are saying the Battle Royale mode will come next year. This mode will be available at free of cost. So embrace yourself with the more Call of Duty action in the future.


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