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‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: What You Need to Know

Check out all the details on ‘Yellowstone’ season 5, including the release date and story.

Giddy up! It’s time to get back to Yellowstone Ranch.

According to TV Insider, executive producer David Glasser promised that “everyone will be immediately surprised” by the events of the first episode.

As CBS’s “most-watched scripted series in all of television” in 2021, the return of the show has viewers wondering what the future holds for the Duttons.

The official season 5 trailer is a montage of intense and chaotic clips, but a few plot points can be gleaned from it. Kevin Costner’s character, John Dutton, becomes the governor of Montana, and his daughter, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), is named his chief of staff.

Paramount made the decision to cancel ‘Yellowstone’ after season 5 in May of 2023. A new season of the show, however, is scheduled to premiere in December of 2023.

How did Yellowstone season 4 leave off?

How did Yellowstone season 4 leave off

Season 4 concluded with Jamie Dutton murdering his biological father, Garrett Randall when it was discovered that he had ordered the attack on the Dutton family. Beth Dutton and Rip were married on the fly. And after four days and four nights, Kayce Dutton came back from his quest for spiritual enlightenment.

What is ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 about?

While neither Paramount nor the stars have revealed anything about Season 5, Costner has assured fans that the Duttons’ quest for land is far from over.

“[John’s] dad and grandpa could just stroll over there and butt heads with someone. A lawyer wasn’t necessary. He told Entertainment Tonight, “I think John is frustrated because he’s cut from that same cloth.” As the saying goes, “Politics is about to overrun him.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Luke Grimes, who portrays Kayce Dutton, gave some hints about what viewers may anticipate from the upcoming fifth season.

“Love and family and serving your tribe, your people—that’s a huge theme in the show,” said Grimes.

Grimes noted of Kayce’s personality that he has “a hard time choosing his relationship with his father versus his relationship with his wife and son.” In addition, he said that the characters’ “fighting for their team” provides the program with “all of this really juicy drama.”

When will ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 air?

With 14 episodes and a break in the middle, Yellowstone’s fourth season will be its longest yet. More than 12 million viewers watched the premiere and second episode of Season 5 on the same day in 2022.

According to Ashwin Navin, co-founder of Samba TV, “After four seasons, the show’s massive audience base continues to impress, with its latest season premiere becoming the most watched scripted television premiere of 2022.” It has been noted that “Yellowstone continues to tap into the passions of a broad swath of viewers throughout the American Midwest hungry for Western-themed genres that have been largely underrepresented on television in recent years.”

Peacock confirmed that the first eight episodes of Season 5 would be accessible on May 25, 2023.

Which cast members are returning for ‘Yellowstone’ season 5?

cast members of yellowstone season 5

“We’re all still in it,” Grimes, who portrays Kayce Dutton, said to The Hollywood Reporter. He was referring to Kevin Costner, Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton), Cole Hauser (Rip), and Kelsey Asbille (Monica Dutton), who were at the top of the call sheet.

Despite Jimmy Hurdstrom’s choice to side with the Four Sixes instead of Yellowstone in Season 4, he and the rest of the bunkhouse’s fan-favorite cast will all be back for Season 5.

Which new cast members are joining ‘Yellowstone’ season 5?

For Season 5, there are four notable new cast members. Both Kai Caster, who plays the cowboy Rowdy, and Lainey Wilson, who plays the musician Abby, are new to the cast. Actress Lilli Kay will portray an assistant to one of the Duttons, and fans of 1883 star Dawn Olivieri will know her as Sarah Atwood, a corporate shark.

Where can I watch ‘Yellowstone’ season 5?

The fifth season is now streaming on the Paramount Network and its mobile app. Seasons 1–4 are now accessible to watch on Peacock; however, the new episodes won’t be added until later. In September 2022, Paramount Network debuted the first official season 5 trailer.

Is ‘Yellowstone’ season 5 coming out soon?

Paramount has announced that the remaining six episodes of season 5 will premiere in November 2023.

Will there be a Yellowstone season 6?

Season 5 will be the last of the critically acclaimed show. The second series, however, will debut in December 2023, and it will most likely feature Matthew McConaughey.

Deadline first reported Costner’s possible exit in February 2023. Shooting dates, the site said, were at the “crux of the issue” as the actor tried to balance two gigs (Yellowstone and his next Western feature, Horizon). According to reports, Sheridan was fed up with Costner and had begun planning a sequel starring Matthew McConaughey.

Yellowstone Season 6

I feel let down. His completeness as a person is shortened as a result. Sheridan told The Hollywood Reporter in June 2023 that Costner’s departure from the series “doesn’t alter it, but truncates it.” He wants to change his attention since he is quite serious about his movie. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s a fantastic movie and that it’s worth the wait.

At a child support meeting with his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, in September 2023, Costner revealed the reason for his departure from Yellowstone.

During his testimony, he added, “I’ve been told it’s a little disappointing that [it’s] the #1 show on TV [and] I’m not participating.” I was at a loss for what to do for them. We attempted to bargain, but there were problems with the creative, and they offered me less money than in prior seasons.

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