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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Beta Access feature for Single Playe Campaign or not

Call of Duty is coming with its root version of the franchise.  2vs 2 gunfight mode gameplay declared the latest franchise.

Beta Access Gunfight

Playstation 4 players have three-day beta access for the gunfight mode. So this feature will remain till 25th August for Playstation users.

Beta Access Feature for Single Player

Recently Multiplayer and Gunfight gameplay revealed however there is no sign fro the single-player campaign. In the game, fans are waiting for the epic return of Captain price beta access feature could be possible for a single player.

Well, there are many chances that the single-player campaign could tease before the release, that will available in beta access.

Glimpse at Gamescom

Gunfight glimpse at Gamescom showcased in which single-player mode is still missing. So we would see Captain price in action mode soon, and for that purpose, the single-player mode could happen.

The teaser was shown but not at the Standalone Conference. It revealed at Gamescom, therefore, it not displayed at the standalone conference.  The title has already announced at Gamescom.

Therefore Standalone conference for the gameplay would not ring bells for the game. Well, we are excited about GTA 6. So let’s see what amazing is coming.


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