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Homecoming Season 2: Here’s Everything That You Should Know So Far!

Homecoming season is one of the most thriller drama, and its second installment is on the way.  The production has stated of the Amazon prime’s video series. Fans really want to know about the second season.

Homecoming is the Amazon prime series that made with the collaboration of UCP. The creators of the series are Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg that is podcast name also. Amazon Prime received two installments of this season. The series was hit after the first season.

This series features Julia as a social worker at the homecoming traditional support center. The reason is to help soldiers transition to civilian life. However, after some time, she felt that she was misled about the actual purpose.

Well according to latest news about the second series of Homecoming, the direction chair is given to kyle Patrick Alvarez. Producers and creators of the series also shared their views about the direction.

They said they have lucky to have Kyle as the director of the homecoming season 2. Moreover, he will also serve as the executive producers of the show.

Cast Updates of Homecoming Season 2

Julia was signed only for the first season so she would not return back in season 2. According to some news, Janelle Monae will take over the lead in the upcoming installment. She will play the role of a tenacious woman and finds herself floating in a canoe.

Moreover, from the previous season, Stephen James and Hing Chau would return back for the homecoming season 2. It is honored for all that James has received global nominations for huis incredible and impressive role on the first season.

Besides, Julia Roberts will a[pear as Walter Cruz, and Chau will come as the role of Audrey Temple. Furthermore, Shea Whigham and Bobby Cannavale will return for the homecoming season 2.


Well, there are no spoilers about the storyline of season 2. But everyone is expecting that Homecoming season 2 will feature the new story and new characters.

Release Date of Homecoming Season 2

The series is in the pre-production phase, and fans are waiting for the second season. The first season released in November 2018. Well, the Homecoming season 2 will release on 2 November 2019.

The season one has gained lots of appreciation from all over the world. So the fans are expecting more from the second season.


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