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13 Reasons Why, Here’s the Complete Review and Story of Season 4!

13 Reasons Why is now much more than a contentious drama series which perfectly highlights every undiscussed and unnoticed flaw of our society and the darks of the people who make up this society.

Certainly, 13 Reasons Why has become a mystery giant to throw light on the teen spoils from sexual assault, bullying, and suicide to murder.

Despite the fact that people found 13 Reasons Why a controversial and contentious series, it owns a huge fanbase. So, let’s move ahead to review 3 seasons of 13 Reasons Why, and connect the dots to have a look at its finale.

13 Reasons Why Season 1

13 Reasons Why Season 1 follows the story of Hannah’s suicide and the revelation of the 13 reasons why she took her life through the tape cassettes she left behind for all of the people who were the reasons for her death in fact suicide. Meanwhile, 13 Reasons Why Season 1 throws light on several societal disorders including bullying, sexual assault, parent’s negligence towards their children, stalking, an urge to seek attention, love, care, and much more which can turn a normal human into a suicidal being.

13 Reasons Why Season 2

13 Reasons Why Season 2 follows the chain of events from season 1. As in season 1 reasons behind Hannah’s suicide revealed in front of her former so-called friends, and Clay who truly loved her but never got a chance to confess, and also her parent’s found out about the reasons why she killed self, season 2 follows the trials of Hannah’s suicide case against all of the responsible persons including the ill management system of Liberty High School.

13 Reasons Why Season 3

Contrary to season 1 and 2, 13 Reasons Why Season 3 was much different and basically focused on a murder mystery that’s of none other than the one who pushed Hannah Baker to the verge of death, Bryce Walker. So, the focus of season 3 is to find out who killed Bryce Walker who was nothing else than a monster as he raped Jessica and Hannah due to which Hannah became almost dead losing all of her hopes, and committed suicide. Anyhow, meanwhile the investigation of Bryce’s murder, many dark secrets, and drastic truths of all of the characters including, Justin, Jessica, Tyler, Monty, Ani, Zach, Alex, and others.

So, in 13 Reasons Why Season 3, we get to know about a new girl, Ani who narrates the whole season and also had a sexual relationship with Bryce. Moreover, Ani along with Clay heads on to find out the murderer of Bryce and ended-up falling for him. Apart from this, we came across some dark secrets of Justin that he was sexually assaulted in his childhood due to which he never feels comfortable with Jessica while trying to consummate. We saw Tyler in a whole new version of himself trying to get rid of the pain which Monty’s sexual assault gave him. Consequently, we also witnessed Zach indulged in some pain but what were the reason behind that was revealed at the end. And meanwhile this whole mess, we came across the murderer of Bryce who was none other than Alex.

Bryce Listened to Hannah’s Tapes

In 13 Reasons Why Season 3, we witnessed that Bryce listened to the tapes which Hannah left and revealed the reasons behind her suicide and the 12th reason and the main reason was Bryce himself. Bryce raped Hannah and snatched all of her courage to continue living her messed-up life. So, Hannah ended-up killing herself. After listening to the tapes Bryce realized his mistakes and decided to change himself. That’s why he called Jessica to meet him on the homecoming night when he was murdered. He called Jessica so that he can ask for forgiveness as he raped her too in season 1, but Jessica brought Alex with her as well.

Bryce’s Murder Mystery

At homecoming night, Bryce had some serious fight with Zach during which he broke his knees, and after that Zach followed him to the place where he was going to meet Jessica and beat him badly. Apart from Zach, Bryce also had some fight with Monty at the night but Monty didn’t follow him instead he went with one of his old allies and slept over the night with him. So, after Zach wounded Bryce and left him all alone to cry for help, Jessica along with Alex appeared there and Bryce gave her a tape recording in which he confessed all of his crimes and asked for forgiveness. But Alex ended-up pushing Bryce into the nearby river and left him to drown and die.

After Clay, Ani and others came to know the truth that Alex did this, they framed Monty for Bryce’s murder who was already in jail as Tyler cased a file against him for sexually assaulted him.

But that wasn’t the end as someone killed Monty in jail, but who, none knows this. Moreover, all of the guns that Tyler kept and used to threaten the school students being violent because of Monty’s assault, which Clay disposed of in the river was found by a fisherman at the end of Season 3.

So, here the question arises who killed Monty? Is that Monty’s father who was ashamed of him after knowing about his identity that he’s gay. Or Tyler killed him as he almost ruined his life by sexually assaulting him?

13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 Reason Why Season 4 which is to be the final of the series will follow the chain of events which season 3 left and resolve the murder mystery of Monty and also focus on many hidden aspects of all their lives including Tyler. Moreover, there will be another character who will dig deep down in all of the character’s lives to find out about who killed Monty.

It’s quite possible that Skye will return in 13 Reasons Why Season 4, and somehow Clay will be back to her as she must be the one who deserved to be with Clay and Clay’s the one who can avert her suicidal thoughts.

Moreover, we will see whether Mr. Standall following his suspects will find out about the real murderer of Bryce who’s none other than his own son, Alex.

Let’s see how 13 Reasons Why will reach its conclusion while following to resolve the mysteries mentioned above.

13 Reasons Why Season 4 will release in 2020 and answer all of the burning questions that season 3 left.


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