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Carnival Row: Review-A Story Beyond Folklore Fairytales Amid Murder Mysteries

Amazon Prime Video brought another spectacular series for its viewers named Carnival Row which released on 30 August 2019. It’s certainly a story of fairies beyond a folklore fairytales which will strike hard your minds.

Let’s figure out what Carnival Row is about basically.

So, Carnival Row, an American fantasy but sparked by neo-noir sequences. Certainly, this is something which you haven’t witnessed before. From the plotline to the conception, acting, and overall presentation of the sequences is just mind-blowing.

Carnival Row follows the storyline set in the Victorian fantasy world where a fairy and a human detective fell for each other on their way to investigate the mysterious murder mysteries. The city’s just destabilized with the arrival of such distinct creatures, you know human-like creatures with wings seems to be quite weird and may be dangerous for some humans.

Anyhow, the twist which adds up the spice in the lives of fairies and the humans of the city lies in the mysterious murders of city people.

So, one of of the fairies named Vignette Stonemoss head on to resolve the mystery along with a human detective, Rycroft Philostrate. And they finally found out a horrible creature who’s responsible for all the mess in the city.

The best thing about this fantasy is that it’s not only sparked by the criminal acts and their investigations but the dangerous romance among a fairy and a human just lit.

So, don’t forget to log in to Amazon Prime Video and watch the whole bundle of 8 episodes of Carnival Row. 


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