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What is the Consumer Decision Process? And How Does it Help a Marketer?

Every marketer wants to know what is going on inside the head of a consumer. Because this knowledge helps him makes some successful business marketing plans and strategies. So, when a marketer understands a consumer decision process, he is merely getting inside the head of his customers.

For making an effective marketing plan, you should know how your customer makes a buying decision. It is a process in which a consumer decides to buy a product or service. Let’s find out five steps involved in a consumer decision process.

Step No.1 Problem Recognition

A consumer decision begins when he realizes that he needs something, or he has a problem, or he wants a good or service. For example, when your toilet starts leaking, then it is a problem whose solution you need. Now you want to find a person who offers you an answer, and you can have relief.

Now the primary goal of a marketer is to understand what are the needs, wants, or problems of his targeted demographic customers. This kind of understanding helps him offer a satisfactory solution to consumers. Even he must know when this need arises so that he can advertise them at the right time.

For example, a customer requires to have a Christmas party; he needs Christmas tree before that party. Therefore, a marketer has to make sure that his marketing campaigns reach to the customers before the date of Christmas.

Step No. 2 Search Process

Once a consumer recognizes his problem, he starts searching for a solution. These days, every customer start the search online. He uses search engines. So, what a marketer has to do is to rank high on major search engines if he wants to catch the attention of a consumer.

It is also possible that a person asks for recommendations from his family and friends. Sometimes, his experience helps him search for a product or service which can solve his problem. Either way, he will explore, and a marketer should know how to get his attention in this phase.

Step No.3 Evaluating Alternatives

At this stage, the consumer knows what can satisfy his want or need. He will evaluate different options he has. For example, if he is looking for a smartwatch, then he will search for the best smartwatches he can get. He will read reviews and compare prices or features. At this stage, a marketer must have a genuine review and high rating of his product or service, so his offering is also an alternative in a customer’s list.

Step No.4 Selection Stage

At this stage, customers decide what they need to purchase. Now they go and shop. These days, people opt for online shopping. So, if you have a product available online, then you have high chances of enjoying a sale. It is essential for a marketer to promote a product both online and offline for making the most from his effort.

Step No.5 Evaluation of Decision

The goal of a marketer is not a one-time sale; he should work hard to turn a consumer into a loyal and returning customer. At this stage, the customer decides whether a product or service satisfies his need or not. Now if your product is good enough, then he won’t look around next time when the need will arise. Make sure you offer a superb experience to your customer than transform a consumer into a brand loyal customer.


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