Home News Black Christmas Trailer 2019 Has Released!

Black Christmas Trailer 2019 Has Released!

Black Christmas 2019 is an upcoming horror mystery film that would release in 2019. The official trailer released. It is the remark of the 1974 horror film Black Christmas.

The story follows a Canadian slasher and a group of sorority girls. They were at their houses before the Christmas holiday. The killer is to discover these young women are not willing to become victims. Sofia Takal is the director of the film as well as she is also the co-writer with April Wolfe.

In casting Cary Elwes, Brittany O’ Grady, Imogen poots, Alyse Shannon, Lily Donoghue, Ben Black, Simon Mead, Caleb Eberhardt are included. Here you can watch the trailer. the film will release on 13th December 2019.


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