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Kaley Cuoco baby photo: She Gives Birth and Welcomes her Tom Pelphrey’s First Child

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey are officially parents after having their first child. Get to know their newborn daughter better.

On Thursday, the couple received their first child, a newborn girl called Matilda Carmine Richie. They shared the “new light of our lives” with the world by posting the first pictures of their new family on Instagram.

kaley cuoco posting the first pictures of their new family on Instagram
Kaley Cuoco baby photo: She Gives Birth and Welcomes her Tom Pelphrey's First Child 3

The new parent posted, “Introducing Matilda Carmine Richie Pelphrey, the new light of our lives!” “We are ecstatic and appreciative of this small miracle.”

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the physicians, nurses, family, and friends who have assisted us tremendously over the past few days. We are beyond fortunate  @tommypelphrey I never thought I could fall more in love with you, but I did,” Cuoco, 37, added.

Pelphrey, 40, also celebrated the new addition with some adorable photos of the family, beginning the caption with a quotation from the Islamic poet Rumi, who lived in the 13th century: “You are the Soul of the Universe. And you are called Love.”

“My heart is overflowing with love and appreciation for this marvel…. Matilda Carmine Richie Pelphrey  3/30,” he concluded. “Forever grateful for the courage and fortitude of my companion and closest friend @kaleycuoco. You’re exceptional.”

Previously, an insider told PEOPLE that the 37-year-old expectant mother is “very excited about having their baby and ready for the big day.”

Cuoco is also confident in her relationship with Pelphrey as they prepare to become parents.

She has found her soulmate, according to the source, who also noted that she is deeply in love with Tom and gets along well with him.

Cuoco believes Pelphrey will be a “hands-on dad.” Cuoco is thrilled to watch the couple develop into their new parental responsibilities.

“Kaley is at ease with Tom as her partner and father, with the significant impact the baby will have on their lives, and with her career,” said a source. They are preparing for her imminent arrival, and she is in a good place.

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Kaley Cuoco baby photo: She Gives Birth and Welcomes her Tom Pelphrey's First Child 4

Following the couple’s October pregnancy announcement, Pelphrey told Extra that the couple is “so excited” to be having a daughter: “It’s the most incredible thing. Very blessed… Very fortunate… Very lucky… Everyone’s healthy. It’s a beautiful thing.”

In January, Cuoco posted a series of photos from her baby shower to Instagram with a caption extolling the love she and Pelphrey, were experiencing.

She wrote, “Last night, we were able to celebrate our future unicorn surrounded by incredible friends, family, and animals in the most magical setting.” “Thank you to the extraordinary group of people who made it a night we will all remember forever.”

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