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The End Of The F***ing World Season 2: Is It Really Coming on Christmas!

As we all have been waiting for the second season of the End of the f***ing world. So this comedy-drama will be back on Christmas. Fans are really excited to watch the series.

The story of two crazy teenagers, James and Alyssa. They face many troubles in the journey to find the father of Alyssa. In this journey, they steal a car, rob a petrol station, hurt a police officer, and also commit murder. However, in the end, we love the couple so much.

Renewal and Production

The renewal of the season 2 announced back in August 2018. In March 2019, the production started. Jessica and Netflix shared the views through Instagram post and tweets. However, the casts are still busy in doing filming for the second installment.


As you know, the End of the f***ing World has left the major cliffhanger. As you saw lead characters try to run away. The first season ended with James shot by police. Showrunner could not give any clue that James will survive or not. But fans are saying that he will survive.

There is no picture revealed that Alex would be back his character or not. But showrunner said he would appear in the show. Moreover, Actor expresses that James does not survive in the original version of the story.

According to fans theories the season two may take a time leap. The second installment will jump to feature the grown-up versions of James and Alyssa.

Display Date of The End of the F***ing World Season 2

According to spoilers, the second season will come on the Christmas day. It can premiere at any time on the 25th December 2019. AS Netflix and Channel 4 did not confirm the release date, but Jessica Barden hints on Instagram that the series is arriving soon.

The post was given on the first day of the production in March 2019 with the caption, Merry Christmas, See You Soon.”


it is one of the best comedy series that recently won a Peabody award. the series also praised due to incredible fun and unorthodox.


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