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Suits Season 9 Episode 5: “If the Show Fits” Bad Time of Harvey and Louis

Fans have been waiting Suits season 9 episode 5 since a long time. Here are all details of the season 9 episode 5. the episode is all about the Donna and Harvey’s relationship and Faye’s relationship that affect the firm.

Moreover, Harvey and Louis have a lousy time together due to the bad behavior of Faya. They both know that it is due to Faya so they can’t talk to each other. Therefore, Louis and Harvey decided to face Faya together.

As we saw in the previous episode, Faya asked Katarina for making a code of conduct in the firm so that things could be under control. Louis wanted to get Gretchen back using the same.

Well, she refused because she does not want to ruin it. However, the plan of Louis worked well. Furthermore, Harney messed up in front of Donna’s father, but he managed the things better.

Well, the show has completed the four episodes and fifth episode released on 14th August 2019 at the USA channel at 9 pm. the fifth episode title is ” if The Shoe Fits.”

Moreover, there are also many other options such as Roku, Hulu, USA app, and PlayStation Vue.

The fifth episode broadcasted with more issues. So the fifth episode where Mike is having a struggle with Harvey. Due to unusual behavior, Samantha will be stuck between them. Well, the story seems interesting.


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