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“Wu Assassins Season 2”: All Details of The Netflix’s Series

Netflix is bringing Wu Assassins Season 2 with martial arts. Fans of action genre are waiting to open this series. So here are all details about the Wu Assassins season 2.

So the fans will get this original Netflix series Wu Assassins in early August. After ten episodes streaming, still the Kai Jin story is hidden. So the signs indicate the material for a sequel.

Wu Assassins scores only 6.9 out of 10 on the movie database IMDb at 2762 reviews. The streaming services generally give the schedule of two seasons before a story ends. So the finale of season one left some cliffhanger that creates puzzles and would be solved in season 2 of Wu Assassins.

There are huge chances of the entry of Iko Uwais in season 2. Netflix did not reveal too much detail. So wait till the Netflix makes the official announcement.

Netflix did not reveal any official release date of the series or the martial arts. However, the new episodes of the following projects are published every year. Well according to schedule, Wu Assassins season 2 will not come before 2020.

However, the due date is August 2020. It’s speculation so wait for the Netflix announcement.


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