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Perfume and Body Chemistry: How Are They Related

Perfume and Body Chemistry: How Are They Related

People have different motivations when looking for a new perfume; some may be subconsciously looking for a new mate, while others may be trying to forget a lost flame. Some may simply be trying on something that will add color to their everyday life. Whatever your reason for looking for a new scent, you should know that fragrances can either attract or repel people.

The truth behind perfume gift sets is no longer a big secret. If you want to attract the right people in your life, you need to do it with the scent that sends out pheromones into the world. In a 2001 research, it was revealed that your choice of perfume sends a genetic signal that can help you reel in a partner that you are compatible with.

People and fragrances

People are said to gravitate towards scents that combine well with their respective body chemistry. This means that they like scents that complement or react well, with their major histocompatibility complex (MHC). MHC is made up of genes that complete a person’s immunogenetic profile. People and animals both choose mates that have opposite MHCs to be able to transfer to their offspring a strong and genetically diverse immune system.

So, how should you pick the right scent?

The preliminary steps include differentiating between cologne and perfume. After that, you should take part in a trial and research to see which perfume will work best on your body. If you use a friend’s scent and you realize that it smells off or weird on you, that is an indication that it is not right for your body chemistry. Try on different scents that you like and if you find those that smell differently on others, exclude them from your shortlist.

Your skin type is also another major aspect that you should consider when shopping for the right perfume. Rough skin may keep the smell of the perfume longer, but it can also let go of it quickly. If your skin is dry, go for perfumes that have a higher oil concentration. It would be best if you also took note of the pH balance of your skin. Skin with a basic pH value usually means that your perfume can absorb the scent in a usual manner. If your skin is dry, make sure to moisturize your skin before trying the perfume on.

Knowing the perfume notes

When shopping for scents, make sure to list down all the notes that are linked to the perfume you want to buy. Smell the first scent on your list, then choose one in the middle after that. Heavier and long-lasting notes should be the base note. Make sure that you like each of these notes and that your body chemistry works 100% in your favor before you decide.

Go for a fragrance that you truly enjoy. Also, go for those that won’t languish on your dresser. Spray your perfume of choice onto a card or into thin air. You can also put some of the scents on your wrist before you sniff it. This might take quite a bit of your time, but it is better than wasting your money on scents that you are not sure of.

The good thing with knowing which scent works best with your body chemistry is that regardless of your options, you will surely have more confidence in buying perfume gift sets for yourself or someone else from different brands.


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