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Last Cloudia Tier List Oct 2021: Best Units and Characters

Last Cloudia is a free-to-play mobile action RPG developed and published by AIDIS in 2019. With a diverse cast of characters to unlock and choose from, you can wield the power of skill-giving arks to form unique, unbeatable teams. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock characters via the in-game gacha system- meaning you reran heroes for your team completely at random. Considering the nature of the game, getting the best characters may never happen, or take a very long time. Furthermore, the game has over 100 characters to obtain, meaning it can be hard to work out who exactly is great. Therefore we have made a Last Cloudia Tier List, ranking all of the characters per their strengths.

Let’s Dig Deeper!

Also, this is a reminder that most Gacha games require some level of self-awareness when building comps. Simply picking all S Tier characters could spell disaster if you don’t properly manage them properly. Furthermore, some characters are limited IN availability. So you cannot always get access to them. All it means is you should continue to adapt whenever possible. But one thing that is almost guaranteed is that new releases almost always tend to be very good. Like a minimum of A tier if 2021 is anything to go by.

S Tier

The S tier features the best of the best characters. You’ll find that some of these characters are really good for Tower, Adventure and PvP. You’ll need to know that some of these characters in the list are designed deliberately to be super powerful, especially the very recently released Advocate’s of God characters. Be aware that many of these characters are that good. That you essentially place them in either adventure, PVP or Tower without any issue, hence their position at the top of the Last Cloudia Tier List.

While some of these characters are definitely new, we have also added a few generally well-received characters by the Last Cloudia community. Part of understanding what is good is by seeing other people do it first hand. Therefore, some of the older characters, like Roland, and new forms for storyline characters like Kyle make it to this tier. These characters you’ll likely find more accessible, offering plenty of value. But if you happen to summon Longseus, God of Ruin, do know this Dark Mage feels very much like the strongest in the game, and Roland cant keep up. So yeah, keep in mind as a general rule of thumb value and incredible power are two important factors in some of the rankings in the tier list.

B Tier

The characters here are what Gaming Verdict considers the most balanced. These are the sort of characters you should aim for if you’re new. Or looking to cling onto some of the storyline characters. However, these are characters. That you should expect to replace as the game progresses into higher difficulties. So, take the time to play around with the characters here. If you like Kyle, know there are more advanced versions out there to look into in the near future.

Also, if you’re after some interesting characters for PvP, we think King Gorm is a fun, niche pick. He is a solid tank, with an AOE healing ability. That makes him a good beginner tank. However, if you really wanted to, you can bring him to PvP games. And surprise opponents who may not consider it a good pick. If you think of it like that, some characters in this list could even move up a tier if played well.

C Tier

As with every gacha game, some actually uncommon characters are absolutely awful, almost designed to be dusted to gasoline your different character’s development. Due to this nature, there are some rare pink herrings here. Also, a few slightly weaker amateur characters paintings, however best in the early sport. Keep that in mind depending on where you’re in the sport, as this Last Cloudia Tier List is designed with bendy progressions in thoughts.

D Tier

If you made it this far, possibilities are you could training session who’s the worst of the worst. Consider this section the absolutely bait starting characters, or characters which are like early game trash mobs you breeze through in adventure mode. If those characters are not any desirable for the story or for the enemies, why need to they be good for you? For that motive, try to forget about virtually using the characters on this phase unless you certainly have to.


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