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Evangeline Lilly said Jeremy Renner’s recovery from his snowplow accident was a “straight-up miracle.”

Evangeline Lilly says that Jeremy Renner is still getting better from the injuries he got when he was hit by a snowplow on New Year’s Day and had to use a wheelchair.

In an interview with Access Hollywood to promote her new film Ant–Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the actress said that she had visited Renner at his house and saw him recuperate after they had worked together on the film that won an Academy Award for Best Picture, Hurt Locker.

Lilly, who claims that she was just at Renner’s house, referred to him as a “boss” and stated that her fellow Marvel actor has “recovered like a mofo” despite the severe injuries that caused him to be hospitalised at the beginning of January. Renner was sent to the critical care unit of a hospital in Reno, where he had surgery. Following his recovery, he was discharged from the hospital a few weeks later.

Lilly revealed some information about the actor by saying, “I was just at Jeremy’s home the other night, and he was in a wheelchair.” “As I entered his home, I saw… I asked you why you were moving about. What exactly is going on here? I anticipated being able to sit by his side at his hospital bed and hold his hand while he screamed and groaned in agony while being unable to move. He was goofing around with his pals as he rolled about in his wheelchair.

The rest of what Lilly had to say about Renner’s recovery was that it was “a straight-up miracle,” and she praised the actor’s mental and physical fortitude, remarking that he is “very courageous and powerful.”

“It man is built of something extremely tough, and you’ve always been able to see that in him,” she continued to say after the previous statement.

Evangeline Lilly said Jeremy Renner's recovery from his snowplow accident was a "straight-up miracle."

Lilly also described the “intense” experience of understanding the tragic nature of the event that occurred on New Year’s Day, in which he was run over by a 13,000-pound PistenBully. He called it an “intense” experience. According to a report from the Washoe County Sheriff’s Department, Renner was hurt while trying to “walk up on the track in an effort to deflect the PistenBully or get it stopped” before it could impact his nephew. This was done in the hopes that it would prevent the vehicle from hitting his nephew.

The actress shared that in the days since she visited her friend and fellow Marvel star, she is still having emotional moments about “some of the stuff he told me that he experienced.” After their visit, “the story of what went on and things he could hear and the things that he could see.” The actress revealed that she is still having emotional moments about “some of the stuff he told me that he experienced.”

“He had a near-death experience that was quite terrible, and he was conscious for the whole event,” the narrative continues. It has made quite an impression on me,” she went on to say.

While the tragedy was traumatic for the actor and difficult to see for those who care about him, Lilly expressed gratitude that he survived and is recovering. “He is going to have to go through a trip now. It was the stuff of nightmares, but he got it through, and now he’s on the other side,” Lilly added. I’m very thankful that he’s making such a miraculous recovery.

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