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10 Best Custom Lightsaber Companies

Are you looking for the best custom lightsaber companies? If so, you have landed at the right place today. The lightsaber is one of the maximum iconic weapons in the Star Wars universe. It is normally utilized by the Jedi, the Sith, and different Force-sensitive individuals. The weapon itself includes a metallic hilt with a laser blade powered by a Kyber crystal. The lightsaber is capable of slice thru each human being and blast doorways alike quite simply, that’s why they require this sort of excessive stage of training to apply.

It is little marvel that in our personal little galaxy a long way a ways away, that lovers of the Star Wars franchise might also love to have practical lightsabers, whether or not it be to learn to duel just like a Jedi Knight or to cosplay one in every one of your favourite characters. Luckily, fans not limited to the handiest toys and licensed lightsabers. There are many custom lightsaber corporations that layout and construct custom sabers to fit your every want and specification. And if you will instead build your personal, numerous of the organizations mentioned undersell the components to make that dream a truth.

It is important to notice that not one of the corporations on this listing officially licensed through Lucasfilm, so they are not able to use the man or woman names for their lightsabers. But without similar ado, here’s a listing of our ten favourites.

ZIA Lightsabers

You might be curious to grab the custom lightsaber for yourself. Now, do you want to know about the sites that could add ease to this context? If so, then you should consider Custom LightSabers from ZIA lightsabers. Custom LightSabers from ZIA lightsabers will give you the streaks of Darth Dark Galaxy and stretch your inner vibes. It may provide you the edge you want to rule the universe. Well! Don’t worry about the rage as we can promise that you will be able to perform any kind of lightsaber combat stratagem with the polycarbonate blades.

So, in short, if you want to find a custom lightsaber that is freakish and corporal for you, head on to ZIA Sabers. They have hundreds of custom lightsabers that a user can adjust to their preferences!

Korbanth Sabers

At the top of our list, we’ve Korbanth. Their lightsabers are of such excessive first-class and include such visible detail that they were recognized via Disney and had been used in The Last Jedi. Korbanth has empty hilts, and neopixel sabers, which means there is something there for both the fan who just desires to hold a lightsaber in their hand and the builder who desires to construct it with their two palms. They sell their lightsabers in limited runs so in case you see the one you want, make certain to grab it while you could. While you’re there, don’t forget to test out their costumes and fashions as nicely. Korbanth suggested to have some stellar customer support so that you’re in no way left wondering in which within the universe your new lightsaber would possibly have floated off to.

Unified Sabers

No listing of lightsabers might be entire without Saberforge. They are by way of a long way the biggest name in custom lightsabers for his or her first-rate, range, and charge. These sabers made with beautiful film first-rate elements and constructed to endure complete contact dueling. They are also budget-friendly, with the access-level sabers beginning at just over $100 USD.

The real highlight of Saberforge however is their range. There is genuinely no other organization that fits their range of customization, out of your favourite characters’ lightsaber to at least one this is all of your very own. They do all in their custom orders in-house, permitting them to provide dozens of blade, hilt, and wrap hues, offering heaps of mixture opportunities. Including white sabers wielded by means of Ahsoka Tano.

Aside from their lightsabers, Saberforge additionally sells props, cosplay accessories, blasters, and datacrons.

Vader’s Vault

If you dream of dueling against the hardest of foes, Vader’s Vault will make the lightsaber for you. Every one among their lightsabers masterfully crafted to lead them to the absolute maximum long lasting on the market.

The care it takes to make a single lightsaber does mean that those sabers are more luxurious than others on this list. Your saber likewise made to order, which means it is able to make the effort for your order to be processed. Depending on the version, Vader’s Vault presently estimates 6 to one years to build and get hold of your order. However, Vader’s Vault will make the wait really worth it.

If you can’t wait, Vader’s Vault does on occasion have geared up-to-deliver options. These sabers usually created whilst the employer is experimenting, either with new capabilities or powder coat colorings.


When the general public thinks of lightsabers, they consider the duels. The sound of laser blade powering on, the hum of power as it lies in wait, and the clashing sound of lightsabers dueling towards every other. This is what the Ultrasaber turned into constructed for, to present every person the cinematic feeling of being proper there in the Star Wars universe.

Ultrasabers built to resist extreme duels, and have one of the loudest soundboards in the marketplace, meaning you will continually be able to hear the actual sounds of the duel. If you experience tinkering, Ultrasabers additionally make their sabers very smooth to take apart and exchange out elements to fit your choice.

The Pach Store

If you’re operating with a good price range then the Pach Store is for you. They can provide you with an excellent high-quality custom lightsaber at a fraction of the fee from other organizations with masses of options starting beneath $100 USD. The Pach Store also includes various replicas and props which are worth checking out. Despite being stationed in Hong Kong, delivery generally speedy.

Electrum Sabercrafts

Electrum is a newer corporation however has already hit the floor going for walks with its clever saber technology. This lightsaber is capable of join via Bluetooth in your telephone with its reason-constructed app. Through the app, you have a tonne of customization options along with the blade colour, lights effects, motion outcomes, and sounds. Also, when you have several people who need to try out the lightsaber, the app is capable of shop more than one consumer profile, so all of us receive to personalize it just for them.

Aside from the smart settings, the Electrum Sabers offer a myriad of build alternatives, from hilt colour scheme, enter backlighting and blade kind. Plus there may be an alternative for weathering, for folks who love that conflict-scarred look.

Genesis Custom Sabers

Genesis is absolutely the king of amazing, hand-crafted lightsabers. The enterprise is run by using one man, Rob Petkau, who is an avid fan of the Star Wars universe. So much in order that he commenced crafting lightsabers in 1998.

Rob’s lightsabers are, in a phrase, a work of artwork. Each one masterfully hand made with the greatest of elements. Aside from that, the lightsabers made with a number of fine sound designs.

However, this level of workmanship comes with a hefty fee tag. The starting fee of his lightsabers is $2000 USD, however, with customizations, the rate can some distance exceed that.

Thrive Custom Sabers

Sabertrio is every other option for a finances-friendly lightsaber. Based in Malaysia, this employer gives a ramification of eight hilt patterns. Each hilt style comes in a variety of finishes, from aluminum to blacked-out.

What units this corporation apart is they do not bring any character-specific designs. While you may see the muse for some of their hilts, they opted to create designs all their very own. All of their sabers have a very glossy and ergonomic layout.

Aside from the lightsabers, they also promote the diffusion of stands and tour luggage, so that your lightsaber is safe and guarded at home or at the go.


If you revel in on-the-fly customization, then Kyberlight may be the choice for you. Kyberlight started as a Kickstarter campaign and when you consider. That they have constructed their business enterprise to be a brilliant access-level alternative for absolutely everyone looking for a lightsaber.

The exciting aspect about Kyberlight is that they provide the simplest one hilt style. This works to their advantage when you pair the hilt with dozens of add-ons to make a one-of-a-type introduction. Accessories encompass hilt sleeves, pommels, and a connector to enroll in two sabers together. All of those add-ons may effortlessly be swapped out at a second’s note.

Each saber comes with a selection of add-ons within the box. However, more add-ons may be sold in my view or in bundles. If you’ve got kids, there’s additionally an infant-sized starter kit that functions as a shorter blade.

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