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Kim Kardashian West at 40 how the social media queen changed the world

Kim Kardashian West is widely known for living a lavish and privileged lifestyle. She is also the star of the famous reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. The reality star has made BANK from Keeping up with the Kardashians and all of the appearance fees, endorsement deals, apps, and more that came just along with her fame. Then she married Kanye West, one of the most successful and famous rappers in the world, who spoils her every chance that he gets. However, it’s all clear from her social media accounts that she has not completely ditched her seriously extra ways and Kim Kardashian West at 40 how the queen of social media changed the world slowly making her way back to her original over-the-top self.

As if everything we mentioned wasn’t enough, she launched her top-selling KKW Beauty line in 2017, which has made her extra millions. Despite all of the wealth, Kim did try to not flaunt her riches as much ever since her scarring Paris robbery attempt back in 2016. Kimberly Kardashian was born in California on October 21, 1980. She is the second of 4 children born to the past Robert Kardashian from Kris Jenner, his first wife. It seems that Kardashian West is almost wired for her fame. She grew up in privilege and under the glare of Beverly Hills, a preschool classmate of famous Paris Hilton getting an up-close view of Hollywood’s ups and pitfalls. Her father Robert was a prominent attorney and also the founder of the music and marketing company Movie Tunes, Inc. He was also one of the football star’s defence lawyers during his murder trial.

Notorious Sex Video

Kim Kardashian West was flanged in high fames whilst a scandalous video showcasing sexual moves with her prior friend (rapper) Ray J., was leaked online. Despite her business undertakes and struggles; it was her videotape that blasted her to superstardom. In early 2007, in bed video of Kim Kardashian and Ray J made it into the hands of a massive adult film company, Vivid Entertainment. They paid $1 million for the rights to the 30-minute videotape, which extensively promoted the release of the tape, which they called KK Superstar. Suing for the invasion of privacy, Kim was quickly countered with legal action, but three months later in May 2007, after the video’s debut, she agreed to a $5 million share settlement.

Reality TV Star: Keeping Up with the Kardashians’

Around the time of the tape release, K Kardashian started making her easy way onto the TV screen for something very different, when the Network E!, Entrance of her into a new reality Television show called Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Produced by Ryan Seacrest, the famous series follows the lives of Kim; her mother Kris; former stepfather Bruce Jenner; Brother Robert Jr.; sisters, Kourtney and Khloé; and the two daughters of Kris and Bruce, Kendall and Kylie. A big part of her emblem is her curves, something she wasn’t usually so besotted with, she admits that she used to say in her prayers before every bed, and pray that she would stop developing more she told Playboy. That’s reputedly changed. She started following the shoot when you always see the typical skinny models and thin fashion and I’m not that. I’m proud not to be that.

Since then, Kardashian West’s celeb reputation and status have only grown. The woman who has been the most Google-searched celebrity in 2008, ended with Britney Spears’ after four-year-run. When promoting various brands, with her millions of followers on social media, she still receives between $10,000 $20,000 per post.

Connections & Relationships

As a reality television superstar, Kardashian West’s lifestyle and love life have been the subject of extreme media interest. She weds track music producer Damon Thomas in 2000 when she was only 20 years old. The marriage ends after 4 years. Following her divorce, she had a list of high profile boyfriends, including New Orleans Saints, singer Nick Lachey and way back Reggie Bush.

In 2010, Kardashian West had a twister courtship with all favorite basketball player Kris Humphries. The pair married the following August in a televised lavished ceremony and in front of more than 400 honored guests. But wedding bliss could be short-lived for the couple and after only 72 days of marriage, Kardashian filed for the divorce. Humphries sought a revocation instead and claimed that the marriage turned into a fraud. In April 2013, it was announced that they had settled their divorce while avoiding a long-awaited trial that had been scheduled too far in May 2013.

When Kim Kardashian Marry Kanye West

While her divorce affairs were dragging on, however, in early 2012, KKW got involved with famous rapper Kanye West. Later in December 2012, the couple let it out that they were expecting their first child together. Kim also posted on her blog that they feel so blessed and lucky. Kanye and I are indeed expecting our baby Later on June 15, 2013, Kim and West welcomed a daughter in Los Angeles. A few days after the child’s birth, it was hot news on social media that revealed that they had decided to name their daughter North.

The pair got engaged on her 33rd birthday on October 21, 2013. West proposed to her at the rented out AT&T baseball stadium in San Francisco. The very following May they tied the knot.

Victim of Armed Robbery

Victim of Armed Robbery

In the subsequent year, Kim Kardashian West experienced numerous personal setbacks that would have caused her to step out of the public and social media life. While attending Paris Fashion Week in France, the reality superstar became a victim of an armed robbery. At 2:19 a.m. on October 3, 2016, a group of muggers broke into the Hotel de Pourtales’ luxury apartment where Kim Kardashian was staying, forced the night receptionist to make their way to her penthouse. According to a TV channel, Kim’s mouth was taped; her wrists and ankles were bound whilst the robbers stole a 20-carat diamond ring with a jewelry box of $5.6 million worth.

Kim Kardashian West was not harmed any Physical but reportedly she was traumatized by the offense, investigated by Paris’ crime unit named ‘La Brigade de Répression du Banditisme’. Following the crime that’s how the queen of social media changed the world; the reality star stopped posting on social media, TV channels, and importantly with public appearances.

Homes and Growing Family


Kim Kardashian Homes and Growing Family

In 2017, it was a hot story on social media that the power couple sold their Bel-Air mansion. They sold it for a whopping $17.8 million which is $8 million more than they had paid in 2013. They got the sale after years of renovations in Hidden Hills, California.

Around the same time, Kardashian West celebrated the awaited arrival of child No. 3 by throwing a charming cherry blossom themed baby shower. She also told on social media that the newcomer was a girl and a few days later, on January 15, 2018, the West’s second daughter and third child overall was born to their surrogate. On a public post to her website with the title “She’s Here!”

Prison Reform and Law Studentship

In May 2018, Kim Kardashian West showed a new interest in social justice forums. She lobbied President Donald Trump to reconsider clemency for a Tennessee woman Alice Johnson. The woman was sentenced to life in prison in 1996 on some charges related to drug possession and money laundering. The reality star KKW had learned and gone through Johnson’s case from a video posted to the mega social network Twitter.

Kardashian West also earned the company of POTUS to discuss Johnson and the issue of prison reforms. Trump tweeted later with a photo of the two of them in the Oval Office after their meeting. The lobbying efforts paid her off ultimately. After the president granted her freedom, Kim Kardashian West became the one to share the good news with Johnson and the media.

Inspired by the output and result, Kim Kardashian embarked on a 4-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco and visions in taking the California bar exam in 2022 as her next goal. Let’s see whether Kim Kardashian West at 40 will get some study time to pass the bar exams.

KKW is Back to Rocking Diamond Grills

Kim has definitely toned things down and also been receiving gifts like real estate and stocks in the country’s largest companies. When it comes to diamonds; she recently posted a new pair of diamond grills, made by jewelry designer Dolly Cohen, she introduced to her collection on Instagram. Kim put this pair that featured across between her two front teeth. Wouldn’t you think this type of jewelry would be a smart investment? It’s going to be a lot harder for anyone to snatch the diamonds in your mouth.

Here’s a look at her incredibly fancy life! Kim Kardashian West at 40 how the social media queen changed the world.

Kim Kardashian has Million Dollars’ Worth Companies

You thought the condo was impressive? Kanye got Kim stock in companies like Apple, Amazon, and Netflix that cost him millions of dollars. That is a gift that skyrockets on social media.

Kim’s Beauty Business Alone worth Millions

Kim’s KKW Beauty Company alone brought in over $14 million within some hours of its first launch. That’s her story power with still rolling out new collections. One could only imagine how much money she has made just from KKW Beauty over the past 1.5 years.

How Much KKW Spends to Look Good

Not only does she have some treatment spending done on the regular, she only uses high-quality and lavish body care products. She goes La Mer the Perfect Treatment, which costs more than $240, by the way.

Kim Kardashian West & Family Vacations

The social media star, even though Kim Kardashian at 40 has always gone on the best family vacations. From Greece to Los Angeles, they’ve seen it all there and with time their growing family of little ones also gets to participate in the outing fun.

Kim Never Hold On when it comes to Birthday Parties

For a Tarzan-themed celebration of her son, Saint, and her nephew Reign, she transformed her place into a jungle. So cool! She also reserves extra surprises for the baby girls in the family.

Who Design & Customize Clothes for Kim KW

Kim Kardashian West at 40 still rocks and gets a lot more attention from one kind of her looks. The words “slay” and “chill” are written across her jacket sleeves often. She meets with the designers like it’s her job. During one of their trips to Europe, Kim and Kanye also visited the legendary home of designer Valentino. That’s not like an invitation most people get.

How were the Birthday Shout Outs for Kim Kardashian West at 40

Can you believe Kim Kardashian is 40 years old a few days back! Kim’s birthday celebration hiked an unfortunate snag this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. She had the best plan, she told a magazine in her interview published in October that It was going to be remembered longer “Wild, Wild Miss West’s 40th”, Manfred Mugler made her a costume made of metal just like a cowgirl costume.

Kim still held onto the cowgirl costume. She wanted it to be like something serious. So she added that she’s thinking of it for next year, she can still have it on her 41st birthday and still calling it her 40th.

Everything that cached social media and the world is Kim Kardashian West at 40 looked stunning gorgeous lady at her 40th birthday party in a vintage Dolce and Gabbana lavish mini dress. The strapless gold sequined dress hugged every curve of the guest of honor for her special event of Birthday Celebrations.


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