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Hubie Halloween Film Reviews, Plot, Release Date, and Trailer!

In 2020, American filmmaker Steven Brill will release Hubie Halloween, a mystery comedy written by Adam Sandler and Tim Herlihy. Netflix released the film on October 7, 2020, to mixed reviews from critics, with some saying it was better than Adam Sandler’s previous comedy. Cameron Boyce, who had been cast as a co-star but tragically passed away in 2019, is honored in the film.

The comedy “Hubie Halloween” tries to get the most out of Adam Sandler’s performance as a character who screams as if his life is in danger. Another one of the Sandman’s adorable adult offspring, Hubie, has been the object of numerous practical jokes played on him by everyone in the town of Salem, particularly during the Halloween season.

What is the plot of Hubie Halloween?

Hubie Dubois, who lives in Salem, Massachusetts, is the target of several pranks and the ire of various people, including police enforcement officials Steve Downey and Blake, as well as a priest named Father Dave. Dubois works at a delicatessen. When Halloween arrives, Hubie puts on his costume and begins his duties as the official Halloween Helper for the city, patrolling the neighborhood and keeping an eye out for mischief.

The day before Halloween, he meets his weird new neighbor Walter Lambert, and the neighborhood learns that his old acquaintance and fellow criminal Richie Hartman has escaped from the nearby mental facility. Both of these events take place at the same time. These two happenings coincide with one another and take place at the same moment.

The next evening, as Halloween draws closer, Hubie, in his role as Halloween Monitor, conducts an inquiry at Walter’s home because he has gotten reports of strange noises emanating from inside. These sounds have been coming from Walter’s residence. Following Downey’s visit to the authorities, A.U.U. “recruits” him to join their organization (auxiliary undercover unit). Hubie is certain that Steve is pulling his leg when he tells him that he has a job to do so that he would stop bothering Steve.

Since it is Halloween, Hubie has decided to observe the activities taking place at a neighboring party. However, it spoils in a short amount of time. Hubie gets tricked into going into a corn maze when he overhears people talking about a child who went missing. Mike, Hubie’s younger employee, follows him to intimidate him as much as possible. After Hubie has located Mike, he watches helplessly as Mike is drawn farther and deeper into the labyrinth, until he ultimately vanishes.

Hubie Halloween
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Hubie guards a drive-in theatre. Lester and Mary Hennessey, two of Hubie’s old friends, tell him something weird is happening in one of the cars (which turn out to be trick-or-treaters driven by Mr. Hennessey to throw eggs at Hubie). He escapes and goes into the woods, where Walter awaits. Walter, who thinks he’s becoming a werewolf, pursues Hubie into a haunted house at Chantal Taylor’s carnival.

Mr. and Mrs. Hennessey’s disappearance alerts Sgt. Downey. Hubie confuses a Siberian husky for Walter’s ghost. He follows the husky inside the haunted home. The Husky is Miss Taylor’s dog, Buster. Pete Landolfa comes inside to intimidate him, but he’s kidnapped in front of him. Sgt. Downey suggests Mayor Benson cancel Halloween. Hubie guesses it’s Walter, but Blake tells him Walter and Richie surrendered and that Walter’s real name is Nick Hudson. Walter returned to the institution Richie escaped from, which the prisoners dubbed the werewolf treatment facility. Downey, Benson, and Dave suspect Hubie after being tormented at school.

He rushes to a radio studio.DJ Aurora says someone other than his phone often requests songs. Violet Valentine, Sgt. Downey’s ex-wife, is the prime suspect in the group. He rushes home to check on his mom after receiving a call on the burner phone he didn’t know about. Accused of torturing her son, Hubie’s mother has abducted Pete, Mike, and the Hennesseys to exact her vengeance by setting fire to their bodies.

The police, reporters, Nick, and Richie all show up just as he saves them, but none of them are appreciative. After Pete, Mike, and the Hennesseys acknowledge being envious of Hubie for different reasons, his mother scolds them for all they did to him. When he uses the Frankenstein technique, his mother vanishes without a trace.

After a year, Hubie has tied the knot with Violet, been elected Mayor of Salem, and begun fostering youngsters who participate in Halloween costume parties dressed as people Hubie knows. He, a well-respected member of the community, arrives in town with Downey following close after to take part in the Halloween festivities.

Why is Hubie Halloween rated?

Hubie Halloween
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The movie now holds an approval rating of 51% based on the 81 reviews that have been posted on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score of 5.1/10. “Viewers resistant to its star’s charms won’t find it much of a pleasure, but Hubie Halloween is charming enough to please fans of Adam Sandler’s antics,” is the consensus of the website’s reviewers. Its weighted average score of 53 out of 100 on Metacritic, which is based on reviews from 19 different reviewers, indicates that it has received “mixed or mediocre reviews.”

Cast and Characters Hubie Halloween

  • Kevin James as Sgt. Steve Downey, a police sergeant
  • Julie Bowen as Violet Valentine, Hubie’s love and later wife
  • Ray Liotta as Pete Landolfa, a rude man
  • Adam Sandler plays Hubie Dubois, a delicatessen employee
  • Rob Schneider as Richie Hartman, Hubie’s childhood friend
  • June Squibb as Mrs. Dubois, Hubie’s mother
  • Tim Meadows as Lester Hennessey,
  • Vivian Nixon as the voice of DJ Aurora
  • Steve Buscemi as “Walter Lambert”  
  • Nick Hudson, Hubie’s new neighbor
  • Maya Rudolph as Mary Hennessey, Hubie’s old classmates
  • Kenan Thompson as Sgt. Blake, a police sergeant working under Steve Downey
  • Michael Chiklis as Father Dave
  • Karan Brar as Mike Mundi
  • Shaquille O’Neal as DJ Aurora
  • George Wallace as Mayor Benson, the Mayor of Salem
  • Paris Berelc as Megan McNally, Tommy’s dream girl
  • Noah Schnapp as Tommy, Violet’s foster son
  • Kym Whitley as Louise, Dave’s wife

What is the release date of Hubie Halloween on Netflix?

Hubie On October 7, 2020, Netflix made the Halloween film available to stream online. During the first two weeks after its release, it was the most streamed title overall. It ended in third place on its third weekend, and then it ranked sixth over the Halloween weekend.

Even though there has been no official announcement on whether or not there will be a sequel to the humorous Halloween movie, we may still venture a guess as to when it’s possible that we’ll get to see it in theatres. Keep in mind that this is merely a projection and that the release of Hubie Halloween 2 might be as early as this October or as late as the following October 2022 but it is just a riddle till now.

Is Hubie Halloween scary or funny?

Hubie Halloween is a Halloween film that has a significant amount to offer, however, anybody less than 13 years old should not watch this special since it is WAY too terrifying. In one of the scenes, Vicky genuinely attempts to murder Timmy Turner by burying him and then sending him to be executed by an ape dressed as an executioner who is following him with a dagger and a mace.

Hubie Halloween: Official Teaser (2020)On Netflix!

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