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Are Claire and Gloria friends? Detailed analysis and 14 reasons!

In Modern Family, are Gloria and Claire friends? Gloria desperately wants to be friends with Claire but they were never friends, especially in the early seasons.

The Pritchett family dynamic in Modern families is a little unusual. Claire is Gloria’s stepdaughter, but Claire is older than Gloria. Jay remarried years later, after his divorce from his wife. And Gloria despite her flaws, tries to make amends with Claire and befriend her.

Why does Claire dislike Gloria? Their relationship is tight, especially in the early seasons. While Claire progressively warms up to Gloria, it appears that she will never be friendly enough to become truly trusted. Claire mostly appears to tolerate her, with the rare expression of affection or approval.

1. It Makes Claire Uncomfortable Gloria is older than she is

Gloria and Claire friends
Jay does indicate that Gloria is younger than Claire

Although the ages of Claire and Gloria are never stated in the episode, Jay does indicate that Gloria is younger than Claire. So, How much older is Gloria than Claire? At first, Claire is understandably confused about their marriage and wary of Gloria, but she never seems to get over it. She can’t seem to stop quietly condemning Gloria. A part of her will always wonders if she married Jay because of what he could provide for her.

2. Could Claire resent her for stepping in for Mom?

Claire had a strained connection with her mother. Claire described her as a constant presence in her life who tells her she’ll never be good enough, and she’s anxious and stressed whenever she sees her mother these days. But it’s still her mother, and she may harbor some bitterness that Gloria has stolen her position.

3. Mitchell and Gloria leave Claire jealous

Mitchell with Gloria leaves Claire jealous
Claire feels angry and jealous that the two are so close

Claire expresses jealousy at Mitchell and Gloria’s solid connection in one of the early seasons’ episodes.

Why does Claire dislike Gloria? It’s not surprising that they became close. Mitchell and Jay were never close because Jay was uncomfortable with his son’s sexuality and very different demeanor, While Gloria has never shown any bias towards him. On the other hand, Claire feels angry and jealous that the two are so close.

4. Their parenting styles are incompatible

On parenting, these two will never agree. Gloria had a laid-back attitude toward Manny. Once claiming to have swaddled him one-handed while driving a stick. Claire is more of a helicopter mom, hovering over her children — especially Haley — and the two don’t have any similarities in this crucial area of life.

5. They do follow their passions

But it’s not just about parenting. Even though they do not agree on many topics and have opposing priorities. Gloria is obsessed with her appearance, even going so far as to wear high heels around Disneyland and refusing to admit she’s uncomfortable. Claire, on the other hand, is much more practical, claiming that her three children are her inspiration and that she has little time for such things. She also frequently criticizes Gloria’s priorities.

6. On So Many occasions, They’ve clashed

The constant bickering and snarky remarks aren’t helping their relationship either. Is there a fight between Gloria and Claire in Modern Family? They never actually mistreat each other, but there’s a lot of tension between them, and Claire has a habit of making backhanded comments to Gloria.

As the series progresses, she better understands it, yet they continue to avoid her.

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7. Is Gloria going to kiss Phil?

Phil’s not-so-subtle ongoing obsession with Gloria comes to a climax when both want to ask for a kiss on the Jumbo Torn at the arena. It was all fun and games admiring from afar, but Phil’s face tells us that his loyalties are in the right place.

8. Is Gloria ever caught kissing Jay?

Gloria and Claire friends?
Gloria and Jay kiss as Gloria discusses various types of kisses

At the end of the episode, Gloria and Jay kiss when Gloria is discussing different forms of kisses.

9. Gloria kisses Phil in which episode?

“Family Portrait” is the twenty-fourth and last episode of Modern Family’s first season and the series’ twenty-fourth overall episode.

10. Gloria is Phil’s crush

Gloria is Phil's crush
Claire’s husband, Phil, is in an unhappy relationship

Phil, Claire’s husband, has an uneasy relationship; it is not creepy but crush on Gloria. He’s regularly caught gazing at her and saying offensive things, complimenting her in a way he never does with Claire.

It’s not Gloria’s fault; she seems mostly ignorant of this strange flattery, but Claire’s bitterness is reasonable.

11. Claire and Jay have a lot of unresolved issues

Gloria and Claire friends?
Claire and Jay have a lot of unresolved issues

Another factor that May or May not is Gloria’s fault, but she takes the brunt of the blame is Claire’s troubled relationship with Jay, which may be passed down to Gloria. Jay is well-known for his inability to love in ways that have left a lasting impression on his children as adults. The possibility of disappointing him at work is stressing Claire out, and their relationship generally seems to be unhealthy. With this hovering over them, she doesn’t seem like she could ever confide in Gloria, much less be open to her.

12. Claire is envious of Gloria’s relationships with her family members

How are Gloria and Claire related? More than Mitchell’s relationship with Gloria is bothering Claire. Other times in the series, she is envious of her relationships with Alex, Hayley, and even Lily, Cam, and Mitchell’s kid.

It’s illogical. Gloria is simply endearing, and everyone seems to gravitate toward her. On the other hand, Claire finds it intolerable to be the object of everyone else’s adoration, which only makes her angrier towards Gloria.

13. They’re just too opposite

In the end, they’re just too dissimilar to truly understand each other. Both come from highly different backgrounds. Gloria frequently mentions her violent past, whereas Claire grew up in the secure suburbs. But they also disagree on significant subjects like parenting and whether Gloria is a gold digger. Over the years, these two have learned to be family, but that doesn’t mean they like each other.

14. What brought Jay and Gloria together?

While she was with Sonia, Gloria met her future husband, Jay, at a diner. Jay (who could only see Sonia because Gloria’s back was turning to him) delivered a pie to Sonia, but she forgot about it while going to the bathroom. Gloria subsequently comes over to thank Jay, assuming it was for her (“Fulgencio”), and she is mistaken.

What brought Jay and Gloria together?
Sonia, Gloria met her future husband

Is Haley going to marry Dylan? On the other hand, these two always managed to find their way back to each other. Dylan and Haley had not only married at the end of the season, but they had also given birth to twins, Poppy and George. Dylan Marshall turned out to be that particular someone. The two had a happy ending, but it wasn’t easy.


Gloria, are you a gold digger? Gloria was referred to as a “money digger” by her. Are Gloria and Claire friends? According to the episodes, I don’t think they are friends. Claire remarked that she had a natural reaction to someone so young and gorgeous marrying her father. Gloria demonstrated to Claire that she truly loved her father and family with a colorful display in her bedroom for Phil.

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