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Sarah Goldberg plays Barry in the “Bleak and Beautiful” series finale

“I haven’t quite digested everything yet, but somewhere in there is a really bleak message,” she said.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress discusses the development of her character during season four and expresses her enthusiasm about working on upcoming sequences with co-star Anthony Carrigan, who plays NoHo Hank.

This story gives away a lot about Barry’s series ending, “Wow.”

Fans of Bill Hader’s dark comedy Barry were treated to a number of surprises and laughs throughout the show’s fourth and final season, and now actor Sarah Goldberg has shared her thoughts on the show’s last episode.

The critically praised HBO series came to a conclusion with Gene Cousineau (Henry Winkler) killing Barry with a gunshot just as Barry was going to give himself in for his previous wrongdoings. While Goldberg’s Sally went on to have a successful career as a theatre teacher at a high school, Gene was sentenced to jail for the murder.

She carried a flower arrangement with her as she made her way back home following a good performance at the school, where she had earlier participated. Goldberg discussed the “bleak” conclusion in a recent interview with TV Line.

“I believe that there is a very depressing message somewhere in there, but I haven’t really processed it yet. In other words, he comes to his senses and realizes that in order to go forward, he has to act responsibly. The question “Am I a good person?” served as the show’s overarching theme. In the end, there was an aspect about Barry that exuded a pleasant disposition,” Goldberg said.

Sarah Goldberg plays Barry

‘’He was an intriguing figure because of how someone who seemed kind-hearted could act so poorly. The reality is that he is a nasty guy. Over the course of the four seasons, he has the opportunity to do the right thing at every intersection and fork in the road, but he always opts for selfishness.’’

So I believe he now realizes, “Oh, I need to do the right thing,” and I think it’s sincere, she said. But before that can happen, he is shot to death. That is both incredibly lovely and terribly desolate.

John, Sally’s son, sees a Hollywood movie based on Barry’s life when he is a teenager. The movie simplifies the complexities of what takes place in the conclusion, but John watches it anyhow.

Goldberg believes that this provides Barry with what he has always desired, which is for his kid to think of him as a nice guy; Gene is shown as an unambiguous evil, whereas Barry is portrayed as a hero in the story.

“It’s much more convoluted than that. He is able to acquire exactly what he desires. The game is technically won by him. Not only does his kid look up to him as a hero, but also… well, we have no idea. But many throughout the globe see him as a heroic figure. Yeah. Goldberg remarked on how gloomy the situation was.

In the United States, viewers can see Barry on HBO, while Brits can watch it on Sky Atlantic.

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